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Hello Dear Dream Forum Members,

I have some concerns about some important issues for me regarding how I feel dreams, feedback and interpretation are handled sometimes. For me these concerns are serious, and perhaps I should just let these things go. Am not sure how to go about addressing these things that are on my mind, or how to go about giving feedback in a positive way.

I thought about sending emails privately but the problem with that is that I don't want to be intrusive and don't want to start any cliques...I think any valuable feedback can be helpful to everyone. Sometimes, as in classes, one student may raise an issue that other students also felt but were hesitant to speak about it.

I understand that my feedback maybe understood negatively. In that light, I hesitate to speak since more harm than good maybe done. The goal of course is for good.

Well, I'm just having issues and maybe they will sort themselves out. Perhaps I have misunderstood some things, and my dream knowledge/Self knowledge needs to develop. But intuitively there are somethings that are bothering me.

I really don't know how to address them but I will give some general ideas about the direction of my concerns.

1. I feel that dream hygiene is important. Most dreams occur at the end of the night (morning) right before we wake up. If we have slept late we will wake up late and may only remember a fragment of a dream and not an entire dream. REM cycles usually occur in two stages, with dreams having a pattern of four parts, the last part showing the resolution of the issues presented. Please correct me if these facts are inaccurate. If they are correct then perhaps when people are posting very short dreams it is only a dream fragment. I take care of my sleep habits and have good recall, so I don't feel that my dreams are really that long and detailed. I feel finally, now that my sleep habits are good, I'm really dreaming.

2. I'm going out on a limb here but I feel that people maybe resisting doing dream interpretations for me. I know I am demanding a lot, and a lot of people have given so much time and effort to my dreams, but my dreams are not that complex and I hold back from posting some of the more bizarre ones. :). I say this because I feel there are some very knowledgeable people on this Forum and I genuinely could benefit from your help...so am not sure...if this is because this may be the case or if I'm projecting. So, this resistance maybe unconscious, conscious, or projections on my part, or my imagination, or a combination of both, or neither...or one of the above, or two of the above or none....its just how I'm feeling...:)

3. I feel that some interpretations were wrong. This is based on one particularly important aspect. I'm making every effort to stay with Jung. There are several occasions where the interpretations were absolutely contradictory to Jungs principles and didn't resonate with me. If its helpful for people to know, I don't mind cross-referencing the dreams with the interpretations with Jung's principles to demonstrate this point. Intended or not, this can lead one astray and do harm.

4. I want to reiterate that it really is helpful to give the interpreters feedback. I try to honor that as much as I can. I only tried to give interpretations a few times, and on several occasions I got responses and on others not. I know how hard it is to tell someone we think they are wrong, here I am having a difficult time doing it, but it is important. If its said in a polite way I think it can be taken well. I hope I am being polite and not hurting anyone's feelings. I do wish to be constructive here..its for my sake as well..I'll benefit from getting good interpretations. So, giving feedback is important.

5. I think there are many times where projections get in the way. I am sure I may have done so myself. Its easy for projections to take the place of the dreamer's association with a symbol, but this is also harmful. An example, say my sister dreams of a pink elephant and I tell her all the things that pink elephants mean to me...negative things, but for her she remembers when we all went to the zoo and the elephant was the nicest animal and she got to eat popcorn and get lots of attention from mom and dad, so to dream of a pink elephant for her is great.....it is really easy to get lost in projections..especially regarding 'universal' symbols and I'm sure I've done this to, so I apologize and double check what I've said in my interpretations. Its important to let the dreamer have the last say in what the dream means, in terms of specific meanings and associations of symbols especially.

6. There seems to be confusion for me, about any informal or formal rules...about posting. Honesty, I feel like I'm posting like mad..and I hope this isn't a problem. I think, but I'm not sure, this was discussed at the beginning of when I joined the forum. I appreciate people's willingness to be kind and polite and sensitive to others, but if there is a problem there , it will be sensed and not addressed,so I think there maybe need to be more directness but still in a respectful way.

7. We all have an unconscious and we all have things that are difficult to accept...and we all have defense mechanisms and resistence to things that may come up in the unconscious. In light of this sometimes saying things directly doesn't work, sometimes hinting doesn't work. I'm not sure, but in trying to be honest with myself, I look twice about any resistance I have to dream interpretations. I have had alot..some I've shared, some I've just reflected on....and I am not sure if this is because I am unwilling to face issues...or if it is someone else's projection...or if it is just a wrong interpretation.....need a gauge to work this one out.

