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Evil Beings Chasing Me

Hello all:

I had this dream last Thursday and it is still bothering me a little bit.

When the dream begins, I beleive I'm in an office building. I use a telephone in the hallway to call someone, and I tell him to send the elevator up.
The elevator arrives and the doors open. There is another smaller room inside the elevator, like a telephone booth. The elevator is still bouncing (like its on a spring) from the ride, so I jump in and begin to shift my weight from side to side to balance the elevator. I being looking at the telephone booth room and see that there is a small chair facing a small window (imagine the window is facing the inside of the elevator shaft). I know that I am supposed to sit in the chair and "fix" something,but I keep looking over my shoulder b/c I sense that something bad will happen as soon as I sit down.

Finally, I decide to sit, and suddenly a large evil man (not human) appears in the doorway. I know that he wants to kill me. I am trapped...but for some reason he begins to transform into something else (he is giving of lots of light). During this change, I start running as fast as I can down the hall. This man is running after me now, but he is now joined with an evil woman type figure as well.

The hallway leads me into a house. The two evil beings jump-fly over my head and land in front of me. I am trapped. They pull me into a room and the door shuts.

The scene now goes back to the hallway. There are several fighter-warrier women who I know are my friends, but don't recognize. They charge into the room to save me.

The scene now changes...I am entering the room by myself...as if I am looking for the girl that was taken into the room. Furniture is strewn around, showing that a stuggle occured. I see a woman laying on the ground, barely alive, who isn't or doesn't look like me. I think her legs are broken. There is a telephone in her hand. My eyes follow the telephone cord and it turns into an elecric cord that keeps plugging into another electrical cord. (meaning that it never connects to the wall). End of dream.

I honestly cannot figure this one out. I think that generally, the dream has to do with anger (evil beings). And that this anger is creating an imbalance??...(broken legs). What is the connection with the elevator and telephones?

Many thanks

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 27 - Texas

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Re: Evil Beings Chasing Me

I don’t know if any of the follwing is at all accurate. With your mention of anger, the interpretation of the symbols seemed to flow. Please let me know your thoughts.

Personal level: Possible issue with a male at work. You seek balance rather than lowering yourself to his level. Perhaps you have suspicions or fear this person does not value or speaks ill of your work or you. You view this as a ‘small’ issue and attempt to contain within, opting for intellect rather than emotional, perhaps rationalizing your current response or lack of as the professional way to handle the issue. However, this issue is a source of anger although you make attempt to escape from the emotional effects. Giving off lots of light, the female joining pursuit, may be unconscious recognition of the oneness of all, he is you, you are he. You look to your path and inner Self (hallway & house) but feel this situation hinders use of those inner aspects that you normally utilize or rely on. Maybe you feel this other person’s actions have pulled you into the situation and do not see an opportunity to work through this.

The warrior women could be female friends and/or coworkers, your peer support group.

The last scene appears to be offering an outside perspective. Although the dream ending may appear negative it defines the specifics. With that is the opportunity to resolve the issue. No legs to stand on because the communication lines are completely ineffective, they go nowhere. With this, perhaps think about what means of direct communication, and with whom, would be most effective in resolving the issue.

This dream could also speak to the Psyche, the deeper level as the condition of the masculine and feminine in society as a whole. A desire to place the feminine above the masculine as the patriarchal societies attack the feminine qualities. And in turn the mirroring by women of the overly masculine traits. The shambles a resultant outcome of this imbalance. Perhaps an indication connecting to your higher spiritual self, the divine energy within, is what enables us to experience our true Selves.

Kind regards,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: Evil Beings Chasing Me

Hi Kathy,

Your interpretation is very accurate. For the past several months, I have been very angry with my boss (male). (very rude, condescending...etc) It bothered me so much that it consumed me, especially b/c I knew that I needed to say something to him about it, but was too angry to have a rational conversation.

But about a week ago (prior to the dream), I decided that I had to change my outlook on the situation b/c it was bothering me so much. So last week was the first week with my new outlook, and surprisingly, he seemed to change too. I realize that it's really only been a few days, but things are 100% better. Maybe he finally realized what he was doing? Or I also thought that when this initally happened, I started acting towards him a certain way and he just kept responding to that. (very similar to what you said about the transformation/light)

I feel like this issue has finally been resolved for me. I think the dream was simply highlighting our "miscommunication" and the big of an impact this imbalance has had on me. thanks very much!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 27 - Texas

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Re: Evil Beings Chasing Me

Thank you for providing your thoughts and waking life experiences. We’re only too happy to assist dreamers by offering our thoughts. The detail you provided enables us to learn about the more subtle connections which are more difficult to interpret. By identifying the anger emotion to the ‘evil beings’ you provided a sound base for the dream symbols.

I’m very glad you were able to bring about the positive resolution. Possibly this dream was the unconscious feedback, an after event evaluation, to allow the conscious to fully understand the prior situation and bring about closure.

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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