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LIONS, SKUNKS & DOGS Oh My...(repeat dream)???

I’ve had this dream at least twice
I’m in my childhood home, in the back room that faces the back yard (no name for the room, it was an add-on). It’s a little dark outside (I feel it was probably dusk instead of dawn). I’m standing inside my home with my arms crossed looking out the window at the backyard. I’m searching for my cat (worry), but I never actually go outside to search, I stay in the house looking out the window. There is danger in the back yard, a lion searching and sniffing around the back yard going around and searching under old cars (several (maybe 3) beet up, rust and not working). I feel the lion is also searching for my cat.
There’s another animal (which I knew what it was when I dreamt about it) I feel like it could have been a dog. The front part of the dog was hiding or searching under the car in the driveway, so I only see the hind portion. Prior to the dog (??) hiding, he was also smelling and searching around the old cars in my backyard for my cat…just like the lion and at the same time. I then see a skunk. I’m pretty sure it was a skunk because of the black and white (BUT both my cats are black and white) and the way it raised its tail when it retreated from the dog. The skunk had a long tail like a dog and was bigger than a skunk….maybe large ears, an odd looking skunk. It is running toward the dog, which is hidden under the truck/car (can’t remember car/truck color…It’s kind of dark out), so I don’t actually see the dog, just know it’s hiding. Then the skunk runs backwards and puts its tail up. It keeps running back and forth toward the hiding dog, putting up its tail on the retreat. The lion is still searching around and under the cars, pacing, searching, smelling for something….I think for my cat.

Big break in the dream…..

….daylight….Don’t see the dog/skunk/lion from this point on. I’m in an old beat up black truck and I’m leaving for somewhere….beginning to drive down the driveway and I look out the driver’s window (which was rolled down) and I see my cat Bella laying on a pile of smooth gray stones. She looks dead. I get out of the car and pick her up. She is not dead, but she is injured on the neck and there is blood, but she is alive.

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Re: LIONS, SKUNKS & DOGS Oh My...(repeat dream)???

Hello Glass Guru

This dream seems to be from the perspective of your childhood state (honest, innocent)

Are things changing for you at the moment, perhaps in way s that you can't quite rationalise or understand ? This dream may relate to whatever this is -
The daylight portion refers to the way things are going 'on the surface'.

Things are changing - you are moving on. Your feminine ? instinctual sided is not dead - the outcome is not in the dream - the outcome is likely up to how you respond. The neck is the bridge between rational and the heartfelt ,,,

It may be that you are hesitating looking further into matters that you are afraid of - these may relate to your instinctual side that are perceived to be 'out there' and you are remaining 'inside' ,, you might have been settling for a tame version of this part of you (ie: under control).

What is the skunk ? Is it a part of you that you don't like ? That 'stinks' ? and is now going after your friendly loyal nature? or Is it that you have been perceiving things in a very black or white manner and that this is unpalatable?

So GG, time for some reflection - as the dream has recurred a part of you is wanting healing ,,, just like your cat

If you could let me know how this fits for you, it really helps
All the best

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