8. I think that's it, if there is anything else I will try to post it, but I repeat this is a great forum and you are all great people and I hope this post helps and isn't harmful. I think its important to have a good framework, not just for the dream interpretations themselves but also in our interactions with each other....

Just expressing my concerns let me feel better, and let's me know that these concerns were made conscious to others so I have faith that probably these concerns will resolve themselves and I do not want to upset anyone but I think these concerns are important and valid. Also better to share than to keep wondering. OK, Hope this helps other's as well.

Ah! One more:
9. For Jung, the dream was more than a dream. He linked personal life narratives to deeper myths, relating to our human origins and human destiny. The dream then is SO important. A key not just to our path to individuation, but to Nirvana, to Heaven, to Salavation, To Being....so on.....I think its important to put that out there. I know everyone already knows these things, so I'm also just reminding myself as well.

Best Regards,

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Re: Concerns/Feedback


Thanks for a thoughtful message; I think there's a lot in it that can help the site and members in a number of ways. I know I'm new here but I hope you won't mind that I've wanted to post a reply.

First of all I'd like to send best wishes that I know others share in your working out the issues you mentioned. We are all in the same boat in that regard, though I think your issues come to light more b/c you are very open in acknowledging them. And I think you are very special in this regard; and in other ways too (very very bright for example).

And if I ever offer an interpretation that doesn't resonate with you, that is certainly fine with me. And you are free to tell me so; I'm sure it will probably provide me with an opportunity to grow deeper, and it certainly won't hurt my feelings. I imagine most others will feel the same way.

The truth is that I would actually like to explore some of your dreams in more detail but don't want to be rude! There is another interpretation I'd like to offer about one I commented on earlier, and I've hesitated b/c I haven't found where Jung wrote about a similar dream in a woman he counseled. But also b/c I want to avoid being rude, and possibly doing damage.

I think that all my posts, esp. about others' dreams, should end with a disclaimer that acknowledges it's impossible for me to determine how much of what I perceive as real is only my projection. This limitation applies to us all of course, and affects every area of our lives. But do you know that the name "Adam" means "Red Earth"? More later on that...

Perhaps in our dreaming we are most awake. I think that would make you a very awake person!

One more thing, and most important of all: how are you? Doing ok? Please tell us.

And thanks for the dedicated effort you put into improving us all. Do take care,


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Hi May

There is a lot to your post ,,,, just where to start I am wondering.

I know that I have been frustrated sometimes that I/ we do not receive a reply to an interpretation that I have offered;
- and I know that sometimes my interpretaions have been off the mark;
- and I know that sometimes it takes me sometime for the meaning of a dream of mine to have meaning for me;
- and it someetimes takes me time to sift through and integrate an interpretation that has been offered to my dream posts ,,,,

So,, now I will sometimes email the person directly, letting them know that I have posted an interpretation and it is posted on the MDS site ,,, I do this for two reasons. One is to let the person know as they may not have ticked the 'reply' box, and secondly, I put something of myself into the interpretations I offer and I would like to have feedback.

Having said this, the interpretations I offer are just that - a gift made in good faith and with no strings ,,,
so if the person would like to reply I am grateful and touched by their willingness and bravery to do so.
If on the other hand, no reply is forthcoming ,, when the time is right ,,,, hidden hands will facilitate what is best.

Another issue is the reality of time - that realm of reality.
For myself my reflection etc in the morning can absorb some hours, then my physical practices to address my physical health too, breakfast, get ready for work ,,,, and the day goes.
It takes great discipline and love to attend to this much - finding time to consider dream interpretation is sometimes difficult - and, in the interest of trying to provide the best interpretations I can, I like to be mentally clear.
Adding to this slow reading, self taught typing skills and it can take some time.
Overal I am grateful for the collaborative input - this si what gets us through and almost all people posting receive an interpretation - wow !

On the issue of 'dream hygiene' ,,, again it is hard in the realities of the world.
I think we all strive to do our best, yet we are human too, and those we live with are human ,,, Marion Woodman said that even if the dreams are not remembered they are probably working away none-the-less, beneath the surface to re-balance.

