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Pyramid, Lake, what is this?


I was standing in a field of gently rolling grassy hills. The weather was cool and clear with a light breeze, yet there was no moon and no stars, which I remember being surprised at. Off in the distance was a lake so large that the other side could not be seen. It was close to dusk. Morning or nightfall, I couldn’t tell. Far off in the lake was a pyramid. Half way up, the pyramid had a single “step” that went all the way around it, then the pyramid continued up to its peak. (Like a large one had been chopped off and the top of a slightly smaller on sat on top of the larger base.) At each corner, on the “step” or shelf, stood a obelisk similar to the Washington monument, but instead of standing straight up, each was tilted slightly outward, and a flame burned atop of each as well. Each flame however was a different color. They were green, red, yellow and blue.

Next I noticed a group of men walking around talking to small groups of people who seemed to have materialized from nowhere. I wasn’t close enough to hear their conversation, but I was drawn toward them. Before I got close enough to be noticed, the man produced a gun and shot the three people. (I didn’t notice if they were male or female.) I was horrified, but instead to turning to run, I ran toward the gunman, and caught him by surprise. After a heavy fight, I over powered him and took his gun. Then I went in search of the others. I found two others and used the gun on them from a distance like a sniper, which I was again surprised at because I have never had any weapons training. Then I felt something cold at the back of my neck.

(I blank out)

In total darkness, I feel as though a train from all sides hit me simultaneously. Front, back, right side, left side, all at once. I am floating then I emerge from the water. The water from the same lake in the distance. I am now treading water close to the base of the pyramid. My vision is very blurry and I am afraid, despite the fact that I swim well. I attribute the blurry vision to the impact on the water, and assume that I must have been dropped from a great height. The water a warm and fairly calm, but my bad eyesight (which in real life is, and has always been perfect) is making me anxious, so I swim the short distance to the pyramid.

Even though it’s sides are perfectly smooth, I start to climb it with no problem. My hands and feet seem to “melt” an indentation into each place I put it, which then fill back in as I move upward. After some time I reach the step, or shelf. I look out and realize the pyramid is much larger than I had thought from the land. I also notice that my vision has improved as I have climbed. (I initially attributed this to the passage of time). I rest for a while and begin to look at the two obelisks at either end from me. From this side, I can’t tell what the color the flame is. It is blurry, and while it contains wisps of the four colors, both flames mostly appear white. I walk toward one of them and arrive at its base. I turn too look around the corner and see a figure far away at the base of the next obelisk turned away (standing in profile to me). I call but no answer. I run toward the figure but as soon as I move he disappears. I decide to “cut him off” by continuing my climb up the smaller top pyramid and slide down the other side. I start climbing quickly. I pay no attention to time or to look around me. As I reach the top, my vision clears and I come face to face to face to face, with myself. I instantaneously realize that the four impacts that I felt when I hit the water was because there were four of me, and that the reason that the four colored flames looked white was because I was seeing each of them simultaneously, that the figure that I was looking at from one obelisk was me standing at beside the next one (on each corner) and finally, that my vision was not clearing as a function of time but because I the four “me’s” were coming closer together. This thought terrified me so much that I woke up.

(With small variations here and there, I have been having this dream recurrently since I was a child.)

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Re: Pyramid, Lake, what is this?

HI Ben

i am not sure how familiar you are with dreams. The language used in dreams is symbols - the images have meaning; that can be both specifically for you and at the same time have meaning at a larger level. I am writing this without having read your post - mainly in response to just scanning the beginning, as I suspect this dream is very symbolic and descriptive.. here goes

The dream starts in a lovely setting - one that is perfect, idyllic.
Remember dream described the inner and outer world ,,, so I suspect this dream is describing the inner world ,,, likely not how it is, but how it IS.,,,

* 'Off in the distance' ,,, this is the way things could be ,,, in the future ? or you are some way from 'seeing', ie: understanding, this
* A lake - your unconscious,,, well really it is more than this - it prob represents the greater unconsciousness ,,, the "Sea of the Unconscious",,, so vast it's other side cannot be seen.
* Pyramid - weren't these structures of immortality, of Royalty ? ,,, so the dream is describing the immortal nature of things ,,, likely our immortal aspects ,,, yep it is pretty big stuff here Ben.
* pyramids are four sided - "four symbolises the infinite realm of the soul, where one is lifted into a vision of the limitless archetypal realm and wholeness of the cosmos"
* at each corner obelisk -? Masculine symbol ,,, penis ,,, creativity of the world ,,, a flame burning ,,, ? primary colours ? colours of the chakras ?

The struggle / shooting - issues around power, domination ? have you been the 'victim' of an oppressive upbringing ? or has you masculine side been 'shot down' ,,, do you sense a separation between your head and your heart - what you think you should do and what you want to do intuitively ? ,,,

Has this dream recurred recently ?
If so, has there been some crisis ? ,,, something that has totally knocked you over,,, or when this dream started was there some incident around that time ? Are there links or feelings similar between events then and now? Metaphorically you may have been dropped form a great height.
The blurry vision may refer to feeling unable to seel your way clearly through what is happening 'to you' in your waking life (cannot understand whatever happened/ or is happening). Or alternately, this can describe how we just 'cannot see' how our inner world functions.

I suspect that you are an innately spiritual person, who may have lost sight of this. Perhaps you have been trying to cut off this part of yourself,,, while at the same time attempting to control yourself.
Again the theme of four - Jung was big on this and one can see it repeating all through significant texts.
This part of the dream represents "Individuation" a process Jung described ,, suggest you look it up - some links on this site.

Dreams sometimes help us by 'telling us how it is' ,, like letting us know how the structure of something is, something that we may be struggling to understand, or through knowing may help us on our journey through life.

I hope this helps - your feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated as this helps to keep the process of interpretation on track.

All the best

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