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Dream Interpretation

My left arm was wrapped with a little yellow snake around my forearm, as I looked at the snake it first appeared nice, then suddenly it bit the top of my hand in the center and ripped my skin open making a small circle. As I tried to shake it off, it bit me again, near my thumb, until I hit it against a brown wooden box and then it fell off. The weird thing is I could actually feel the pain and I was scared of the snake. In the dream I vividly remember being nice to the snake at first, and then suddenly feeling scared as if I knew that the snake was mean and not nice. As soon as my feelings changed, while holding the snake, the snake changed it's demeanor too as if he felt my change, when it quickly became mean and started to bite aggressively. What is this telling me?

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Re: Dream Interpretation

Hi Z

Somehow I typed A then and had to change it ,,,, maybe that is a bit like your dream ,,,,
The dream is likely referring in an overall sense to what is going on in your life at present - I would guess that there has been a period of challenge and or great change recently and you have mised feelings about this.
Maybe at first you thought it was all ok and then ,,, ? you got scared.

Snakes in a symbolic sense, such as in dreams, represent change ,,, rebirth even if you like. Something small but potent maybe.
Whatever this is may be somewhat beneath the surface for you at present - maybe looking further into your dreams and / or feelings will open this up more for you. It may be a point of perceived strength that you have.
Whatever this is, your dream suggests to me that it has something good in it (despite your reaction ,,

What are your thoughtssss ?


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Re: Dream Interpretation

Hi Z,

Although it’s best to have some background information about the dreamer, including what memories and thoughts come to mind about each dream image (along with what happened the day before the dream), here are some additional ideas that may relate to your dream.

It’s possible that you had a hunch or sudden insight (yellow snake; the left arm also suggests your normally unconscious side) about yourself or a current situation that at first was accepted (being nice to the snake), but then was rejected (feeling scared).

Generally, the unconscious shows the same attitude toward the ego that the ego shows toward the unconscious. The initial acceptance that was then followed by the fear and rejection of the emotions, reactions or insights etc. that apparently may have appeared caused the unconscious to “bite” back. This often represents a largely uncontrolled and powerful influx of such emotions as anger, sadness, anxiety etc.

The nature of the bites perhaps reflects how important the rejected contents were. The hand can represent one’s connection with the world through an ability, or can even represent creativity. The “centre” and a circle often correspond symbolically to the overall potential of the dreamer, their “centre of meaning”. To have one’s thumb injured also handicaps the person until it heals. Being bitten in these places may be the dream’s way of saying “Look, you’re really potentially doing yourself a lot of harm in rejecting these contents”.

Try thinking back to the day before the dream while trying hard not to reject any spontaneous memories or thoughts that come to mind, no matter how unimportant they may seem to be. This method may provide a clue about what the snake symbolizes and what new realizations etc. that it’s likely beneficial for you to retain consciously in your mind.

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