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Four Breasts

There's a group of friends parked in a car outside my parent's house. I'm getting dressed to go to the mall with them. One of them rings the doorbell. She hands me dirty dishes, as my sister darts into the house. I'm so embarrassed by the dirty dishes and call out, 'five minutes' to the people in the car, two men in the front seat and two in the back.

I go upstairs. This bedroom is different from my childhood bedroom. I have a huge vanity table. I'm getting dressed. A friend comes up. We are chatting about my current location of residence, especially having diareaha and if that is a symptom of living here or if other people have it too. I look really great. I'm wearing a long pink dress. It has a very high waist, tight underneath my breasts and emphasizes my curves, with a cloth belt that ties low at the hips. I look tall, curvey and lean in the mirror. I'm putting on makeup, shoes, perfume, getting my purse, all the while chatting with my friend.

I realize much more than five minutes have passed . Right before this scence in the dream I was dreaming I was in a crowded mall and followed by a scary man and I'm trying to get away from him, I keep looking behind me, the mall is too crowded for him to follow me. There is something very familiar about this dream scene. I stop in a store boutique and ask about prices of handmade things, they are arts and crafts from around the world representing cultures. She shows me several miniature African mask figures. One is just a facial mask. Another is a mini full bodied figurine, probably a female, who is a fertility bringer. Back home, I finish getting dressed.

I go out to my friends. They all get out of the car to greet me. The men disperse. A woman is making comments about my clothes. I tell her they were all made where I live. I'm wearing black heels with a design cut out of the fabric, tons of diamond shapes. Now its not a pink dress but a white top. I have to be somehow hospitable to this woman so I invite her into the house and serve her a soda to drink in a cup but I resent having to do this.

My friend A. is calling me to tell me to watch a certain T.V. program.

Now, I'm walking around looking for an old professor's house. I think he lives with his bedroom facing a crowded and noisy street. I'm walking on what seems to be cobblestones in a seedy part of town, and his bedroom is part of a huge mansion with a driveway, and the bedroom is in a large tower. The tower is also cobblestone. Then I remember he owns a villa in a nicer part of town. I think its been a day since my husband has called me. In the dream a day feels like eternity.

I think maybe the relationship is over. Then I think what would it be like to be this professor's wife, at least he wouldn't smell bad, and we could massage each other with massage oil in bed nightly. But then I think the maids will have to change the sheets daily and the professor's parents, who live with him, would notice this.

I also think about ending my relationship with my husband in the dream. I pass a group of girls playing in the street. One of them is a plump little eight year old girl playing by herself. She is wearing a white tee-shirt and reminds me of my younger sister. I think, if I wasn't with my husband, I'd be fine, but who would protect me from sexual predators.

Back at my parent's house there is chaos.

Someone is sick, dying or dead. Maybe dad? There is a family meeting. Maybe about what to do with the inheritance. The house is in chaos, physically as well as emotionally. It is being reorganized in some way. My sister and brother are meeting. My mom seems absent as well. Its a weird environment. Just us 'kids' around.

I look in the mirror. I look taller. I have four breasts. I look again. Yes, two new ones appeared below? I'm taller too. I look again, the ones on top seem prettier to me, standing firmer and smaller and more pointy. The two new ones appeared above the old ones. Two below are round and full. All four of my nipples are erect. I look down at my body, and the ones on top look just like the ones below. I think- 'I look like a cat.' I walk out into the family room topless.

Now I am at a church concert, but members are being photographed. Every one is wearing a blue shirt. Afterwards, I'm seated and now I am going through photos of this concert. The people who were photographed wearing a blue shirt were standing facing a blue door which was reflected behind them in the photograph, so the blue door matched the blue shirts. It was pretty to have this background especially because it was Christmas and the red and green decorations looked nice with the blue. It was a gentle, muted shade of almost deep royal blue. There were also photos of the congregation sitting in worship, listening to a sermon.

Now the pastor is leading a dance. He's a tall red headed man and he is in the center of a line of dancers. The dance is where they all interlink their arms and make small leaps and twists with their legs and the whole line moves together. It looks a lot like Greek, Israeli or Yugoslavian folkdances. It was a protestant church.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Four Breasts


Just want to make a correction. I said, 'I am like a cat', in the dream, not, 'I look like a cat', as I previously posted. I think the connotation is different and important.

