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My younger sister funeral

Hi Gerard,

I have dream about my younger sister pass away. i was beside her, and she was talking to me, telling me to take it easy, it's ok, it's part of life. And i told her that, we are not going to meet again, even after i m dead, cos she's of a different religion with me and we wont be going to the same god and heaven that we believe. It happened at my old house where we used to grow up, which i was so sad and keep on crying, and my relatives were all there but they look ok and not upset. When i was standing beside her, my mum and our closest aunt is cleaning her n dressing her for her funeral. I was so upset that i've asked myself in the dream, how? we are not gonna meet again, and telling myself that she's been the closest to me since we are kids and all the childhood memories flowing through my mind...

Gerard, this sounds really scary n creepy. My sister and i are very very close since young. She's doing good and studying abraod, and will be going through her exams in few weeks time. I have actually plan to go over to visit her with my mum n my other siblings, but the plan is still vague and uncertain at the moment... Does the dream tells anything about my sister, me or our plan???

thank you so much for helping me...

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Re: My younger sister funeral

The dream may be addressing natural fears and apprehensions about the safety of your sister since the two of you are close. But since she is doing well and not in any harms way the dream's message is probably more about aspects of your psyche.

Your younger sister probaby symbolizes those traits you once possessed as a younger person, which have passed on {died} because you have grown and left them behind. The religion part, which may in fact be a truth in your life, may be addressing different belief systems {perhaps to do with religion, perhaps not} that the two of you possess. Whereas she may be more carefree {a trait of being younger}, you may be the type who is more serious about matters in life. Or that younger aspect that you once possessed has now died {life makes it hard for you to be so carefree}.

The part about your old house may give support to this possibility. Those years when you were young were a part of this house. Since your parents {probably representing your mature self as much as your real parents in the present} are not worried may suggest those younger years are seen by your mature self as in the past, you out grew them and become an adult, a natural thing. But the longing for those times are still fresh in your mind and you wish you could feel that way again {carefree, not so much stress and responsibilities in life}. You want to meet that young aspect of yourself again. There are probably circumstances in your life in the present that make you wish you were younger again so not to have to bother with these circumstances. That is what being younger may be about, less stress and responsibilities. But since you do have these responsibilities and must confront them, those younger days are gone. You may be seeking ways to get past the stresses, trying to worry less and be more carefree about the responsibilities that you confront day to day.

All in all I believe the dream is about you and less about your sister {or the relationship with your sister}. There may be something in the past that you may need to explore {the old house and the memories} but only if they were of a traumatic experience. I don't see that in this dream but can not entirely dismiss the possibility. In the mean time perhaps you should be more like your younger sister is you are stressed out. On the other hand, if you have been acting more like her than you should, the dream may be suggesting going in the oppsoite direction. ONce you look at your present situation you will probably be able to detremine which fits.


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Re: My younger sister funeral

Hi Gerard,

Millions thanks and gratefulness for helping to resolve the dream, which woke me up in fear and tears... What you have interprete from the dream, i would said is about 80% very true... The rest 20%, i believe time will tell...

Once again, thank you so much for the help and i feel so much better. Now i feel much relieve and understands things clearly and better.

Thank you.

Many love and thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 singapore

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

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