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Military academy failure

in this particular dream I had applied to join the military force. they accepted me for the test, even though they usually didn't accept any women. curiously, I failed for being a woman. but they let me keep the uniform. then one of the sargents said: "you need a steady gaze."
what could that mean?

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Re: Military academy failure

Some thoughts follow. Perhaps working toward, or a desire to, belonging to or acceptance by a specific group, (social, professional, etc) which would act with some sort of authority in your life. Maybe acceptance into the periphery of the group but not the inner circle.

From Myths-Dreams-Symbols Dream Dictionary:
Uniform - This could be hinting at something in your life which you feel you have some sort of duty or obligation to. It could be a symbol of conformity or thoughts shared by others as well.

In this context steady gaze may symbolize conforming or changing your personal beliefs to that of the group in order to become a member. Or possibly narrowing your focus, concentration or avoiding distractions.

Are you entering or involved in a male dominated profession? Do you feel to be excluded based on gender or because you think or behave differently than the inner circle? Do you fear becomming a “symbolic member’ kept on the periphery of the group because you are female?


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