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repeating theme of eternal seas and stone structures/buildings andfour…Ears, Breasts, Rams

Dream fragments repeating theme of eternal seas and stone structures/buildings (and doubling things to make four…Ears, Breasts…

Hi everybody,

I have had several themes of never ending seas that continue on towards infinity where they begin at bordering a stone structure or building. I'm interested in the relationship between these infinite bodies of water, seas or oceans (unconscious, emotions, feelings), and stone structures or buildings/houses (SELF, psyche, current state of being.) I think it is important to look at themes in order to understand the overall psyche development and how it relates to one's outer life.

In one dream I leave a group of friend in a car and enter a house. All details aside, I have to escape the house because I'm being pursued. I run out of a room and find the sea. I run along the border of the house. It has no wall on this side and opens out onto the sea shore. I run and run endlessly for hours and the house is on my life and I see inside it, lots and lots of never ending rooms and on my left is the sea. The waters are calm and untroubled. I run like this for a long time until I reach the end of the house, go inside and a man leads me out to the front door where I am back where I stared with my friends. The sea in this dream had no end, and the house was very long, miles long, and I was running for a long time. I had no boundaries or walls whatsoever on the side of the house that faces the sea. In other words, this infinite sea was an (internal) part of the house. (Maybe the boundary between the subconscious and unconscious, or unconscious and collective unconscious?) The water was peaceful, tranquil. (Interesting also that this sea replaced a mountain in real life and the mountain in the dream became a monument.)

In the next dream is the landscape dream I had of a stone and two unformed cows rising up out of a sea of limestone. (This dream is one I already posted). After discovering that limestone is created out of sea elements I think that this is a similar theme…..water giving birth to stone, to buildings (houses), and to other structures.

In another dream fragment, I am on a bus and it turns left heading in the direction of my parent's house. Before we get there though, the view from my right hand side is sea where there was once a park under a hill. Now it is a sea. Near me the waters are light green, blue-green and as the waters continue west they become a clear and lovely blue. The waters continue forever. There is some foam along the shore. To the left of this scene I see another rocky hill but it has a light emanating from it. I go closer. My husband or brother is with me and I'm thinking about what my son will think about my religious changes. ( I don't have kids.) As I get closer to the mountain, I see it is a carved stone (Marble) building. It has four Rams on it. Two on the top corners facing me and two on two bottom corners, also facing outwards. The building must have had two large segments with the top one being smaller so that the rams had room to be on the top of the bottom half, if you can picture this. On the very top of the building was the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Now it is nighttime and there is a starry sky behind this building and a pathway where shooting stars are dropping. I try to show them to my husband but he doesn't see or recognize them and I feel frustrated. I think that inside this pyramid/building are untold treasures.

In another dream fragment just before or after this I recall that I saw the caves of Petra in Jordan in the bright sunlight, with an orange red cast right next to the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. All of them were the same color, a reddish sandstone color and not limestone, which is what the Pyramids are made of. The Petra sculpture is carved out of caves in Jordan. They were all suspended in air and I felt they were connected to the Ram building and other limestone stones.

Before these three or four recent dreams I don't think I had dreams of stones, ancient monuments or eternal seas. They were very beautiful, tranquil, numinous dreams of great earthly and spiritual beauty and a sense of destiny and treasure contained in the buildings or related to the landscapes. They were such a powerful and beautiful blend between natural beauty and man-made design. They were numinous, deeply vivid and yet also very gentle. I felt they contained so much potential and just having the dream image, even without reflecting on any conscious meaning or analysis was very meaningful. Also the combination between natural landscapes, historical monuments and unique and creative dreamscape creations was enchanting and intriguing.

Am so fascinated to know what these dream symbols might mean about my psychic development and life. Although I know all my dreams have connections, I am sure these particular ones are leading the way to something unique and important and have deep messages to offer.


Oh! And I just remembered the theme of four, two things repeating themselves (Wholeness), one set below or above another set…..see my posts Four Ears, Four Breasts….another interesting theme.

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Re: repeating theme of eternal seas and stone structures/buildings andfour…Ears, Breasts, Rams


I made a mistake in my last post. In both sea dreams, the building was on the left and the sea on the right. (left= conscious, masculine, finite structure man made) (Right= unconscious, feminine, infinite, natural creations, bodies of water...emotions.)

I also just did a search on Rams in mythology and there is so much there!!

Also in Greek myth, the Ares constellation of a Ram (starry sky), is represented by a story of a rams fleece turned into gold and became the quest for Jason and the Argonauts.

Ram is also an Indian diety. Then there is the goat-God Pan.

In my dream, the rams were kneeling, a similar pose to the Sphinx, or a resting lion.

Some dream dictionaries say they represent aggressive or masculine tendencies. (Am I not approaching decisions with tact...as hyperdictionary says?)However, in the Chinese Zodiac, the Goat is the most feminine, creative and artistic of all the signs. : ).

The ones in my dream were very gentle, kneeling...submissive. In light of that...the Old Testament/Biblical concept of scapegoat...the ultimate scapegoat was Jesus Christ?...

Also the relationship between rams and the Louvre??? I'm very excited to have dreamt about the Louvre with all its beautify and mythological artifacts.

I'm sure there is so much more to this set of dreams. Any and all comments are more than welcome.

Oh! I'm wondering also since I've been trying to find my type..maybe this is pointing towards the artisan type and I've been two intellectual. Maybe I am an ISFP and since I have no practical outlet for my artistic abilities in my daily life since I've pursued a different track this is why I had dreams of cheating and betrayal by my husband....and need to hopefully after I finish what I am working on look about a major 'career' change and do something with art? I've been trying to figure out my type and thought I was intuitive and intellectual. Maybe not.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35/abroad

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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