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green room, dog head, abandoned child

I will take this very slow as I have never posted a dream on the Internet and am a little weary. Before I get to the dream(s) that I am most immediately concerned with I will start with a couple that I have wondered about since I was a child. Before I go on, I will tell you that I was raised in the military and my family oftened moved and traveled until I was in my late teens. Much of my life was spent over seas.

As a child, starting when I was about 7 and on into my teens, I have had a couple of recurring dreams. This is one of those. In real life, my mother was a beauty of the 1940's era, with dark auburn hair which she often wore pulled tightly back in a bun. Movie star quality. People often likened her to Lauren Bacall. In the mid 50's we lived outside of Los Angeles - In my dream my mother is taking my younger brother (about 5) and I into downtown Los Angeles to one of those high rise "art deco" styled buildings. My brother had an ear infection and the specialist Doctor was in that building. We entered into his office which was a very long narrow room. It was very sparcely furnished with chrome metal chairs that had dark green vinyl covered seats all along one wall. At one end of the room was a small sliding glass window (tinted green glass that was impressed like shower glass so you couldn't see through it) where the receptionist was. The walls were painted a pale shade of green and the floor was that old fashioned green vinyl tiling with flecks of white. It was so polished you could see your face in it. In fact the whole room was in a gloomy cast of green - almost as if submerged in a lagoon. At the other end of the room was a tall window. The window sill was just a foot above the ground and went almost to a foot from the ceiling. The office was on one of the very top floors of the building (20 - 30 stories up?).

We entered the office and mother sat my brother and I down. She checked in at the little reception window. It was not long when my brother was called to see the Doctor, and he and my mother got up and went through a door near the reception window. I was left alone with an instruction to not talk to strangers. There were about two other people in the chairs at that time. Time passed and seeemd to get longer and longer. More people came in and sat around me. Eventually it seemed stifling and the room was filling with the low constant murmur of people talking to one another. I started to anxiously look to the door, but more time passed and no mother and brother came through. I was aware of people looking at me - some seemd to be concerned and wondering what I was doing there by myself. No mother.

Finally after what seemed hours, a woman came through the door. Not my mother. Then later another person. Again not my mother. By this time I was getting pretty fretful and concerned. Where were they? The anxiety kept building.

More time passed and my mother finally came through the door. My brother was not with her. But wait a minute! Was this my mother? She was dressed like her and walked like her. "Mom? Mom?" But in my dream her face was difficult to discern. Non descript - no identity. As I called to her she did not look at me or respond and kept walking straight down the long narrow room towards the tall window at the other end. Mom? Then I was suddenly startled. She was changing as she walked. She never looked at me or even acknowledged that I was calling to her. She stayed expressionless and her face was changing. Her head was changing into a dog head!

Comment: This was not an ordinary dog head. More Jackle like. Since I was only 7 when I started having this dream, I had no pre-concept of ancient religions and dieties, but as I grew older and repeatedly had this dream I came to the realization that the dog head that I started dreaming of was nearly identical to that of Anubis, the Egyption God of the Dead. How could I know that when I was 7? I didn't know anything about Egypt or Anubis, but it was very distinctly like the ancient representations of the black dog head of Anubis.

Dream continued: As she walked (Zombie like) toward the window, I was becoming frantic. Rushing after her and calling to her. Pulling at her skirt to stop and look at me. At the same time I became aware of the fact that the big window was opened. My fear shifted to her safety. "Mom! The window! It's opened! Stop!" She kept going. When she reached the window she easily stepped up onto the window sill. She never slowed or stopped. Then she stepped out of the window and I was sure she would fall to her death. But she didn't. From my short vantage point it appeared that she was floating in air. But in actuality she stepped out onto a long flag pole attached to the side of the building. I rushed to the window sill and called to her. My arms were stretched out reaching for her, my little fists clenching open and shut for her. I was sobbing uncontrolably. She continued out the flag pole like she was walking on a tight rope. The flag pole vanished into a fog and she walked into the fog and dissappeared. Neverlooking back. That was the end of the dream. I often woke up sobbing or feeling out of breath. Always with a sense of loss and abandonment.

