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lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi there,

I would appreciate some help on this dream - especially the turning around as the path gets easier ,,, and the man hitting his head.

(This is from a few days ago - last nights dream follow seperately).

The dream starts with me in a shop in Byron Bay.

I am browsing, looking at things that have been made, pieces of art, things created by local folk. I am in the upstairs level; it is a gallery area. Now I remember choosing to go up the stairs to that level in order to have a look around. A woman comes up to me and asks me for some help/ advice - she thinks I am working there (I obviously fit in) - I am happy to answer her query. I give my thoughts, opinion. I can feel I am talking freely,,, giving my true opinion. I am surprised at how much I know about what she is asking. I look back and see her from behind walking away happily, carefree.

Someone comments on the book I am carrying around in my hand - inwardly I hope that others cannot recognise it; it is a psychology, self- help book. It is well worn and has extra leaves of my notes in it. Someone says it is a good book.

I am talking to the man who owns the shop.
I realise that there is nothing special about him - nor about the people who choose to live in this area.
So I realise there is nothing special about these people ie: they are just like me, and everybody else. However they are happy, they are living their own lives.,,, ( now i realise - "they have made their choice, and they have done it" ! - ah).

I go downstairs in the shop - most of what is on sale there is very average, no bargains, no discounts, actually the prices are bumped up (inflated) because it is a fashionable area and shopping there is something of a statement.
The owner has even put gardening gloves there for sale, thoughtfully draped over another item ,,, like if you buy that item you'll be needing the gloves and so there they are ,,, it is all there, at a price.

Outside I meet and start talking to a young woman - she is going inside to a yoga class. She asks me if I have done classes with ??? (like celebrity yoga teachers) No, thinking that I am experienced enough to practice alone. I can see she will enter the yoga room through two big old doors (like on a temple).

I am making way way out of a modern fashionable complex - beautifully and thoughtfully, artistically designed, attention to clear functionality.
Almost at the exit of the complex, I can see into an apartment - being where it is, it is in a publicly exposed and the window shutters have been left open it is possible to see inside. I know a man lives there, and it is possible to to see how he lives. I know he is a bachelor (like myself).
It is like seeing how the other half live. He must be wealthy, and does not work at a regular job. His wealth comes from other means. Even so, I can tell that he is attentive to his affairs, attentive to his business. So even though he may seem to be 'living the good life' he is always attentive to his affairs and tending them.

I get outside and it is raining. I am getting wet and seeking shelter. I am thinking, 'How can I become wealthy enough to live like this?' I look up at the rain coming off the awning above - I realise if I invent something very simple to collect the falling rain water ,,, I'll be rich. I then realise that in order to do this I must keep focused ,,, keep focused on inventing something to enhance the collection of rainwater.

Continuing, I look out to my left and see a chain of islands scattered out to sea. Ahead of me there is a 'scenic path' that goes up to a look-out. I have never taken this path, nor been to the lookout, which must have a spectacular view.
I set off - initially I am running ,,, running really well and smoothly -passing others and progressing fast. I think people must be looking at me and admiring how fast I am progressing up the path.
Soon I tire, the path gets very steep - very steep indeed. There are posts into the ground, to hold on to, so that we can pull ourselves up. It takes great effort, it is hard going indeed - I no longer feel so special, rather I admire the other trekkers, recognising their efforts.
As I climb I notice that while the front of my foot is giving me the lift, grounding through my heel (even though it is off the ground) really helps me.
Given how hard and steep the path is I am amazed at the number of people on the path - it is a well known path.
The path eases and begins to level; I can see the rest of the path is easy to the lookout.
I decide ( ? Why ?,,, when the goal is insight ?) to turn around and go back - I notice there is a small train that takes people back down. I know it is fast, and exhilarating - it is like a roller-coaster. I get on and am with a middle-aged Asian couple and another man. As the train gathers pace, the Asian man falls and hits his head - he is on the floor and I bend down to help him. Yes he is breathing, yes he is ok - I suggest he stay down. He lost his grip, and became unstable; it is safe provided you hold on tightly. I am a bit annoyed that I am tending to him and so missing out on some of the fun of the ride down. I was wanting to enjoy the thrill of the ride down. The ride gathers pace - it is just going of it's own accord.
I am talking to his wife - I notice she has an unrepaired cleft in her top jaw (in real life I do these surgeries in Asia, as charity work) - she is surprised that I notice, but to me it is obvious - she asks me how I know, and what more can be done ,,, I don't really answer her questions and remain evasive as I don't want to become involved.