I think it is important we repsect other peoples efforts towards honesty ,,, we can all skirt around this,,,, we can but try to do our best. ,,, and keep on walking our path, together and alone, grateful for the company that we keep.

thanks May,

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hello may,
I have just joined this forum and I may stay for awhile...I 'm not sure. I just read your post and would like to ask you some questions . Your age, your personality type (if you know it?) and how long you have been studying Jungian psychology.
I am a "Jungian". I experienced therapy for about four years and (Of course) have many journals of my evolvement. I am approaching 60 soon and am just now becoming confident about my learnings and awareness'.. I just now am seeing and understanding dreams I had twenty years ago. I believe we can be so in the middle of a lot of issues that we are not aware of and should not be aware of until our ego container is strong enough to experience the power of the pain. I look back and see the times I wanted to bolt and run in my therapy sessions because I had such a negative mother complex that I was convinced I knew more than she did and I was not aware of my flaws. projections and shadow. Now I know people I interact with that if they knew the truth of their delusions they would disassociate...split..you pick the term...WE have defenses for reasons and our dreams are working on us whether we understand them or not...that's the real magic and mystery....I am at a place where I have to and want to accept that oh my gosh, my golly my psyche is alive and well and doing some awesome work... don't you love that? Acceptance of the mystery that things are working for ourselves and only our SELF can know the answer..on some level you are responsible for your discoveries...remember? Kill the Buddha! I believe this forum is wonderful and also that you just might be expecting too much from this synthetic approach for your individuation. You might need more "skin" ,bones and heart interacting close to your energy field to have the affect you are looking for. Anna ...

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

We hope that you do stay with us and provide your experiences. If there is one thing we all have in common at the Dream Forum is that we are all 'Jungians'. Not in the sense that we have a blind obiedence to the man but there is a deep understanding and connection to his philosophies. Jung the man scoffed at te idea of anyone being 'jungian' but his profound insights are what lead us in much of the approach we use in living our lives. Spirituality is an importanat part of that approach. And if you read the interpretations to the posts you will find how correct those philosophies work in understanding dreams. There are a lot of talented 'Jungian's dwelling in these cyberspace walls at the Dream Forum whose desire is to share and help others. The Forum is a learning place for all who seek inner knowledge and inner peace. MDS is more than just about exploring dreams. It is about exploring the psyche, the soul. And we all have one of those.
So please stay and become one of 'us'. We welcome new faces and new experiences. And we all learn from one another.


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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Dear Pryzm, Justin, Anna and Gerard,

I found positive, honest and genuinely heartwarming responses to my concerns. I greatly appreciate this. I feel better having resolved my concerns.

Thank you for your responses of wisdom, good feedback and insight.

Sincerely wishing us all the best on our journeys,


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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Yes you are very correct about the term "jungian". In introducing myself on a site as this would be one of the few times I would "label" myself as that. I definitely have used Christianity, Jung, Campbell and now many others for my stepping stones/anchors I always find myself refreshed and re-grounded when I fall into a complex or face a new challenge then I do read my 101's....Strategy for a Loss of Faith is one that is ready for re-stringing... we all have our favorite's..Transforming the God Image is probably way up there . The Pregnant Virgin...Witness to the Fire....The Symbolic Quest...I have many that I must mark so no one carries away..I just saw you are a "recovering " church of christ".....me too! We all are aren't we from something. I am all around them here in the country.... I moved home to take care of my mom so I am in an orphan place and dark nite of the soul.. definitely very strong opposites continually in my days....but I know this is a fire that is reshaping me and helping me to finall y work on my "subtle body". For me if I was in the city I would never have had the time for this type of sabbatical I am in. Pain and joy constantly...everday and more insights constantly. That's our opus I believe ..to develop that (soul,spirit,subtle body and to prune and educate our ego's...Marie-louise Von Franz is way up there too...a good alchemy site in additon.that has enlightened me on the urgency to always work on my individuation is...Psycho-Vision byDr.Remo Roth who has really in depth work on the writings of MLVF. If you check out Marie-Louise Von Franz on search you will most likely discover him. She was his touchstone and now he has wonderful research on the alchemy of the Holy Wedding....