Like I said I continued having this dream off and on until I was in my teens. I never knew what happened to my brother in the dream. I haven't had this dream for a number of years, but have oftened wondered what was so significant about it. Why did it keep coming back? What role has it played on who am I now?

Thanks for listening. An opinion would be welcomed.

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Re: green room, dog head, abandoned child

Hi Bee

No problem Bee, I am happy to offer my interpretation of your post - make of it what you will, although a response is appreciated - as this is a learning Forum and feedback helps us all become better at re-learning the language of our dreams.

I shall just give my impressions as I read your dream so it may seem a little out of order or address things that you cover later in your post - you will likely have to integrate and assess for yourself.
My outlook is Jungian - if this is new to you, just see how it feels for you and go from there.

As this is a dream from childhood it need to be considered from that perspective i.e.: that of the child; and what may have been going on for you at that time.
As it was a recurring dream and is memorable, there is something that the unconscious was (and maybe still is) trying to get through to your conscious thoughts.

The location is in the heart of town,,, the heart of the matter.
The office is on the 'top level' i.e.: the heights of consciousness, thinking or evolution.
A doctors office (place of potential healing).
Green - the colour of creation, life,,, or perhaps the murky waters of the pre-world slim ,,, the evolutionary firmament.

Being left alone - departure of Mother and ones inner counter-balancing partner - Separation of Self, and sense of Self. One could say this is representative of the primeval abandonment ,,, a big topic in itself.
The other people in the waiting room likely represent the other, as yet unknown (!) parts of you. Yet you have been instructed not to talk to strangers. Is this a message / instruction that you are still living by ? That is not talking to / discovering the other unknown (dare I say it strange) parts of you.

Your mother's head turning into the head of a dog: well this could have a number of levels of meaning. You may like to look at the dream dictionaries on this site to see about dogs; however your dream is specific ,, a jackel ,,, what are the characteristics of a jackel ?? I am unfamiliar.
The head of an animal and body of a human may be considered an image of how we really are - despite our self professed civility, we are still part human (whatever that means) and part animal - consciousness and animal instincts ,,,, as you mention the animal/human, including the jackel are part of ancient beliefs. The ancients would have had their reasons for using the jackel - do you know them or have ideas about that?
Jung addressed 'how could I know that when I was 7 ?" ,,,, It is well documented and studied - Jung proposed and some would say proved a commonality of collective unconscious memory - expressed in our dreams and mythology. If you are interested look into Joseph Campbell's works or link on this site.
This image may have to do with some feelings you had towards your mother at that time, of more generically feelings towards the world that you felt abandoned by, as you came to recognise your separate existance in the world - there maybe aspects of both.

Zombie and the living Dead are an interesting concept, albeit frightening. Have a look at the dream dictionary. I can offer that these ideas (seen repeated over and over in today's mainstream) can represent the state of human existence when imagination, aspiration to something higher, divinity are lost ,,, living without love or living without purpose

The window may be the opening to the other realm of existence - we think we die when we 'cross over' and yet in the dream the animal/human/mother does not die when she goes out the window.
The Receptionist is the medium, between the healing other world and this waking life. I am not suggesting that you see a clairvoyant ,,, rather that there is an interface between the seen and unseen realms.

The tight rope may represent the balance required to successfully negotiate the crossing ,,,, and required in life.

I think the image of the animal/human/mother is the key to this dream.
As well as addressing the usual concerns of childhood separation, I feel this dream is likely 'archetypal' in nature. By that I mean, it is telling you something about how the greater (metaphysical if you like) world operates / is. The symbol of the Egyptian God of the Dead, and the green lagoon image would support this ,,,
So while you may feel a sense of loss and abandonment - the dream in some ways does not support that this is the way things are.

In relation to 'your brother', it is again the theme of separation. Jung proposed that during our life we re-integrate the 'lost' and unknown parts that go to make up our Self. A big part of life's journey is about this re-unification. One of the chief aspects is refinding our 'other half' - in dreams this can be represented by the masculine ,,,,have you found your other half?

There might be a clue in the 'ear infection' ,,,, why the ear??? sound, vibration ? music ,,, ? your thoughts ?

Good luck Bee,
I hope others share their thoughts on your dream. We are all on a journey and as fellow travellers we can help each other along


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