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It was a month ago that i had this recurring dreams about snake.... The first time i dreamt about it was my daughter & I was looking & playing with the fishes(orange in color) in the aquarium when suddenly a brown snake came down from a tree infront of us. The snake wanted to eat the fishes. I grabbed my daughter's hand & pulled her to ran. We passed by my husband who was standing on the side of the road. I tod him to ran after us but he just ignored us. He told me there's nothing to be afraid of.

The 2nd time was, i was in a boarding house as i opened a room dimly lit a thin brown snake came from ironing board and passed by infront my feet. I told the girl (w/c i couldn't remember anymore who she was) who was seated on a floor to get out of the room bec of the snake.

The 3rd time. i was washing dishes in our house kitchen. I cld remember that this was the one house we rented where my aunt lived below us. The kitchen wall was broken & there i saw a very big fat (like anaconda) crawling inside the wall. I could see the body which made my spine shiver. I ran towards my dad & started to grabbed everybody (sis, mom & kuya) in the house to stay away from the kitchen. My dad(he passed away already) was holding a knife trying to stab the snake while my bro was pulling the back of his black shirt. After that, the snake ran away & went down on the side of our floor that has a big hole. I was scared & told them it might go to our aunt's house. The next scene, i was in a certain mall/grocery & saw a big pond. There are girls swimming then suddenly there came a lot of baby snakes approaching them.

what does this mean???

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Re: snake

Hi Nikki

The fact that the theme of snakes keep recurring, tells you pretty clearly I think that something in you is trying to get your attention - the question ,,, that only you can answer is ,,, what is it ? To answer this you will have to look at your waking life and be truthful about what is going on.

There are some clues in these dreams.
Snakes are about change - whether we like it or not ,,, how we experience the changes can be closely linked to how we preceive the changes. Do we go willingly or do we resist ?

So far you have been resisting. The issues may go away,,, however (deep inside you know) that the issues remain and will arise some tiem some where

Oh one last thing ,,, have you been feeling 'squeezed' by life recently ?
By just looking at the issues in your life you are likely to find the changes just start to happen ,,,

What do you think Nikki?
By feeding back to the Forum, we are all learning and kept honest.

good luck

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