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Trees and Feathers

Hi Dream Forum,

In my dream I walk up to a man who is putting on a white t-shirt. As he puts it over his head, (we are outside and I remember looking down at the green grass).

I say "can I ask you a question?". I don't remember what the question is though.

Then we are standing by a tree. In the tree there is a large black feather with what looks like a dark puple peacock type eye on it nestled in the trunk.

I get excited and the feather blows to the ground. I get excited because I know spirit is communicating with me (in real life this is what I often felt when I would find feathers on daily walks).

Then I'm driving along in a car. I beleive I'm in the backseat propped up over the front seat like I used to do as a kid when front seats were all "one seat". But I'm looking at trees, lots and lots of trees that are all pruned back with no leaves at all except for a few kinds of trees like a pine for example that wasn't pruned but still small green branches shimmer in the wind/sun.

I'm feeling being in the backseat is a sign of letting spirit guide me as it drives me around showing me the possiblity of new growth.

The only "negative" thing to this dream was when the feather blew to the ground and I noticed the feather had to be smoothed out a bit because it got a little mussed. It also appears that I'm deferring to my animus for teaching.

Insights and/or confirmations of my interpretation is appreciated.

Thanks! Shelly

Re: Trees and Feathers

Hi Shelly,
In nature trees don't require pruning. New growth is a natural process. Cutting back, or pruning, a tree is an attempt to control growth, or modify natural state, often to accomodate or as in fruit trees to get a higher yield. Perhaps this symbolizes deferring to the anumus for teaching as 'mussing' the spiritual path?

Do you recall who was driving?

Kind regards,

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Re: Re: Trees and Feathers

Hi Kathy,

These are goods points and ones I hadn't considered.
The tone/feeling of the dream was very positive overall but seeing the feather "mussed" was a moment of hesitation whereupon I smoothed it before asking the male "can I ask you a question"?

There was no face or person that I saw driving the car. Only that I was a passanger in the backseat propped up over the front seat, feeling very inquisitive and sort of filled with wonder (at the pruned trees....like a "front row view" from the back and being taken on a tour really).

Tying into this perhaps is that last night I dreamt that my last relationship partner asked me to marry him. I had seen him across the way first though and walked over (I was dressed in business clothes and hadn't seen him for a very long time it seemed). It was just a chance encounter it seemed. But I did walk over to him first with the feeling of "what can it hurt"?

When he presented the ring, I tried it on and it was a bit too big. I also had another diamond ring on another finger (I guess the little finger, but doesn't really feel like it, only that that ring was to the left of the engagement ring....I wear no rings in real life).

All my family and friends were there where we were (some sort of huge gathering with music, food, etc...but not a reception or wedding, more like an outside concert or something) and I announced, "after 12 long years, S has asked me to marry him". He couldn't stop crying. He said "it feels like my heart is being stretched and I wish "they" would knock the left half out". I got the feeling that the left side of his heart was blocked in some way and it was being stretched. But I'd never seen him so vulnerable and honest and my mother was there too, finally giving her approval (of which she didn't in real time because he had hurt me so much because he had never committed to anything really).

At the end of the dream, he was going to be taking me somewhere where I would need a "fancier" set of clothes to wear.I knew I didn't have the kind of clothes he was alluding too and as he said this and looked at me, I felt a slight judgement while recognizing it might just be me.

But I was very touched in the dream about the "committment" and actually woke up with tears. I'm wondering that perhaps this dream was instigated because I shared my feelings openly with a friend last night who is feeling disheartened about her own lack of relationships. And also in the dream, later it seems my finger had swollen to fit the ring but then later it wasn't swollen and I could easily slip it off.

Apologies for this being so long. Thank you Kathy if you have a chance to get back to this.

Sincerely, Shelly

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