My sincerity to everyone,
Anna Banana bo banna fee fi

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Re: Concerns/Feedback


After I got my nerve up...and after revealing myself in such a personal way; you alone answered my first and only posting. My appreciation goes beyond the fact of your sole recognition...responses from all the others could not have been as valuable as yours...you are a gifted interpreter and a vessel for the unconscience. Thank you.

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi May,
One reason I enjoy this Forum so much is everyone is welcome here- no clicks or conflicts. From my experience I find the overwhelming majority of participants offer honest, intelligent and relevant feedback in support of the dreamers and interpreters which fosters learning and open dialogue.

Currently my Forum time is limited due to a chaotic work schedule and several weeks past a return to personal Self work and Bliss, need as indicated by a dream. At times like this, when I must attend to what the inner Self makes known to be priority, I read Forum posts however rarely respond. Again, due to time restrictions and also immersion in long, rational thought days diminishes my intuition. I do not make the transition easily between rational and intuitive so continue to include this in Self work. A measure of patience has been a prerequisite for several months on the Forum due to time restraints encountered by several participants. But with the many knowledgeable and willing participants on the Forum, including you, this situation looks to be alleviated. And more than makes up for my small contribution.

If I ever gave the impression dream interpretation is not a complex process for me in that I sincerely apologize. I am still learning in all areas including dream interpretation. I can invest upwards of an hour to arrive at a thorough and (seemingly) valid interpretation to a short dream. Longer dreams require I spend up to four hours in research, intuition and composing an interpretation with a logical, comprehensible flow. As my education continues and when my work (day job) schedule decreases my dream interpretation skills and knowledge base will improve.

For me an interpretation is an offering from the heart. If a person chooses not to respond I understand. There may be situations or issues in their life that prevent or hinder them from responding that I do not know of. Or perhaps they merely require more time to experience the Forum atmosphere of openness and support to become comfortable exposing their inner most Self to the world. For some I imagine it is a daunting experience.

Kind regards,

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi May,

I need to say that I am sorry that I haven't replied to your feedback. I must say that when I first read it I was shocked and hesitant to reply, because you seemed to touch an important part of my dreams and you went to great deals in helping me.
I was going to reply later, but I think I got involved in my work too much to remember to reply.

On a more personal note, I think the dream forum is a great way in trying to resolve inner conflicts and issues that we are trying to deal with.
I personally don't think a dream forum will solve all of them, and that we must look for answers elsewhere, whether it is from doing personal reasearch, seeing counsellor or talking to friends.
On the other hand some of us are more involved than others in interpreting dreams so I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
take care

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi Justin and Anna,

I feel this post addresses the concerns that were in some of Justin's interpretations as well as Anna's comments to my concerns, so I have combined this post because the ideas flow together and are interlinked:

"yes, once we have this experience we know that dreams do keep unfolding. We begin to be able to trust in a process that is happening even though we may not be consciously aware of it - awesome !"

Some processes can happen that we are not concsiously aware of, and don't require our active awareness, but there are other dreams that present themselves because they are asking the dreamer to understand and then act in the direction the dream is pointing toward. Conscious awareness is required by many other types of dreams and is actually the goal of almost all spiritual paths. For Jung, Individuation and Spiritual growth....go hand in hand.

Jeremy's website is actually very educational and addresses these issues. There really is a need to be consciously aware of and understand dreams. I know you know this of course, so this post maybe beneficial to others who may not know the value of understanding dreams and striving for conscious awareness.

To think otherwise: It's simply not true. People actively seeking and voluntarily striving to understand their dreams and become consciously aware have a container and are more than ready to undergo this 'conscious' making process.

I for myself, will continue to pay close attention to my dreams, will continue to understand them, analyse them and to allow the unconscious processes to unfold....within my line of vision...in true and deep conscious awareness....the ultimate goal.


"The fact that such a dream has been remembered is a reliable indicator that the dreamer will be able to give creative, responsible expression to his or her instinctive energies -- otherwise, the dream would not have been remembered."


