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Train / Conductor

Hello all,

Last night's dream:
I am sitting on a passenger train. There are a few other people (maybe 2 or 3) sitting with me in a private cabin. The train begins to move very slowly and then stops, barely reaching 5mph. The starting and stopping happens a couple of times. I am very irritated and say to myself "What is going on?" I am worried about being late, but I don't know where I am supposed to be.

So I get out of the train and walk towards the front to find the conductor. When I get to the first car, I see that he is asleep, curled up on the floor. I start talking; he wakes up and instantly realizes what the problem is. He tells me to get inside the train-car, where he was sleeping. He walks around to where the first car connects the second, and bangs on the connecting piece with a hammer. The train engine "magically" begins working faster. The conductor hops in the car with me and the train moves along. End of dream.

* I watched a movie that same night that had a scene with a train ride in it.
* The conductor was a man that I met a few years ago who worked for a Paranormal Institute. (I was taking a paranormal tour.) This man was also a hypnotist/therapist. When I met him I felt like he was "reading" me...staring intently in my eyes for long periods of time..with no subtlety. I was talking about this experience and my impression of him only a few days before. I'm not sure why I remember him so distinctly, but I think it's b/c I was just very curious why he was reading me b/c he didn't do this with anyone else.

My interpretation:
I think the train represents my atttitude towards life right now. Meaning...I'm on the right track, but I don't know where the end is. I am impatient b/c I don't think that I'm progressing fast enough.

I suppose the conductor (the part of myself who is supposed to keep the train moving) is asleep, but once awakened, can solve the problem.

My question is, why is the conductor the paranormal/hyptonist man? Does he just represent my sub-conscious/right-brained self? Is there any meaning to using the hammer on the connecting joints? (something that wouldn't work in real life?)

Many thanks for your thoughts!

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Re: Train / Conductor


A few thoughts follow:
The conductor as paranormal/hyptonist man could be your intuitive self, the aspect that ‘reads others’. In the dream awakening to this aspect as the primary vehicle, or first car, in facilitating and leading your path was an important step in your Journey.

A hammer and nail (‘assuming’ it’s is a carpenter hammer rather than a ball peen, mallet, etc type) work together to secure two pieces together. A nail is the connector & hammer an external tool to accomplish the connection. In this scenario the hammer is necessary to completing the connection. The first definition from the Soul Future dream dictionary jumped out - Forcing somebody or something to yield or co-operate. Perhaps either intuition or conscious mind needs to yield or cooperate with the other to get the Journey rolling.

Could the dream be communicating a break or disconnect of conscious application of intuitive awareness…the two conjoined?

Many thanks,

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Re: Train / Conductor

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the response. As soon as I read your reply, I knew that you were right. I have been having a sort of "disconnect" lately and have literally had to force myself to get through it (I have been overthinking/over-analyzing things way too much)... funny how we seem to know these things all along...and our dreams just spell it out differently for us. I realized that I just needed my intuitive self to "wake up" and give me a reality check.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 27 - Texas

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