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Re: Four Breasts


Your dreams are certainly interesting and very vivid!

Here are some thoughts. Often dreams of others, esp crowds of people, represent different aspects of our own multi-facted personality, and I wonder if it might be helpful to look at your dream in this way.

The car is often a symbol of oneself, and the number four is often recognized by Jung as a symbol of wholeness. So it's interesting that there were four men in the car; also, that you had four breasts.

Jung says we are not just women (or men) as individuals, but that each of us has aspects of the other gender deep within herself (anima and animus, I'm sure you know).

Is the wholness of your animus trying to express itself (i.e. four men)? Could it be that you "developed" four breasts to nourish that emergence within yourself (at the same time you grew taller, which represents growing in some way)?

And I wonder whether going to the mall may represent the integration of all your other inner personalities when you are whole with respect to gender? And the same could be true of the congregation, where you could be taking pictures to memorialize/cherish the integration of the many precious facets within you.

Is your husband in the dream somehow a protector of your primordial femininity? I could feel how vividly you longed for him when you said a day without him felt like an eternity. I wonder, though, whether the predation he protects you from may be on some level an inner desire that your own sexuality emerge more fully? Or maybe you feel your own sexuality preys on you somehow (makes you "dirty" - see below)?

It's interesting that you think of becoming your old professor's wife and that your father may be ill or dying while your mother seems absent. And that's the precise moment (when the baggage from the father image passes) that you develop four breasts (to become "wholly female"?). And when you walk topless into the family room, could that be indicative of a desire that your family (i.e. maybe your "other selves") bear witness to your new wholeness?

Talking about diarrhea, and being embarrassed about dirty dishes - If I stay with the same theme, I'd wonder if there are any barriers in your conscious mind about the dirtiness of sex that might interfere with your full integration of male and female aspects within yourself. Could it be so?

There's much more to your dream, and some aspects I didn't touch (don't want to be rude!). And I don't think there's every a single way to look at or understand dreams either - they're meant to be experienced on many levels. I hope some of these thoughts may help you to experience your dream more fully, and I hope my guesses don't cause you any discomfort. We can talk about it some more if you want.

Take care,

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Re: Four Breasts

Hi Pryzm,

Thank you so much for your reply!

I really like your idea that the four breasts, two new ones I grew are to nourish my new growth. I really think I'm going through a period of growth. I got the same idea from the description of the house as being reorganized (psyche) this time without the parents...old psychic structures. I think the dream is referring to my animus for sure. In the past *he* has started out being not so nice i.e. dreams of him cheating/abandoning me, then being a great presence i.e muscle man, but not much else, then a rapist...but I don't think that is my animus but rather the effect of patriarchy..then I had dreams of priests...wise man...then my husband showed me buried treasure...a plus in his behalf...then professors...

I have so many questions about animus development. I understand it is the inner lover, bridge between ego consciousness and the unconscious and the opposite gender, and for women goes through four stages, muscle man, intellectual...spiritual etc. I have dreams of various different types of men as I just wrote...and some are more positive or more advanced than others. I think also dreams about my husband are about my animus more than my real life husband, though they may be trying to convey messages there.

I think I am healing from the effects of patriarchy on both my femininity and on my inner masculine. I am seeing changes in the masculine dream images I'm having. I think this reflects some consciousness and growth in my outer life as well.

In the dream there were two men in the front seat and front passenger seat of the car. In the back seat a woman with her kids stepped out, from the back seat. But the number four could apply to the breast imagery. Also, in the past my dreams were yielding images of femininity being raped...or other things, now things are getting better. I think cats are a symbol of the feminine. In the dream I looked at myself and thought I am like a cat.

I agree that all the people in the dream are parts of myself I need to allow space to be heard and grow. I didn't realize I could apply that to the crowded mall, wow, there are a lot of parts of me that aren't really being heard! I think the longing in the dream is for the dream husband-the animus. It may have a real life aspect, all my dreams might, but I'm especially interested in what it means in the inner world. I feel like I've had a negative animus and have been working hard to change that. The longing is about me connected with my positive masculine strengths and features...assertiveness...confidence...efficiency..
and putting these traits that I haven't developed in the service of my life, instead of letting them lie dormant or being negative inner representations of outer patriarchy and sabotage my life, creativity, health, well-being, spirituality, career goals...whatever.