For example, though I haven't had dreams of suicide:

"Suicide in dreams takes on a particularly ironic and positive quality in this sense; it means that the psycho-spiritual growth and development is taking place as a result of conscious choice and decision. For a person in recovery from addictive behavior, for example, to dream of "suicide" is a particularly positive image, because it usually means that this time, the decision to quit is actually going to stick, and the old, addictive personality really is dying." The underlying principle, that we, the dreamers, in our consciously aware state have to participate actively to make these unconscious processes have meaning is important to keep in mind when doing dream work. We are constantly being invited to be more conscious, to individual, to grow spiritual.....so what is the point if we cannot understand our dreams, or if we leave things to chance? Where then is our individuation, our chance to express the uniqueness of our beings as spiritual consciousness unfolding?? This is so important. If we were not ready to 'face' our dreams, none of us would be here on this forum, and so dedicated to understanding ours and others dreams!

It is incorrect to tell someone who is curious about their own dreams and wants to work with them eagerly that 'they don't need to understand all that, or they can't handle that or they aren't ready to face that. Or they are in a complex. etc, etc. Just let things happen naturally.'

Why the dreams then?

Why the deep instinct for higher consciousness?

Why are other people passing judgement on what a dreamer can or cannot handle?

That is inappropriate.

Jeremy again:

"All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. The generic message of every remembered dream is: "There is a potentially positive, creative, transformative role for the dreamer's waking mind to play in the further unfoldment of whatever is being given symbolic shape in this dream." In other words, no remembered dream ever came to say to the dreamer, "Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah - you have these problems and there's nothing you can do about them...!" If the dream is remembered at all, than it means that the dreamer has the inherent ability to deal creatively and effectively with all the problems and "issues" that the dream raises in symbolic form; if this were not true, the dream would simply not have been remembered."


I believe that Jung, Buddhism, Gnosticism share similar principles that exist in the service of wholeness and healing. Principles that lead to conscious individuation, the ultimate goal....wholeness of mind, body, soul, spirit.

It isn't experience that heals, or time either. Experience may bring wisdom, but that usually comes at the end of one's life, when it is too late.

Principles, natural laws are the containers of wisdom. A three year old child maybe far more in touch with herself than a sixty year old woman. Do we dare deny the wisdom and true knowing of the child, of nature, for that of the experienced sixty year old who has had years of conditioning and living under a false self and divorced from her true nature?

The dream is always in the service of healing and wholeness.

We can trust our dream, and we can trust our deep urge to understand our dream and our even deeper urge to strive for true consciousness. Like the wisdom and consciousness of the three year old who sees the inner and outer worlds with true perception, before being taught otherwise by her 'elders', who are older in age only.

Jung interpreted dreams based on principles. Buddhism is a perception of the true principles the natural and spiritual worlds are founded on. In medicine, in psychology, in all the higher realms of knowledge, even in gnosticsm and mystical states, there are guiding principles....like the north star that leads the sailors home.

I feel very strongly about these things.

It's fine if no one agrees with me.

I will continue to trust my inner three year old, and age has nothing to do with Jung or with dream analysis. I will continue to trust the guiding principles that have brought me success in my life.

That is my experience and I trust it. And I trust my self. Completely.

Though I could live to be 100 years old all the experience in the world I have can do me no good unless it is based on true and guiding principles.

Every dream that has been properly interpreted here was done so using basic principles of understanding. Not experience. Additionally, two people can have the same dream with entirely different meanings, thus, it is the underlying principle that is the key to the interpretation...not experience.

So what if I am experienced with one type of dream.....and had hundreds of clients with the same dream? That experience alone will not serve their wholeness or consciousness...but the principles that unlock the meaning of the dream .....for them....that is the key.

Both Jung and the Buddha, as well as Jesus Christ were highly disciplined men. Jesus Christ began and finished his ministry at a young age. He did not reach 60 or 70, his was not a ministry based on age, experience...no. His source of wisdom were principles.

I trust principles. I do not trust age alone. I do not trust experience without wisdom. True Wisdom is rooted in timeless principles. A person can have lived her entire life as a fool, unconscious, conditioned, cloaked in a false self, narcistic, arrogant and controlling.....it can and does happen...without ever seeing the light of consciousness and wholeness...of connection to self...to nature...to community...of the beauty of surrender....of true peace....etc...etc...

Yet a 'youth' may have true wisdom.....'out of the mouths of babes....'

