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nothing to wear

Always the same thing.....trying to get somewhere but I don't have the correct clothing. Last night it was my Mother's funeral. I missed the funeral because I didnt have the proper clothes to wear. Some didnt fit... some articles were missing. When I did get to the funeral home, a funeral service was going on for another person I didnt even know.

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Re: nothing to wear


Clothing can represent the external self-image, the person(persona) presented to the outside world. It is how we interact, our interface, with others and society. Perhaps you do not like aspects or traits of your outer self as they don’t fit with your inner Self. Possibly some traits you require are not present. Without these traits and or with the ill fitting traits being the cause of not reaching or achieving what you desire. Perhaps the reference to your mother indicates these missing traits were not supplied by and or the wrong traits were learned from your mother or the causation coming from buried emotions or conditions relative to the relationship with your mother. Also, that in the dream it’s your mother’s funeral may indicate these aspects are no longer of use to you. Signaling a need to end the cycle and begin developing those aspects or traits that support YOUR inner Self and in turn the persona/external you. The person you don’t know may be your Self. That you don’t recognize your external/Persona because it is derived from outer influence rather than the internal Self.

Does any of this connect with your current waking life experiences? Is there something you wish to accomplish or achieve yet feel a lack of ‘tools’ to effect the desired result?

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