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big colors and shapes- CRAZINESS!!

I have been expierencing re-occuring dreams where I'm trying to find my way around huge stores- grocery stores, k-mart type stores, toys r us type stores. Most of the time the stores are selling big objects- overstuffed bean bags, bicycles ect. Also, all the colors are bright and bold- lots of RED, ORANGE and lime green. I'm also running into celebrities while I'm trying to find my way around. Band members, Neil Young, Jack Nicholson. I don't know what to think about all these absurd symbols(according to Jung my subconcious is probably blocking me) but I'm sure my mind is shouting as loud as it can. I feel like I'm going crazy! especially since the celebrity I always run into is Flea- the crazy bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Please help me!

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Re: big colors and shapes- CRAZINESS!!


Perhaps start by examining the events in your waking life. At 20 dreams are much about navigating the outer social life as current and future views. The large stores may be metaphors for the many choices and/or directions available to you. Maybe even a pun for what is in ‘store’, either for you or what is already within you. Possibly you find it confusing or unable to decide or determine in which direction to go forward or see these aspects in your self. The big objects would be the distinct possibilities or aspects. In describing the colors as bright and bold you may have already identified their meaning, as symbolic of both the celeb personalities/lives and the options you’re exploring. The celebs may represent aspects as what you would like to be, what is already latent within you or a part of your personality your conscious has yet to recognize. Examine each of the celeb characters. Write down what you admire and dislike in them and their respective works (music, acting, etc). Then compare this to your own life and personality. Where do you find immediate intersections and where do you find possibilities? That should assist in deciphering the unconscious message.

Hope this helps. With your feedback on the dream and interpretation perhaps we can better determine a more exacting dream meaning.

Many thanks,

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