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laying in bed with my husband

I was laying in bed with my husband i was paralized and could not speak he was stabbing me while he cuddled me he would pinch me and hurt me very badely all i could do is cry quietly i couldnt move or speak he held me close as he torchered me smilling. his face only an inch from mine. it was so real i didnt know it was a dream I was still hurting when i woke up.

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Re: laying in bed with my husband

Hi Ellen

If things are this close to consciousness (that you are still sore when you wake up) then there are issues that you need to address - I guess you know that yet it is important to say.

The correct interpretation for your dream will require that you consider you inner and outer life - as the dream could be addressing issues in either or both areas,
By this I mean your relationship with your husband, if you are married.
If you are happy in your waking relationship, then the issues are more 'internal', psychological.
I would urge you to look at some of the info on this site to help you consider how all this fits together -

The dream is about power over (you), domination over (you) and suffering (yours) ,,, (the dream could have broader implications yet is prob best to start closer to home). A husband could be considered your other half ,,, that part of you that is not feminine.
Are you pushing yourself, driving yourself, striving ? and in doing so neglecting your feminine attributes ,,,,
Well to be blunt, according to the dream it is more thatn neglecting this feminine side of yourself ,,, you said it yourself - torturing.

What do you think? I would appreciate your feedback; if the interpretation is off track,,, then other meanings may arise. If it is on track, then it may be worth exploring further

all the best

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Re: laying in bed with my husband


I had this dream about a year ago at that time I was married but was over 1 year into the divorce process. My husband and I were still living together and sharring the same bed. I think that your interpretation is right on in both ways 1) my marriage was torturous. 2) I have been for many years feeling a bit like a man, Mother and father to my children, Man and Woman of the house, and even though I am, what alot of people say - attractive. I have felt like anything but. all i do is work and take care of my house and children. I never wanted to be in this position "single parent". But with the divorce final and my husband and I no longer living together I realize that I have pretty much been doing everything myself for years. Maybe now that I dont have to0 spend so much time and energy trying to please my husband I CAN spend some energy getting back in touch with Stephanie the woman.I have posted 2 dreams on this site and they have both been old dreams one 20 years old and one a year old. I have to admit that sharring these personal things about myself has been harder than I thought it would be but i think I should stretch myself and share with you a dream I had 2 nights ago. It started out like most of my dreams these days do I was lying in my bed these dreams are especially distressing to me because I cant tell that Im dreamming untill the whole t5hing gets so freaky (OR TERRIFING)that I wake up! It was Wed. nihgt. I had been laying in bed for atleast an hour. and I couldn't get to sleep. I prayed for sleep i knew I had to get up early and I didnt want to spend all the next day regreting my lack of rest I started feeling very restless like I had to get up and move so I stood up and tryed walking out of my bed room but the duble doors to my room kept falling on me when I would try to walk though them I finallyjust let them fall. I walked into the living room and tryed to turn on the light but it wouldnt turn on i went into the dinning room tryed to turn on the lights NO LIGHTS I went into the kitchen same thing NO LIGHTS I went into the restroom and agian no lights but as I turned and looked into the kitchen I saw the clocks on the microwave and stove blinking I knew it was not a power outage my refigirator had been pulled out away from the wall the doors were open and the light inside was on but my food containers were empty SOMEONE IS IN MY HOUSE. I ran back to my bed room to get my cell phone I thought my phone lines were prob. out so I should get the cell when i get in to my room I ralize that my youngest daughter was lying in my bed and there was a woman at least 6 foot tall and 300 lb. sitting next to here petting her hair as she slept I grabed my phone while the large lady laughed at me. all the buttons were gone she broke my phone. I told her to get out of my house and get away from my daughter but she started hurting her megan my daughter got up out of bed crying she started running around the house the woman was chasing her she finnally tackled Megan on the bed room floor I thought I should go get my sons baseball bat THEN I WOKE UP!

AFTER I woke up I went into the living room grabed a cig. and went out on the front porch a black cat walked up to me and insisted i bet it when ever i stopped petting it it would look up at me and i would feel very threatened i would start petting it agian just so that it wouldnt look at me. i finished my cig and told the cat good night and went into the house though the living room into the dinning room throgh the kitchen and into the bath room I checked each light as i passed from room to room they all worked I looked in my refridge. THere was a lot of food and it was still agianst the wall i went back to my bed room and there on the bed was my daughter that i had just seen in my dream i grabed my phone and called my x hus. who had just got off work. I was not trying to self full fill prophesy walking through my house turnning on lights like i tryed to do in my dream I just needed for some reason to prove that the lights worked and that I still had food and my phones work that was the concience me in my dream afraid that I wont be able to provide for myself and my family without my husband. I think the 6' tall 300 lb. woman was some part of me that abuses the little girl in me. I do wonder however why was i so compeled to call my x ? I know i am ok with out him infact i am better he was happy that i called and he wanted to come over but i8 said no why did i call him if i dont need him for financial reasons and i have already proven that he is of no use to me or my children emotionally or spiritually WHY? I am rambilling now i must go thank you for your reply Justin i have been checking every day for someone to have awnsered me aqbout that dream your thoughts were very helpful as were your thoughts on my 20 year old dream.


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Re: Re: laying in bed with my husband

Hi Stephanie

i am glad that the interpretations have been meaningful for you - that is what matters not interpretation as an intellectual exercise.

I wounder if you could re-post the dream in your reply (and maybe put it into paragraphs of related thought as this really makes it a lot easier to read for people wishing to interpret the dream for you. Posting it separately helps to see it on the site as a new dream too.

i know how hard it is to speak the things we think; even puting finger to keypad is a feat, and it takes great bravery to post 'publicly' ,,, I remember and I know - this process has really helped me and many others so we know.

I would encourage you to look at some of May's posts and the post recommending Robert Johnsons interview - the world is suffering greatly as a result of patriarchal influences - men suffer, women suffer, children suffer and the world we live in is suffering.

thanks you for feedback - this really helps to keep the process open and honest

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