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recurring dream

I wakeup from a nightmare, although I can’t remember what was so scary, I want my parents. I am 4 years old, and in a house I haven’t lived in since I was that age. I crawl out of bed; it’s a long drop to the floor. I walk down a long hallway; a pink nightlight insures that I don’t stumble over any of the toys in my way. I walk through the kitchen where the light changes from a pinkish hue to a dark yellow, the glow of the oven hood light. I continue on through the dining room, past the magnificent mahogany table with thick carved legs.
While walking through the living room I hear a tap-tap-tap at the front door. I am curious so I walk to the window and peek out. The front yard is bare and lit up by the full white moon. I look to see what is making the knocking sound on the door, but I directly in front of the door. I continue to my parent’s room. I take just 3 steps when I hear another tap-tap-tap at the door.
This time I run back to the dining room and pull one of the chairs to the door. It is heavy and quite a bit larger than my small 4 year old frame. When I get to the door I climb up onto the chair and look out the peep hole.
There, on the front porch, is a cartoon man. I’m a little shocked to see a cartoon at my door, but I am four and interested. He looks pretty nice; he is short and rather fat, with a bald head and small eyes, and a big kind smile. He is wearing a bright red shirt and blue jeans. I think that I would like to play with him, forgetting my bad dream and my desire to crawl in bed with my parents.
I climb down from the chair, move it out of the way and unlock the door. When I open the door, the look on the man’s face has changed from nice to no scary so much as the stern look of a parent when you’ve done something wrong. I try to close the door in his face, but he pushes through.
He takes the chair and puts it in front of the TV. He makes me sit in the chair and ties me with a cartoon rope. He turns on the TV to a boring old people show, and turns around and leaves without shutting the front door. I watch what seems like hours of television until the national anthem is sung and the screen turns to static. I fall asleep sitting upright in the chair.
I wake up to my parent shaking my shoulder. I am sitting in the chair with the TV playing static and my hands behind my back as if I were tied up. The front door is still open, and my parent’s ask what happened. As I begin to tell them the story I make it no farther than “I had a bad dream and…” when I wake up, for real this time.

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Re: recurring dream

It may be that you have come to some realisation, things that you may not have been aware of have actually been affecting you badly. It is possible that a more conscious part of you is curious about this now. Indeed a part of you is trying to bring it to the attention of your conscious awareness - this is why it is recurring and the 'tap, tap tap'.
When childhood ages appear in dreams it often is a direct link to something that happened around that time - even though we as adults may have forgotten about it - ring any bells ? It could also relate to the meaning of the number '4' ,,, 'wholeness'; and the feminine; referring to an innocent state of wholeness.,, and so a pure point of vision.

Your dream has many symbols, that that you may like to consider to understand what the dream is saying to you:
- pink light ,,, 'sensitivity'; are you a sensitive person?
- the kitchen ,,, the place where things change - you stumble through this process of change yet in this process the light changes ,,, yellow light ,,, like a candle light, the light of the sun.
- the front yard ,,,, lit by the full moon ,,, the feminine, white purity
So the dream has integrity; it shows balance between the sun and moon; the day and night.

I am not sure what you mean "look to see what is making the knocking sound on the door, but I directly in front of the door."

I think the latter part of your dream may be referring to constraints that you feel are being put upon you by ??? you'll need to do some thinking and some reading here ,,, the constraining influence may be how you feel the structure of society is constraining you

What are your thoughts ? How does this fir for you ? I appreciate your feedback


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