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lucid dreaming...again

well here's another dream, I tell you for the past 3-5 nights I have had at least one VERY vivid dream that I've been waking up to and writing down, obviously something needs to be processed in my waking life!!
Here it is:
It started, at least that I remember, my husband and two kids (though I have three but she is at a sleep over tonight in waking life) walking the beach - one that is in a town about 30 minutes from our house. It seemed a litte strange to me that we would be walking that beach because there are so many others way closer. The kids were running up ahead when it suddenly got very dark and I got nervous because I no longer saw them. I voiced my nervousness to my husband, somewhat beginning to panic, but then I saw streaks, like they were wearing glow in the dark shirts and I got them. We started walking back to whereever we came from. The two kids (my children are both under 7) and myself were holding hands, one holding each of mine. My son said he felt cold so i told him to put his arms in his shirt to feel warmer. I remember walking feeling very content and happy with my two kids. Until we passed an alley way. I looked down the alley and there were about three derelick looking guys, one of which I know of in waking life, they seemed drugged out and had a vibe that I didn't like. Now I somewhat remember seeing it on the way to the beach, he was painting the building (he is a painter in real life), but I definetely felt uneasy and not safe so I told the kids to hurry up, to walk fast. At this point I don't think my husband was with us, as it seemed normal because in waking life I am often the leader and him lagging behind. Anyway, I think I walked up some stairs kind of quickly, trying to get away from the guys, half thinking that they were going to follow us, as I felt very unsafe. (let me mention that the building the guy was painting in my dream felt in belonged to my boss) Now I think I reached the top of the stairs where the guy I kind of know was sitting in a chair in a room. It took me off guard, but I made small talk. I wanted him to think that I felt comfortable, though I know I didn't. I told him who I was, that we were kind of related because my sister-in-law is pregnant with his sons mothers brother (actually true). I told him that I was very excited for her to have her baby. He said that he just had a new baby girl and that her name was Monique, and that he really loved having her (he seemed somewhat tweaked out to me though, as he does in real life as well). He was telling me that he had no money and that he was going to ask people for money. I had my wallet on me and I remember holding it under my arm, something I often do, I felt confident with the fascade that it looked like I had money when in fact it was totally empty. He seemed to think that I had money, but I told him that I hadn't sold one house this year and had made $0 so far this year - I felt like I needed to make that clear. In addition, I felt like I didn't want him to be upset with me that I did what I did professionally. Anyway, I left the room he was in. Now at some point, maybe it was next I was driving a car, somewhat fast, but felt totally out of control. I felt like I was trying to get away from something, but had blurred vision and was crashing into things, things in the middle of the road. There were large glasses (drinking glasses) and I was trying to miss them, but think I side swiped a few. I felt someone in the back of the car, other than my kids. I reached back and felt a head and got really scared, I'm pretty sure it ended up being my husband. I told him that I didn't think I should be driving. Next thing I know we were in a hotel room, or maybe where we were staying, but somewhere not familiar. I felt very, I don't even know how to expain it, but very weird, almos out of body like. Like I was watching myself but only half way out of body. I was having tunnel vision and tunnel hearing. I would talk and it sounded delayed. I felt light, I was moving my arms around and noticing that it seemed wierd, actually it kind of felt like I was halucinating (although I've never down halucinaginics, I'm just relating it to the only way I can describe). So I walked into the bathroom to see if I looked ok, though I felt weird, and saw myself in the mirror. I felt like I looked ok, but that under my eyes were kind of tired looking and had a purplish color and I stuck out my tongue (I've done a lot of acupuncture and if you're not familiar they can tell a lot from your tongue). It too, looked ok, but also had a purplish tint. Anyway, I then asked my husband if I was acting weird or if it was just in my head. I told him to watch me breath, I watched myself in the mirror and it was like I was huffing like I would take a deep breath in and then huff it out. It felt and seemed very strange to me. He didn't seem taken by any of it, but I kept breathing like that and knew it wasn't normal. I asked him to call the hospital for me. He went to the phone and started to call 911. I watched in somewhat disbelief because he usually tries to calm me down,or tells me that I'm ok. Now I'm not sure if it was next or inbetween somewhere between any of these parts, when I was driving or in the bathroom, but I was yelling "wake up" over and over in my head in the dream, like I knew I was dreaming - definetely an anxiety dream.

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Re: lucid dreaming...again

Hi Lisa

I feel these dreams may be trying to draw your attention to an imbalance in your life at present. I am not sure what this might be however it may be very fundamental. The theme may be "wake up".

Anyway some thoughts and you will have to see if any of this fits for you - if you feedback we can either look further at interpreting.

There is something that you are feeling uncomfortable about; wanting to move away from, feeling unsafe about. This could be to do with masculine aspects of yourself. And / or this could involve your husband (as he was absent in your dream after his initial presence) - are you having to substitute / input masculine traits 'for him' ? ie: is he somewhat passive ?

It may be that you are feeling out of control; is your life messy at the moment? with a few 'near misses' of some sort?

I do not understand the reference to the man wanting money, and you saying you had none. In the dream did you have money and didn't want to give him any, of was what you said in the dream true in the dream ? It could be that you 'have no more to give',,,,

The energy of the dream seems to be in the direction of new growth (birth) -

Good luck

ps: it really helps if the dream can be posted in paragraphs, with each scene or sequence as one paragraph.
It is very hard to read one long paragraph and interpret well.

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Hi Lisa

I posted my interpretation before reading you previous post and Gerards reply.
There are a few more pointers / suggestions that might help to reflect on.
It may take some time for the real meanings of your dreams to become clear to you. There is a strong emphasis on the masculine in both these dreams - this is likely an internal issue as an external issue - this being so I suggest not to be too quick to look outside before looking inside for answers.
Also it may help to record your dream over some time - look for patterns or repeating themes ,,, if it is to do with an imbalance of masculine or your relationship with masculine, and you 'still don't get it', then you may see repeating themes in your dreams along these lines

"the psyche has its own timing"

good luck

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Brisbane Australia 47

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