many thanks

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Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Justin this dream made me think of something one of my grand mothers said to me when i was younger and complaining about something that i cant even remember now. " LIFE IS HARD AND WHEN WE REALIZE THAT IT GETS A LITTLE EASIER " maybe when you realized that the road "or path was hard to follow it just leveled out Knowing that you were not the only one traveling this path may have helped as well maybe seeing the injured man and deformed woman was just a reminder that everyone has problems and that life could be worse.I forget these simple things often and i am usually suprised by how helpfull these facts are when i recall them. Why are you so obsesed with material gain is this a man thing? I dont mean to be rude but your posted dreams seem to focus so much on $ and I think you are a doctor I am not sure. but dont you make good $? you travel and you have lots of time it SEEMS for your self being single and all why do I think you are so concerned with fortune? Please dont be mad at me these are just my initial thoughts after reading your last 2 dreams i am prob. way off base.


Re: Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi Ellen

thank you - mad ? no, I appreciate your honesty - thank you. Sometimes this stuff is so close we cannot see it - that is why the Forum is so useful ,,, impartial observers so to speak. Please do not hold back.

You are spot on - I am concerned about the $; and even if it is not the $ it seems like a matter of 'how can I survive?'.

Yes I am a doctor,,,, and for many years I worked so hard and so dedicatedly. Not for $, but for 'the love of it' ,,, now I am wondering if it was more ego driven. I have never made much money from doctoring. In the past years I have retreated more and more from medical practice ,,, mid-life; difficulty resolving true health care and the system; health issues.
Currently professionally, personally and financially I have been living on the edge - it seems this has been the necessary 'fall' to help me learn and understand many aspects of myself and the world we live in. I can see and feel how power systems (matriarchal and patriarchal) have played out in my life personally and professionally.

So my 'free time' has had a large cost to me; without which I would not 'know' what I now know ,,, even this has aspects of possession ,,,,
It seems that I am being called / challenged to 'give away' even more of what I trained for twenty years to do (and it is so seductive in so many ways) ,,, I am concerend / afraid how things will turn out if I really let go ,,, it feels like it is crazy ,,, certainly it already seems crazy to some who have been close to me.
It almost seems like an issue of survival - ? is this my ego ? reality ?
My professional world does not tolerate dissent ,,, (not surprisingly as it ia so power based).

I am uncertain of what is right for me - and know there may be some backlash from + to those close to me ,,, so I am looking for guidance - through dream especially, as I feel it is the soul speaking.

So your thoughts are appreciated, and any more welcomed
thank you

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Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi Justin,
The pull of friends, family, SOCIETY…it’s so hard to tune it out. Similar situation here although not nearly as involved professionally. Yes, closest friend thinks I’m crazy. She knows the inner me and although she questions, she knows I’m doing what I must. She remains one of few friendships.

For me a part really is about survival at some point. I made some difficult decisions in regards to friends, finances…and trust in the ‘universe’. Yes, ‘free time’ takes a toll. Left it all behind, nearly everything…bankruptcy & home is in foreclosure. I don’t attribute this to self work. A series of bad decisions in a relationship where I was the sole financial support from the beginning culminating in a business ‘we’ owned, to get him to actually contribute which he didn’t, and I held the debt. Kept trying to turn it around… couldn’t face not meeting my obligations. In steps I let go of it all...and a door opened. I KNEW this was IT although initially I STILL resisted. How was I going to survive on literally next to no money? How could I GIVE UP on trying to turn around the financials? Took the chance. This opened another door in less than a year. And allowed me to let go of the materialism, not just the debt. I truly enjoy the work and the upcoming stage will allow for Self work, Bliss and the just basics…shelter, water, food…and books. 

No sugar coating…some days are rough. But there’s always a rough day now and then. Leaving behind that life has brought chaos into my life. As from the prior posts from you, Steve & Gerard…everything is rearranging and I don’t yet see where it’s leading. So for now it’s an unwritten ending, the blank canvass.

The pull to do more is enormous, especially in non profit/charity. Really recognize all that you already give. There’s so much need, so much to do…it acts to obscure the contribution you make and leaves one to struggle with the ‘You’re being selfish’ external voices that want to draw one away from the dream. But in living the life you were meant to live you realize ways to serve. That light is already within you.

