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help dream interpretation

Pls help to interpret the following dream: I was in a nice green area, with my husband. Suddenly a terrible wind started. I hanged myself to some column and the wind was making my body "fly". Despite the fact that was a very strong wind, I was comfortable but wondering about my husband.The stopped shortly and I couldn't find my husband but my father appeared very confident and relaxed. I was crying, desperate to find my husband. I couldn't catch him by phone, but my father drove me to a place that was supposed to be a hospital adn where I found him sleeping with no visible injury.He was looking very bright and was not covered up to waist.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41; UAE

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Re: help dream interpretation

Hello Ingrid,

To provide an accurate dream interpretation, it’s best to have some background information about the dreamer and what memories and thoughts come to mind about the dream images (in addition to what happened a day or two before the dream), but based on some common motifs, here are a few ideas about what your dream might mean.

Overall, your dream may be hinting at a transition of some kind, a change in your outlook which you should perhaps encourage to happen.

The green area may suggest a currently earthy worldly situation or outlook that has been quite all right up to now but which apparently may need to begin to change at this time in your life.

Wind has been viewed as masculine by most cultures. It is essentially “air” in its active and more violent aspects. Air is associated with “breath” and “spirit”. Therefore, the image of the strong wind might mean an urgent drive or need coming from your unconscious mind to develop “spirit” and other so-called “masculine” aspects such as thought, reflection and assertiveness in yourself.

The image of the single column has been connected in myths with the “world-axis” which is a sort of link between heaven/sky (the unconscious mind) and the earth (the ego). In your dream, this link with your inner self appears to be strong and protects you from being hurt by the strong wind, even to the point of keeping you comfortable.

The image of your husband disappearing might be pointing to the idea that he can no longer be the object onto whom you project certain of your own potentials. You may have to see some characteristics that he possesses as parts of yourself that you have to develop.

Your father may represent the potential for a more “mature” handling and development of these potentials. He takes you to your husband who is now apparently slightly transformed (bright) and asleep (unconscious). This may represent an early stage of having to “wake up” this part of yourself.

I hope these ideas will help in understanding the personal meaning of your dream.

Re: dream interpretation

Thank you very much! Indeed, seems to match the situations I am passing through.
Usually I am not dreaming a lot, but when I have a dream is for sure a very powerful one, and I have that strange feeling that I am aware of the fact that I am dreaming and I should recall later all details. Sometimes I can even interfere in the dream. Does this mean anything? Can I improve this in a certain way? How?
Thank you once again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41; UAE

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

Re: help dream interpretation

I’m glad that some of my ideas helped with your dream.

When a person is aware that he or she is dreaming and can consciously will something to happen, this is called “lucid dreaming”. Jungian analyst Anthony Stevens mentions lucid dreaming in his book “Private Myths” where he writes:

“There is an apparent kinship between lucid dreaming, active imagination, hypnotic and mediumistic trance, and certain forms of acute psychosis: all can bring about lasting changes in those who experience them.”

Jungian “active imagination” is basically a method of dialoguing with inner figures while awake. Robert Johnson’s book “Inner Work” is a very good introduction to this technique and to dream interpretation. Anthony Stevens believes that lucid dreaming is a sort of heightened active imagination that occurs while asleep.

He advises the following techniques to encourage lucid dreaming:

- overall dream recall must be practiced and improved in order to be better able to recognize dreams while you are having them.

- while you are awake, ask yourself about 10 times per day “Am I dreaming?”. Make sure to ask this question as you go off to sleep and as you wake up. You may have a lucid dream after about a month of practicing this technique.

- let your body fall asleep while keeping your mind awake. Count yourself to sleep as follows: “One, I’m dreaming; two, I’m dreaming” and so on until you fall asleep.

- also concentrate on any images that appear just before falling asleep and you may gain the capacity for conscious introspection as you pass into the first dream of the night.

- success in lucid dreaming is more likely if you take an afternoon siesta because you are more likely to pass directly into dream-sleep than when you go to bed for the night.

- suspecting you are in a dream is the first step to lucidity. To test this, try to do something that you cannot do in waking life. For example, try to take off and fly, then land. This would prove that you were in a lucid dream.

This is just a brief introduction but may be enough for you to experience more lucid dreams.

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