We can learn from those younger than us, rather than blow our own horn about how old we are and how much experience we have...

and make it a justification to control or demean the experience or needs of others....

did the wisdom really come from being around for so long...or did we finally 'get it' by tapping into the same guiding and wise principles....that children know all along.....until we come along and try to take that away from them through controlling, projecting.....etc and whatever....and isn't that what so many people's dreams are trying to expose and dismantle?

The journey to consciousness is filled with many pitfalls, but I will not fall because I am endowed by an inner wisdom by my creator and my psyche will always attempt to lead me back to myself. It is only up to me to follow her honest voice.

I will not follow the false voices of those who fear consciousness and wish to remain in darkness....who ...unable to silence the inner voice of truth within them....unable also to listen to it....rather expend their energy to silence this honest voice in others.....out of fear of what is inside their own unconscious....how sad to remain so...

I invite everyone on this forum to join me in this journey..towards wholeness....consciousness....and a deep respect for our true voice....though it may be the voice of ....a child....though we each travel alone....we each travel together.

"You must become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven" -Jesus the Christ



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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Dear Lily, Kathy and Magdalena,

I deeply appreciate your responses and am deeply humbled.

There is so much that you offered that I will need time to take it all in and respond.

Thank you so very much.

I am only grateful that by applying simple principles the dreams meanings resounded for you. It isn't the interpreters who make it happen, its the dreamer.

I am honored that I've been invited to offer what little I know about dream interpretation in the service of the wholeness and spiritual growth of others.

What an honor, and what a humbling experience.

I benefit greatly also from input about my dreams. It gets me thinking and opens new doorways of awareness.

I am so thankful to be part of a forum that serves our deepest humanity in this way.

It is not easy, when we share our dreams and interpretations, we are giving of ourselves...

and it is truly a sharing process....a give and take...how as a community we are united with the one goal of serving each other's wholeness...healing...consciousness and growth...

What an amazing and sacred mission.....

We are truly blessed to have this opportunity

It is a special path indeed to understand the dream...for our selves and for each other

For we are all one

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I intended to write "Jung, Buddha and Jesus Christ were all Principled men." Though it does require discipline to stick with principles...they are two different things. ... just doing a mini study on the principles that guided their lives....there was and is so much wisdom to be gained there.

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Re: Concerns/Feedback


You mentioned pain...and containers.....

Some inspirational thoughts:

"Our deepest fear is NOT that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God; your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you."
-Marianne Williamson-

"Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you can not bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain."
-Kahlil Gibran-

'Judge not lest ye be judged' - Jesus


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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi Justin,

I hope you can accept my feedback in this and other posts. I know you are doing your best with dream interpretation and you are great. Other than my worry that I felt that you thought I should stop paying attention to my dreams, I only had one other concern. And perhaps I misunderstood you there too. Anyway, if I find an interpretation doesn't fit with me I will go ahead and say so, as the goal is to refine our skill.

About emails....I do appreciate the emails of encouragement you sent me, however, it doesn't help me because what I needed at the time was for Jan and Ashley to respond to my interpretations. Hearing from a third person that I'm so good is nice, but, I'm not doing this for praise, but to learn. Its only the dreamers really that can determine if the dream interpretation is right on. I wish that Jan had given me feedback about my interpretation rather than someone else, but of course its up to her. Also, I've never gotten a single email from anyone else, you included, telling me that someone responded to my dream. So, I didn't understand your comment about that. I only got those two emails telling me my interpretations are good, but again....I need to hear from the dreamer, if they are so willing to share that with me.

Thanks for your encouragement. I do appreciate it. I also feel grateful when people whose dreams I did try to interprete are willing to let me know if my approach to their dream was helpful. Perhaps posting these responses on the forum would contribute to the learning environment rather than giving feedback in private emails and hearing about it later.

There was only one time that I responded off the forum and that was to share concerns with the owner of the forum, Jerry. At any rate, I went ahead and posted those same concerns here under this thread, so that they would have a chance to be resolved in the forum, rather than complicating things.

I know that there are unspoken rules for groups, and I've gotten some feedback about those, but I believe the more transparency, the better. Dreams do touch on some of our most personal issues, so I understand why people might be uncomfortable posting here....but to compliment someone on what a good job they are doing....why would that not be appropriate to post on the forum?