I attended a conference this past week. The final session involved a young man nearing the end of his work contract. He asked the group if anyone knew where (life and career) to go next? He was obviously tense and admittedly confused about what to do next. A few voiced similar concerns.

And Joseph Campbell came to mind…

When they stopped speaking, I turned to the young man and asked… ‘If you had no bills to pay, if you didn’t need money, what would you do? Really, if you could do anything, what would you do?’ I did not ask this question lightly as my current situation I ‘understand’ the depth of what it could entail. As a group we talked for over an hour about Campbell’s work and thoughts…living life from the inside, inner discovery, creative non linear thought and sight invoked by consciously choosing to do what they truly desire. How this changes our perception, to see doors we don’t know exist. And this leads to and opens more doors.

There are limitations but when the moment is right, you will know what to do. The moment leading to birth is fraught with struggle. You are not alone. Allow your Self the time YOU require. When you’re ready you will know what is right for YOU.

Kind regards,

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Re: Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi Kathy,

Thank you for these thoughts - yes it is so true; why sould the path be easy ,,,

I considered this dream again and can see a pattern ,,,, ugh oh ,,,
The difficult path mirrors my professional life and now things could potentially ease off for me if that was the path I chose.

in many aspects of my life I have battled and then when I can see the end, I back off, turn around ,,, and flee ?? this may be part of my shadow aspects as the people in the dream were Asian and I am Caucasian ,,,,

This links, most significanlty, with a dream that I was in a plane with another man (darker than me) and the plane was going to crash - i knwe it was going to crash and I was not anxious because I knew where the escape hatch was ,,,

I can see this pattern repeated in my relationships and other aspects of my life. The sabotage of my Shadow.

In light of this current dream and the dream about my candle burning my application paper ,,, I have to rethink ,,, am I sabotaging again ?


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Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi Justin,
Looked at your dream then to the thread of thoughts, yours and others. Some thoughts follow...you know the standard disclaimer...

Not fully committed (browsing). Higher creative Self, searching for that creative aspect. Feminine queries the masculine for discernment...get to the answers. What exactly is the creative expression of Self? Ego surprised at the level of inner Self knowledge...

Self knowledge and the ability to apply yet unrecognized by conscious. Confirmation of the dedication and in depth Self work leading to deeper knowledge of Self.

Ego plants the seed of self doubt, denigrating the authentic life, unconscious counters with the truth.

The social false life lived as the external. Ego warning to keep hands clean, but in doing so the unconscious counters with the price of returning to the social life is to ‘sell your soul’, sell your true Nature.

Is the instructor you desire to study under the correct teacher? Do you really require this specific teacher? Notice she enters through the ‘old’ temple doors for her instruction. The spiritual path leads to the immediate goal of instructor training?…Was there a deeply spiritual yoga teacher in your past that you could return to for instruction?

The whole of the inner Self in its current state. The apartment a psychological complex...the money issue...must be attended to before moving on (almost at the exit). Resolving the financials to remove your self from the edge, to better footing prior to pursing Yoga instructor training OR to resolve that inner complex/attitude regarding money?

Get to an outside perspective on this issue...step outside of the situation to examine…perhaps stop looking at the problem from within. Then it becomes simple...the answer may lie in this very paragraph...is it there?

(view = higher consciousness, islands = conscious, sea=unconscious)
Don’t feel alive without the constant challenge, perhaps a hidden causation of dissatisfaction, maybe self sabotage. I guess I see this more as the return from the journey to yoga instructor training. The ride as a quickening departure from your dream. Injured in the fall leads to rationalization directing a return to your profession. Avoiding examining the source of conflicting emotions, the damaged feminine, it is an involved ‘surgical’ process? Feeling pressured by colleagues, the organization, or the need of these patients, to contribute more?

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

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Re: Re: lifestyles, the path, roller-coaster

Hi Kathy

Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful post - it has sparked a lot of thought.
I thnk that it is one of those dreams that will be with me for some time.

The reference in the dream to being 'rich' is to spiritual wealth not material wealth ,,, as it is the rain (that falls from the heavens) ie: grace that I have to discover how to collect - the dream tells me what I must do - focus ,,,

the gardening gloves ( I have had gloves in another dream, cycling gloves) ,,, if I am going to buy into the material world I will'need these too' ,,, for protection.

For me the most important part of this dream is where the energy wants to go and what that means in my waking life ,,,, in the dream it is 'down hill all th way' ,,, with my shadow self (the Asian man hitting his head) being down / fallen. ,,,, more contemplation required

Many thanks

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