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Moose and Badger break in

I'm not totally posting this for oppinions on what it might mean, but rather to ask if this type of dream is common. I haven't talked with anyone who has had a comprable dream, but I haven't met somebody who has flying dreams either, so. :P

Ok, This happens very often and has happened with all sorts of different animals. It's always nighttime and one animal, (usually huge and primal looking,) is trying to break in to the house. Not aggressive, usually, but just calmly persistant and trying to get in, and I can never keep them out the entire dream. When they get in, finally, right before I wake up, they just stand there and look at me.

I just had one of these with a moose and a badger. (I should add that both of wich are very important animals to me and are also totems.)It's very unusual for the animals to be aggressive, but the badger was, being a badger.I was fighting with it constantly, at one point trying to kill it because my five year old niece was standing behind me.

The moose was very strange though, and seemed to be the biggest part of the dream. It was always somewhere in my vision, and it kept changing size and color and even turned to a toy at times.

Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance. :)

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Re: Moose and Badger break in

Your dream would rank as a very common one since the ego often attempts to keep out inner “intruders”, but if successful in this, they usually then come in via the unconscious in an unexpected and generally unwanted way.

Intruders generally represent parts of ourselves, positive or negative, that we’d prefer to avoid looking at, but if we don’t face and accept them, they usually become stronger and more “violent”. This can appear in small phobias, rage, anxiety, sadness, a feeling of emptiness and similar emotions.

You likely know more about Badger than I do, but since he’s generally related to the hero image, perhaps he’s angry because you’re not doing enough toward developing a more rounded view of life in all its aspects (protecting your “innocent” niece too much).

It might be that the moose is linked to a more earthy, “muddy”, “watery” approach to things that you might be tending to drift away from (perhaps toward an “airy” or too intellectual approach) and that’s why he wants to make sure he is getting “in”. Since moose live in forest environments near water, this may be sort of a double reminder not to stray too far away from an instinctive connection with your unconscious mind (the forest, water).

Anyway, I gave you a mini-interpretation even if you didn’t ask for one, but I hope some of the ideas will fit your actual personal situation in some way so that the meaning of the dream(s) will be at least a little clearer for you.

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