When I'm doing an interpretation for someone, I am using the little I know about dreams and the Psyche to give them the space to explore what the dreams mean for them. So feedback is helpful in helping me learn how to help others better. I don't need to be good or not good, I just need to know how to help someone because as a human being I feel empathy for other people and as I've had difficulty in life and been helped, so are there others who go through similar difficulties and if I can put my skills to help them, then I have done something valuable and this makes me feel good. I don't need to be right, its not about my ego, I only need the guidance of the dreamer to tell me if I am using my skills correctly in their service or not, so I can keep doing something valuable that serves others. Thats all it is for me. A gift.

So, when others interprete my dreams, I like to offer the same helpful feedback that helps me. If the interpretation seems right I say so. If not, in the past I hesitated but now I'm trying to be less inhibited in 'hurting people's feelings'. I try to put my place in the interpreters shoes; if I'm giving a wrong interpretation that is leading the dreamer very far from the message of the dream, I would want to know so, so that I can correct myself. Again, its not an ego thing, and nothing I would get defensive about. I had a friend for example tell me she dreamed of her husband's cousin being pregnant. I suggested if it was my dream I would wonder if maybe part of me that has similar traits to the cousin would be undergoing new growth. She said she hates this woman deeply and is nothing like her and that my interpretation is Wrong, wrong, wrong. She even said it like that. I thought to myself, ok, maybe I'm wrong, or maybe she is really hating the woman because she is like her a bit and is just unable to see it, or. . . I don't know. Later that week she said the cousin announced she was pregnant! So, I thought, well, OK, maybe I was wrong. Who knows? It could be anything. But, since I am only using my skills in the service of fostering the growth of others, her feedback is important, but not hurtful. Its fine if she thinks I'm so wrong. But my value,.... to foster the growth of others is my motivator. So who knows, maybe a month down the road she might say, hey, you know, I thought about what you said about that woman, and maybe I'm a bit like her in such and such way....or not. Its a gift to the dreamer. That's all it is.

I have mixed feelings about your interpretations. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting really close to understanding a dream and as I head in that direction I get feedback from you saying don't go there. I think that was the underlying message I got from your interpretations overall. Perhaps I misunderstood you. Please forgive me if that is the case.

As I mentioned in my concerns, perhaps there is something I'm not seeing. Or perhaps I am correct in my assessment of what has been happening.

I just don't think its a good idea to have private conversations about the forum as this forms cliques and inhibits learning.

Of course if people want to respond to you about my interpretations that is fine. But it just won't help me learn.

I'd like to learn so that I can offer this as a skill. It gives me a lot of fullfillment to help people on their journeys. It makes the world a more beautiful place for all of us.

So, please take my concerns in a positive light.

I'm really not sure where to go from here at this point, because I do like the forum, yet I still have these concerns.

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Re: Re: Concerns/Feedback


I would be so happy to hear any thoughts you have to offer about my dreams.

Thank you


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Re: Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi Psyche

I am sorry that the one and only off Forum email of encouragement that I sent you has generated so much pent up response ,,,

As for my interpretations - there are no hidden meanings; I have my own style, my strengths, weaknesses and blind spots - they are my flaws - I just offer what I can.


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Re: Concerns/Feedback

1. A copy of the pro forma email that I have sent to I think 3 people who had not responded to my interpretations after some weeks - people may not check the 'notify me ,,,' box

"Hi ---

I have interpreted your dream of (month, day) at the Dream Forum.
Please read the interpretation and give your response and thoughts to it.
Every dream is a learning process and we ask that all who submit dreams provide a follow-up post so all can learn from the dream.



2. A copy of my one off Forum email to you -

"HI May

I want to tell you that I think your response to Jan's dream on the MDS Forum is so good ,,, in so many ways, You have a real sense of dream - how it can help us clarify ourselves. The two things that needed to be established were so well put that I want to remember them "Dreams routinely show us lost parts of ourselves that we need to reintegrate, face up to, accept, embrace, keep close and acknowledge. That being said, dreams can also mirror our waking state" ,,, fantastic.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I tend to be too concise sometimes and I feel my analytical brevity can be taken the wrong way, especially for people who are vulnerable and struggling - I agree with your impression of the sense of urgency in Jan's post and reply. I sent her an email telling here that the dream had been interpreted and feedback would be appreciated - glad I did, and glad that she responded - I guess we can just try to do to do the best thing in a respectful manner.