You have great insights, I came to similar conclusions about the imagery. Thank you for working with my dream.

Take care,

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Re: Four Breasts

Hi May,

location: outside your parents house - emphasis on the outside, separate from,,,
the car,, you as you are now, moving through life outside yr parents.

the 'dirty dishes' - represent the dirt that accumulates through the living of life - maybe you have spent long enough looking at this stuff, you understand what you need and it is time to move on.

diarrhoea ,,, you have the 'shits' ,,, and are and wondering if it is caused by how / where / the way you are living.
In 'our parents home' we usually cannot live the way we need to as adults - leaving our parents home / being outside our parents house we are outside their framework of life ,,, but have we really moved away ?
You look at yourself in the mirror ,,, seeing the real you ,, the real feminine ,,, you look great ,,,

The mall, as representing the materialistic aspects of the feminine (how our society has gone off the rails in regards to the feminine), the crazy guy chasing you may represent the aberrant masculine energy found in o our society (and ourselves). This is found again in the reference 'sexual predators'. Your 'husband', who can also be your inner marriage, to your inner masculine - that part of you that can protect you from aggression.
The masks, speak for them selves perhaps ,, the masks we make for ourselves ,,,, primitive in a way, beautiful in a way.

Chaos at your parents house - this could represent the (inner) turmoil that may be occurring as you restructure the roots of your world ,,,, this can happen / be precipitated by growing consciousness and the new paradigm that unfolds ,,,, the inheritance - what is passed down to us ,,, 'ancestoral' knowledge.

This dream has a lot of feminine energy - four breasts, erect nipples, looking like a cat ,,,, you are taller,, grown in stature - has your acknowledgement of your feminine aspect grown ? has this thrown things into turmoil ?

I think the last paragraphs are the keys to where things want to head ,,,, but I cannot understand them well.

The church concert, the pastor leading a dance could all relate to the music of the universe ,,, and Christmas symbolised the birth of a divine child ,,,,, and the birth of a divine child - a whole new way of being - IS going to turn the world upside down. The dance of life, intertwined ,,, we all dance to the music of the Universe.

May, looking at this dream and the dream that follows, I can see that your life (likely inner and outer) is in turmoil.
It seems as though it is a new life for you - just how this will turn out no one knows, Although I have not been through such a process, I would imagine it might be fearful - yet from what I know the way through, the only way through is trust - ultimate trust.

(I have not looked at the other posts in relation to theis dream - I hope I have not confused things,,, I'll look at them now, batteries fading though)

Please feedback,
wishing you the best,

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Re: Four Breasts

Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for your reply and your feed back is great!

"location: outside your parents house - emphasis on the outside, separate from,,,
the car,, you as you are now, moving through life outside yr parents." This is so true. I'm making an effort to really be myself and the person who I'm meant to be and not who my parents want me to be. I've been struggling with that my whole life, but lately I made huge life decisions that really emphasize that. Maybe my mom's reaction to my breaking away is to scare me, maybe she's right, but I really need to find out for myself either way. I've moved away, I got married, huge life transitions, change of location, change of marital status...and not choices my mom would have picked. It hasn't been easy but there have been some very positive things....I am becoming more introspective and as a result growing. I have a chance now to be away from parental pressure to look inside and find the real me...and I hope I suceed.

"the 'dirty dishes' - represent the dirt that accumulates through the living of life - maybe you have spent long enough looking at this stuff, you understand what you need and it is time to move on."
Yes, a lot of things that need to be released, let go of. Also, I think I'm facing my shadow in a new and deeper way. You mentioned this in other posts and that is so true. Jung says the shadow is 90% good, gold actually. If I can just get through that frightening 10% there will be huge payoffs I'm sure. Its hard. I though I did shadow work before, but I guess there is a lot there. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, or not. There was one image of 'diarehha in the bedroom', things I need to let go of maybe. I once had another dream of having piles of dirty laundry in my childhood bedroom when me and my husband were in the bed, and another dream of a friend doing my laundry, and another dream of my sister having stacks of dirty laundry piled everywhere in our childhood bedroom....I am sure my dreams will keep giving me insight how to identify what all that is and release it. Also, I'm sure my sister represents my shadow. We shared a room when we were kids.

Yes, I definitely can't be myself around my parents..at least my mom, and it was worse when I was younger. Have I really moved away? I think maybe for in a real way, for the first time in my life that's what I'm doing and its scary.

