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plane crash

i recently had a dream that i was in large building w/ many people, including my parents. for some reason i knew that a plane was going to crash into this building and i had to try to save my parents. everytime the plane crashed i had to start over and try to save my parents again. after many freightening crashes i saved my dad but not my mom and i woke up. help me!

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Re: plane crash

Hi there Scared,

I am a little new at dream interpretation so I will offer you my thoughts and you can decide if they fit for you.

First, usually dreams are first telling us something about our own feelings. Feelings we have inside us but are not always noticing for a lot of reasons. Maybe the feelings are scary or intense, or we don't know how people will react to them, so we might be keeping them to ourselves, and our minds needs a creative way to deal with them, an outlet, so it does so by making dream images that represent the feelings. So, if you think about what I just wrote, it means that probably this dream is about some difficult feelings you are having and your dream is helping you deal with them.

Also, your dream sounds like what happened with September 11th. This was a scary experience. This is something that happened about five years ago, and you wrote your age is fourteen, so you were probably about nine years old then when images similar to your dream were on T.V. It is possible you only partly realized what happened and it was traumatizing...meaning very scary to you. Or maybe you had a more direct experience with someone close to you being hurt from those events and you got scared so your mind is trying to heal you from the scary feelings.

Those are just two ideas what your dream might mean.

Another idea is that because you are fourteen, you are going through a new growing up process. It may have already started or it may start but all teenagers go through a period of transition from being once kids to being grown ups. Maybe you are experiencing something like this, or see it in older siblings or friends, or learned about it in school, from parents or in religious community. Among the changes are also changes to your mind. Not just not wanting mom and dad to stop telling you what to do and looking forward to getting a driver's license or staying out later at the mall with friends....whatever those changes may be.

You are slowly becoming more self-reliant. In dreams, buildings can symbolize the whole of your personality, and your parents in your dream can be about your real life parents or about your feelings towards them that are hard to talk about or about your growing independence.

Maybe its easier for you to talk to your dad than your mom. For boys to mature emotionally, they need a little bit of letting go from their mom, and to identify with dad more. For girls, they tend to be like mom in a lot of ways and just want dad to appreciate them and be there for them. So maybe it has to do with things like that for you.

Also, airplanes in dreams are projects that you started...sometimes... maybe you have new ideas and new activities that were helping you grow and change and something didn't quite work out for you. So, your dream is showing you your project 'crashed'....and maybe it affected your feelings with your mom more than your dad?

Am really new with dreams so I hope this helps. I hope that maybe you can find someone you trust near you to talk to about these things and I hope what I said makes sense to you.

Please let us know at the Dream Forum if this interpretation makes sense so we can better learn to help people with their dreams, and of course, you can keep posting your dreams.

Good luck and hope you feel better.

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Re: plane crash

The dream seems to be describing some conflict. Are there subtle signals you're reading in a situation but are yet unsure of the outcome? What are you repeatedly trying to accomplish or achieve?

Additionally, you may be exposed to and socially drawn (peers) to social male behavior that dishonors women. That saving your father, accepting a (negative) masculine attitude toward women, is at the expense of the feminine, the feminine is lost. In teen years young people begin to develop strong attachements and relationships with peer groups, the 'second' family in social development. With this we sometimes accept or integrate thoughts or behaviors that are not congruent with our inner self in order find acceptance in the group. This may be a source of inner conflict.

Perhaps thinking about what is causing conflict in waking life will lead you closer to the meaning of the dream...

Many thanks,

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