"so great"

best wishes

that's it, JC

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi Justin,

Thanks. Not that it matters, but you sent two, one before that one.


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Re: Concerns/Feedback

While I am new to this forum, I am not new to Self Analysis and Self Dream Interpretation, and I am *usually* pretty good at solving the "inner conflicts within" me.

But the initial message you posted left me conflicted. I was trying to understand what the issue was and have been thinking about your post for days now. Is it simply that you wanted better interpretations for your dreams? Did you want any interpretations to be more of a Jungian type or more in line with what you think it should mean? Did you think this forum was supposed to be your personal "Therapy"? (No sarcasm intended)

Even I knew with my first post that my dreams may or may not be responded to, or that I may not recieve 'dead on' interpretations to my dreams. That would just be unrealistic and placing too much dependency on something/someone other than myself to do my Soul work.

I also understand that at the time of that post, the planets were reeking havoc in most of our lives, causing us to consider and reconsider critically those situations and people that mean(t) the most to us or just generally around us. (Lots of heart to heart talks were the result, and I noticed that a lot of people were wondering why relationships weren't better than what they are expecting--self included.)

As you are a person with "good dream hygiene", I could easily understand why this forum is so important for you and why you felt the need to express your concers, but understand, some of that stuff is just "Your Issue", and you have to work that stuff out on your own. This forum seems to serve merely as a *__form of support__* toward analysis of the self.

While the feedback I have gotten has been simply great, better than most books I have on the subject (THANKS EVERYONE!!) and I am already hooked on this site, there were a few things that, since the interpreter didn't know about me, only I could accurately decipher, but I used even the wrong information to help me figure out what the right information should have been.

It seems critical also to realize that not everyone has your schedule. (I only seem to have time at work!! ) We all have our own issues/animus/egos, demons/shadows, and moments of "the happy self" when we simply don't have the time for anyone but ourselves, but that doesn't mean that we don't care about those who are closest to us (even in our Forum Family), and even when we don't respond, that doesn't mean that you aren't in our minds, and it definitly doesn't mean that we aren't thinking up interpretations of your dreams, even if they are never posted. Sometimes I just read posts and think back on my own dreams to see if some of the comments can help me or if any of the dreams that I may have had a while ago manifested in someone else's psyche. Sometimes I am just on the site re-reading my own dreams and their interpretations for further insight, but that doesn't mean that I am resisting your needs purposefully.

I hate it when a dream is nagging at me -- especially when it seems like a simple dream -- and I can't seem to get inner clarity on it, and no one around me can help.
(ie: what does it mean to dream of eating pineapple chunks from a styrophome (sp!) cup? Been waiting on that answer for about 10 years now.)

Also realize that while a lot of books and experts offer answers, when we discuss issues with people, we usually draw off our own experiences and our own inner gnosis. That is our way of relating and coming to understand universal situations (ie, who hasn't had "the chase" dream and understood it to mean "running from" a situation or "avoiding conflict" of some sort?) and sometimes when we try to explain dream symbols to others, we think back to our own "chase" dreams and what they symbolized for us. But if someone told me I was running from a spider due to a fear of spiders, I would have to meditate on what I am really afraid of, [fear* would be my key, and I would go on from there], because I am not afraid of spiders even in the least little bit, although most people are.

Lastly, feel free to interpret any of my dreams. I would be more than happy to give you feedback and let you know how much or little you helped me. And I have no problem with constructive criticism or corrections. (..."Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me"...) Or even a "Chick, you are just plain crazy!" response to any of my interpretations to yours.

Happy dreaming!!

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Re: Concerns/Feedback

Hi May,
It was nice to read your concerns, because I also kind of wonder how to address other people's symbols without messing them up. Two thoughts: first thought, we access this forum of our own free will, and hopefully realize that this is not professional therapy but some well-intentioned ideas. Its a good way to get some feedback and share ideas. Second thought, any interpretation can be of value, if not to the dreamer then maybe to someone else. It is kind of like reading tarot cards: there are many possible connections to make with any given card, so you sift through them until one rings a bell, speaks to you, connects, whatever. I think the same can be said of the thoughts shared on this forum. If the shoe fits, okay, and if it dont, maybe its a nice color anyway.
Thanks for being concientious, its a good point.

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