The mall definitely represents materialistic consumer culture to me and how much that harms the feminine. Even on a superficial level, in my shopping habits I can see how potentially destructive it is. On a psyche level it is devestating. I think my parents can't offer my unconditional love and this is hurtful in a lot of ways and I'm sure I've probably internalized this and need to let it go. The inner marriage as protection from predators is right on. As long as I maintain a healthy inner balance, that will protect me from all the negative external things as well as negative internal things I fear..and help me cope with them.

I feel the chaos in my parent's house is a good sign. It is a dismantling of the old and unhealthy way of being and allowing a fully developed feminine aspect to move freely throughout the psyche, without shame of nakedness, and also represents new growth, as I grew taller and more confident, and feel better about myself, even as a cat. There is a resurgence of feminine energy and in light of the past dreams of rape images and betrayal I think this is a positive development. The dream seems to be saying that there are dangers in changing but its worth it and I have what I need inside me to successfully navigate this path.

The masks as persona are interesting...more feminine...to scare away any evil spirits, and to bring fertility....creativity.

The end of the dream is confusing to me too. All those people in the church represent parts of me and they are all wearing blue shirts. Its the lively pastor that gets them united in a dance of universal connotations...it is a folkdance...a dance of the people and can be representing any culture. Its a universal dance....maybe the goal is a universal one, what we all need to do to reach individuation? To unite all the different parts of the psyche into one harmonious dance? This sounds good in writing but am not sure...bit too abstact.

Am not sure my life is in any turmoil but a lot is going on. I"ve never had such long and detailed dreams. They are getting longer and more detailed as time goes by. And more intellectual. I am not sure if I am an intuitive. I honestly am not sure what my type is. I am changing so much in my inner and outer life, with my changes in my conscious attitude that in some ways I feel I am losing myself, and in other ways gaining so there is a very real process of transition happening in my life. That's fine with me as long as these dreams are not pointing to any health issues...that's what I worry about.

I'm going out on a limb with this.. but to me the birth of a divine child would be the birth of my real inner child...real self...and connecting with that...having that happen would definitely change things for the better but when we upset the status quo there is usually a lashing back. When the men in my limstone dream were commenting that there were no cows out there...maybe that was a lashing out. I will try to answer each post with each dream so it doesn't get confusing. There are a lot of similar dream themes though.

Thank you so much Justin for your consistent help with my dreams. It really makes a big difference. I appreciate it so much. You actually once posted that as I get better at dream interpretation the dream symbols may be more complex. So far the dreams are not that much more cryptic than before, just so much longer and more detailed..maybe I'm remembering them better.

Thank you so much. Best regards,

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Re: Re: Four Breasts

Hi May

I am glad that my interpretation strikes chords for you.
You are a real warrior at the moment - it takes real courage to look into and admit (to ourselves) where we are and how things really are. I think it is the hardest part - one that I am still grappling with.

The final part of this dream speaks about the way the energy (of you, of your psyche) wants to go / will go ,,, if it is allowed to ,,,, the dream shows how the 'natural' order of things. Hold this image, it is a powerful source, that is yours.

many thnaks

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Re: Re: Four Breasts

Hi Pryzm,

Thank you again for your helpful reply. I have some more thoughts on this dream.

In light of a previous dream I had about half formed stone cows, I think the connection between that and the diarreha symbol in this dream is about 'undigested' or unrealized things in my conscious mind. I think my unconscious is asking me to process something more fully or asking me to face something in my conscious waking life more fully. Perhaps it is a commentary on my inability to digest certain realities in my waking life. In the Cow dream I was in a bus at night looking out at the landscape and the cows were in the light...conscious outer life...and in this dream my conversation about diarreha is related to my travels, perhaps journeys to consciousness when I have returned from a journey in the unconscious (via dreams) and need to process what I have learned there, or the other way, my unconscious is telling me I am not as conscious regarding my waking life as I need to be. Please see the post I wrote about this under the Cows dream. Also I had another dream today that seems to follow this line of thought, in which I discover not extra rooms in my apartment, but three greatly inviting apartments that are all mine and all newly discovered . . .

I believe when our dream interpretations need clues, our unconscious will happily send more dreams to clear things up, and that subsequent dreams can tell us if we are on the right track or off.

Your feedback and thoughts are appreciated.


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