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News of Death (reoccuring)

Please help me understand this!
Dream One: Last week I had a dream where I was taking care of a young girl as a favour to family friends (he is a social worker). They kept the other girl with them. THhy could not have both girls with them due to family restraints. Anyway, the little girl they had, came over to our home, ravishingly hungry with a huge burn or welt or sore spot on her arm. After feeding her I asked about the friends and she said they were dead. The rest of the dream I was trying to find out if they were truly dead, and if they were ok.

Dream two: Last night I dreamt that my husband had died. I don't know how, nor did I see him dead, someone told me he was. In the dream I did not believe he was and kept thinking he would be home or meet me where I was going. I spoke to friends, and funeral homes everything to check. They all said he was dead, but I still did not believe it.

In both cases, someone else told me of the death, and I had to find confirmation of it.
When I woke up this morning, and saw my husband, I was a blubbering idiot, and so full of relief that he was there. I hugged him and cried and wouldnt let him go. I need to find out what is going on. It seems to me that the relevence in both is that I didnt seem the friends or spouse as dead, but was told by someone else.

Can someone make sense of this, and why two in such a short time?

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Re: News of Death (reoccuring)

This dream may be addressing an identity crisis or a crisis in your life. It may have to do some aspect or part of you that is seeking much needed attention. You may have to let go of something in your life or make changes in your routine or some other aspect {changes in life, the ending of something in your life could be the meaning of death}.

The second dream seems to also focus on some aspect that may need your attention. The death of your husband may have to do with changes, needed changes? with the relationship. Or it may be addressing some deeper issues that have to do with your masculine self

You may be consciously, or unconsciously, working through the process of assessing what it is that may need changing, or done differently. One part of you is being/has been treated harshly, and now needs real nourshiment {which will cause strong growth}. If it is a recurring dream pattern it may be from the importance, and/or the stress that it presents to your life.

The second dream is more specific as to the possibilities of the death metaphor. Has your relationship with your husband recently, or is there some part that needs changing? Has there been something recently in your life that you questioned or could not quite believe? Your husband may have to do with your own masculine aspects {and at the same time addressing something about your actual husband}.

The feelings of confirmation in the dream probably represents some real aspect in your life. You may merely be that type of person and/or the situation needs to be confirmed before you know for sure, or understand completely.

Being told by someone else probably represents being informed by your other senses, perhaps intuitive senses, within your own psyche. If you need confirmation you may not be giving enough attention to these important aspects in your life.

Look at your waking life and determine what fits the dreams symbols. MDS has 3 great dream dictionaries that can provide clues to the different symbols. Often just by putting the pieces together you will come upon the answer. Remember that dreams are most often symbolic. No one is going to die in a death dream, it is normally speaking to asepcts of yourself or your life.

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