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strange happenings at an amusement park

I was dreaming that I was some kind of host at an amusement park, and I was walking around the park with some important client. I stopped when I noticed a middle-aged couple near the roller coaster crying hysterically. I asked them what was wrong, and they showed me a polaroid photo of three young children on the roller coaster, all blonde. In the middle was a boy, and to either side of him were two identical girls. They all appeared to be between the ages of 8 and 10. The thing is, the little boy was rotted badly, but with a huge smile on his face. The two girls appeared to be unaware that he was there. The parents explained that it was their son who had died recently, and that he kept appearing in their photos.
I really don't know what to make of this dream. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: strange happenings at an amusement park

Hi Mel,

Although it’s best to have some background information about the dreamer and what comes to mind about the dream images (in addition to what happened the day before the dream), here are a few ideas that might fit your situation.

The amusement park may suggest a certain tendency toward a flashy show put on for the benefit of others. In the dream, you are employed or “used” by this amusement “complex” and “serve” the important client.

The roller coaster may point to a certain up and down movement of emotions. The couple that you don’t know and their children likely refer to a currently unknown part of your behavior or attitudes.

The twin blonde girls may reinforce the idea of a certain “perfect” or “adorable” way that you strive to interact with others. The boy is sort of “hemmed in” by this behavior (between the girls).

Ghosts often symbolize some unrealized potential that continues to “haunt” the individual until enough attention is paid to it. This may appear in the form of some anxiety, small phobias, doubts, or “being down” sometimes etc. Whatever the boy symbolizes has probably sunk too far into the unconscious (is dead), but won’t be forgotten because psychologically speaking, each aspect of the personality has an allotted amount of energy that can’t be taken away from it.

It may sound to be an unlikely method, but try thinking back 8-10 years, the age of the children, to see what spontaneously comes to mind about the twins and the boy. Apparently some attitude or behavior may have started in your early teens that has left a certain inner “masculine” development behind while favoring another perhaps too much. Also try thinking back to the day before the dream to see what might have happened related to the “rotten boy” within, perhaps some lapse in adaptation etc.

Anyway, these are just some general ideas which I hope can help in unravelling the true meaning of your dream.

Re: strange happenings at an amusement park

CBS makes great points in examining your dream. Some additional thoughts to consider follow:
The dream may be communicating that you place others before yourself (host) in life. However, YOU are equally important (important client). Emotional ups and downs (roller coaster) due to ministering to the needs of others, being held to social duty & responsibility, before yourself prevent you from fully engaging in a life you enjoy. The emotional toll may be leading to exhaustion or mild depression, expressed in those oscillating emotions, an up and down cycle, rather than a level course. Actually wearing away at your inner emotional source and that your conscious is unaware of the negative affect to your self. Perhaps because you consciously do not recognize this your inner authority and nurturing aspects, parents, wish to bring this to consciousness as it is a reoccurring issue (the photo as proof, showing it to you, the two girls unaware). And possibly that the inner and outer conflicts all lead back to the same source or causation (the identical twins).

Is there a part of you that feels to have died or is rotting away? Do you place your needs below others rationalizing they are more important than you?

Please let us know your thoughts. Your feedback and personal associations to the dream symbols add much to the interpretation and our learning here.

Many thanks,

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Re: strange happenings at an amusement park

thank you CBS and Kathy for your interpretations. They both seemed to be pretty much on target, especially CBS's suggestion that this particular problem may have began about a decade ago (the age of the children). That was when I became deeply, painfully introverted, mostly from mental and emotional abuse I suffered from both my father and peers. I've become very withdrawn since then, and when I do interact, I know I'm not assertive enough most of the time and that I worry so much about the 'proper' thing to do socially that I forget that somewhere there's some dominance in me too, not just the other person. I think this dream really reflects that. Thank you for helping me see this dream in a more productive way.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 illinois

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