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dream phoenix

I dreamt I was a phoenix flying through a cave full of tunnels and rivers of both lava and water. I was being chased or followed by liquid metal balls. I think we were playing a game. I would swoop down to the water and dip my feet in. The water that was scooped up in my feet would boil and steam away. I felt very free, alive and carefree. I woke up feeling very good and strong. What does this mean for me?

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Re: dream phoenix


For such a short dream it contains much. Your unconscious may be communicating on several levels or topics.

On the deeper level the dream may be describing breaking free from past emotional bonds to recreate your Self leading to positive Self expression and renewal of life. Perhaps these unconscious emotions acted to limit your expression of true Self, confining you in a pattern of extremes (lava and water) rather than balance you require. That this dream, as the messenger of the unconscious (liquid metal balls = Mercury?) shows the unconscious drives, the desire and acknowledgement of such change, it follows you and through it’s speed and skill pushes you toward this rebirth process.

On the waking aspect of life this dream could speak to outer changes in your life. Perhaps you’ve left behind a relationship, job or other personal situation that stifled you. An unconscious acknowledgement this change is positive and self renewing.

Also, as we're spiritual beings this dream could be symbolic of your spiritual self. In that dying to the old and embracing the divine within, "testing the waters", can lead your Self to it's true Nature. Finding that true Nature within.

Does any of this seem to mesh with your inner and outer Self/life?

Many thanks,

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