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Sister, Famous actor, Abyss, dog

I'm sitting in a bar - a female bar tender is asking me about my relationship with my sister. She is telling me my sister hates me so much, she's wondering what I did to her for her to hate me so much. She's telling me how much my sister hates me.

I'm suddenly back in my childhood bedroom I shared with my sister. Her side of the room is messy. She has piles of stuff. Her bed is badly made, her closet is out of control.

Now I'm with a group of people in an open space called left hand valley. There is a speaker telling us they are going to develop this land. I just see the back of his neck. My friend R is there...she's a really wise friend and has been there for me a lot but haven't seen her in ages.. A woman is talking now. We are now standing on a bridge and I throw down someone's wallet from the bridge. I light a cigarette ( I don't smoke.) and she tells me to put it out, so I say OK, rather testily and throw it.

Now I'm in a car with an internationally famous actor-comedian who I met in real life at a Gala party once and who I really admire. (I wore a long elegant red, full A style skirt dress to that party and he came up to me to shake my hand and welcome me to the party when I arrived with my husband.) My friend D is in the backseat of the car with us. Outside the car are several police officers sitting on a ledge overlooking us. One of them calls out to me that I'm pretty. The actor is gazing at me and I look back at him. He looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Now, he and I are walking arm in arm. I'm very happy about this closeness. (In real life I have no romantic feelings for this actor.)

He is shorter than I. We seperate from the group. We are on a quest. He keeps getting shorter and shorter. He has shrunk to a dwarf now. He is opening a door for me, as a gentleman...he is straining but very strong. It is a heavy steel door. I don't offer to help him as I don't want to minimize his strength. I don't want to make him feel like less of a man by helping him. He's trying so hard to impress me. We enter a courtyard garden area. There are steel chairs but they are a trap. They are black metal park benches. We approach one, the seat lifts upwards, and the back shifts back. I realise it contains an black hole abyss and we must not be sucked into it. I step back very slowly and the seat slowly reverts to its normal position. Around a corner from it is a similar bench. Its not around the corner from it, its more like the two benches form an exact 90 degree angle. I'm overwhelmed and sit on it, carefully. By now the actor has shrunk so much I'm craddling him in my arems. He has grown soft creamy vanilla colored fur.

A man comes to this garden area. As I was sitting on the metal bench I was terrified of falling into the abyss, so I kept praying, I was saying God over and over again. The man asks if I need help, I say yes.

He pulls me by the hand and away from the benches of abyss and back to solid ground. The actor bites my hand, pinches my skin with his teeth because I let the man think he was really a dog. He's very upset about this. I apologize and we head back.

This actor works on international causes that I have also worked on in the past and I admire him and have always liked his work.

Any ideas?

By now you probably all now my associations with dogs...see my replies to Jan's posts for that.

I think this actor my represent my animus...and the helpful man. The speakers in the left hand valley are mysterious to me. One male, one female. Left hand...unconscious...lefthand...not the dominate hand...irrational?? Valley....a place of difficulty or rest, depending how you look at it?

I really like this actor, not romantically or sexually, I admire his humanitarian work, his sense of humor, but strangely I thought his last few movies were over progressive in that he went too far to change tradtional values without offering better ones. I'm not telling who he is...so don't ask. It won't give any clues anyway. :). He is really funny and he is really really popular and well known. He's aged a bit. I liked being close to him....but he was shrinking. He was a dwarf, then a dog. At least I thought he was a dog...he didn't. He bit me!!! He was also leading me to an abyss.

The abyss terrified me. I have only experienced raw terror on raw occasions...in roller coaster rides and in a small airplane that I thought was crashing. Too long of a story to tell here, but I was terrified of falling into this abyss. I am a spiritual person and I only prayed like I did in that dream when I thought I was going to DIE. That's how scared I was. I think the abyss could be my feelings towards my unconscious or the mysterious and eternal feminine. But I honestly believe there is more to it than that. Maybe some repressed trauma...I actually wondered if it could be some sort of latent psychosis, but I've been reading too much Jung and Freud and don't have any other clues to make me think that. It was frightening, scary, scary, scary! Was it my shadow?

I am sure the bartender is telling me about my shadow and lost parts of me. I thought maybe on some level part of me just hates my ego for any selfish decisions I made that excluded other parts of myself?

My friends R and D (Research and Development???Ha ha) are really sweet supportive friends. They are great.

I was in the backseat of the car...and what are police officers doing judging my beauty????

Oh, my main question: those metal benches! Traps? Lifting up? what in my psyche could those possibly symbolize? That scared me just as much as the abyss....mental traps....or rather mental protection that is erroding....are those defense mechanisms that are slowly fading and letting me get closer to the unconscious? Help!

Please share all thoughts!


Re: Sister, Famous actor, Abyss, dog

Hi May

I interpreted this dream just as it unfolded and before looking at your thoughts. You seem to have the jist of it - hope this helps. It is quite a dream.

I think this dream is giving clues about your shadow side, and maybe be about your attitudes to your own inner feminine, and some insights to the journey.
Yes the female bartender - there to help, serving you the 'spirit' (the masculine).
There may indeed be quite a bit of stuff in the closet ,,,
You may not have paid much attention to this part of you for ages.

A bridge ,,, a place of transition from one way of thinking / being to another ,,, "a woman is talking ..." there is an issue of authority here and your response to it

The male actor that you admire ,,, that's healthy because this likely represents your masculine side (animus). He is shorter than you - underdeveloped masculine traits? Interesting that he is portrayed throughout your post as an actor ,,, someone who is not what they seem etc.
His good aspects are evident (he is a gentleman) + opens the door for you ,,,,
the car ,,, your passage through life
Is D male or female ,,, the 'backseat driver' in your life perhaps.
The police - authority; (overlooking you - domination); the interaction of femininity with patriarchal figures ,,, maybe reflect on your response to being told you were pretty ,,,

You seperate from the group ,, as many need to do for a time during their inner work - you are on a quest, with him.
The masculine is able to provide the aspects needed to open the door (? further into your inner self).
The court yard ( an area of retreat perhaps) -(reminds me of the garden of Eden).
The seats ? not sure, perhaps if you rest now, become complacent, or unaware you will be sucked into something ,,, the abyss of the unconscious.

There is a well known saying that when the student is ready the teacher appears ,,, reminds me of the man that comes to you as you are saying the name of God over and over (mantra). He brings you back to solid ground.

The energy of the dream seems to go in the direction of unity (arm in arm) and closeness - don't worry that you don't have feelings for this man in real life, that's not the point - and yet it is just the point, you are not projecting outwards, rather you are linking with your own inner masculine - towards inner unity ,,,,.


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Re: Sister, Famous actor, Abyss, dog

This is great! I just posted another dream and replied to two of your posts and need to regroup and come back to this. Thank you in the meantime.

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