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Apple trees

I have three dreams in which I would like for you to interpret. In the first one Iwas in my neighborhood walking home. When I looked up I saw that every tree in the nieghborhood was an apple tree and on every leaf was an apple. Each apple was ripe and sweet. There was a girl beside me that was 12vish looking. I even ate one because they looked so tempting. On the other street and neighborhood were apple trees too.
In the second dream I dreamed that I was rising and rising, passed this galaxy and universe. Passed the heavens. Passed the angels. Rising and rising until I became fearful. I wanted to get down but was afraid that I would fall. But, I continued to rise.
The third was where I saw a huge mango the size of a pumpkin on top of a tree that looked like the size of a mountain. When I was halfway there I became fearful. But then a voice say I won't let you fall. And that's it.

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Re: Apple trees

Hello Ashley

Dreams are like plays, they convey their messages in pictures rather thatn words - it is like 'a picture speaks a thousand words',,,, sometimes these pictures have a meaning that is deeper than just the obvious menaing of the picture.
I am writing this because I feel that undrestanding this is important for you to really get the true meaning from your dreams - it is the difference between how you knew things as a little kid and how you know things now.

The first dream that you relate deals with your newly acquired views of the world. This could relate to somethig 'forbidden' that you have recently done (that was sweet and opened up a whole new view of the world). It is a beautiful world out there.
This dream has close parallels to the Garden of Eden in the Bible - with this new knowledge there is a down side ,, in the Bible, the image is 'banishment' ie: separation from naivity, the childhood state is lost

The second dream may relate to the consequences - the dream describes you loosing contact with reality ,,, like a balloon ,,,, or getting too big for your boots or drifting off into fairy land.

The third dream may offer a solution - a big beautiful delicious solution, the mango,,, (well the dream is not so prescriptive) ,,, but the 'solution' to drifting off is to get grounded ,,,, like the roots of a tree. A stable base will enable you to grow and not become an 'air head' ,,,,

Please let me know you thoughts - a dream like this can keep unfolding it's meaing to you for a long tome - it can serve as a reminder to you and be a great blessing for many years
Your thoughts ?

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