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I had this dream last night...

I don’t remember exactly how it started off. I remember sitting on a floor and holding a peach that was orangey red colored in a bedroom from my grandmother’s old house. I wanted so badly to eat the peach, but I knew I had to save it for a photograph. My mother and step-father were getting my baby dressed. They were getting him dressed in an all orange outfit, and I was wearing an orange dress. We went to this place ( I don’t remember if we drove or if we just kind of came to be there, but it was a room that was a cave. It was almost like a cave, but one end of it for some reason made it look like a room. I didn’t see my baby anywhere and then I finally noticed that they had put him in a little manger like thing that was made out of a carved rock. The wanted to take his picture there and they wanted me to hurry up and hold him before he went to sleep, which he was just about doing. I crawled inside the cave and held him while he slept and held the peach too. Around us were three wolves, beautiful and calm unless you came in contact with them and then they were snarling and angry. There was one on my left, one on my right and one in front of my feet. I was trying to sit Indian style, but it was hard to that and hold the baby. I wanted to protect him, but wasn’t really afraid. The wolves were very close and asleep and I loved having them there, but if I touched them they came up snarling. Then all of a sudden it was all gone and I was on a couch and I couldn’t find my baby anywhere. Any dream interpreters out there? ( I don’t have a baby by the way, two children, but no baby)

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Re: I had this dream last night...


How many children did your mother have?


Re: I had this dream last night...

I was her only child.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 in Maine

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Re: I had this dream last night...

Hi Susie,

A helpful resource on the symbolism of the Wolf/Wolves in Women's Dreams is a book called Women who run with the wolves, authored by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, a Jungian analyst who has developed some of Jungs ideas several steps further in regards to women's development. I cannot quote too much at length here, but she gives an excellent discussion of the meaning of the Wolf as a symbol of a woman's instinctive nature. The wolves in your dream were beautiful and calm unless you came into contact with them, and then they were snarling and angry. They seem to have a dual nature, or they seem to change their nature under the circumstances......what happens if you reflect on the symbol of the wolves as part of your some inner instinctive forces or innate inner nature.....is there something that maybe snarls back at you angerly if you get too close to it?

The directions of left and right have particular meaning in Jungian analysis... Left is of the unconscious, the irrational, the instinctive...the feminine, right the rational, the masculine. But, left can also be left-brained rational, mathematical skills, right brained, language ability, communication, relational skills.....

Estes talks alot in her book about the symbology of feet, feet as feelers....ability to sense, to feel ...to know...

There is also spiritual significance to sitting Indian style....as you are probably familiar with Jung, the principle of the dream is that it has a higher spiritual function for you....probably you know some things about Native American culture...I do not know if this is culturally truthfull, but it is colloqually thought that Indian style has to do with Native Americans.....does this maybe speak to connections with Nature, with the Great Spirit....

In Jungian terms, a baby in a dream can mean a newly developing aspect of yourself but more than that it is or can be the developmental direction your psyche is currently in. Many things are happening in the dream surrounding your relationship to the baby and the outcome of the baby. In the beginning there is anticipation of saving a peach for a photograph (with the baby). In the position you were seated, Indian style, it was akward to sit Indian style and hold the baby. Why? In your dream it was not easy to do both. Can you reflect/share why? In real life, I think holding a baby and sitting Indian style, at least for me would be the easiest thing in the world...... for me, I could hold the baby with his/her head resting on my shoulder, I could cradle the baby in my arms, can think of a lot....so your dream is showing you something....the dream is saying your position is somehow difficult or incompatible with holding a baby... any positions/attitidues/views../spiritual ideas you are holding that make some growth awkward...this is only a guess.

The cave. Lots of Jungian symbolism about caves. Its considered in that view a symbol of entering the deep unconscious, the feminine, the psyche. It is round, sheltering, dark, similar to a womb... In side this cave you encounter the peach, the mother and step-father, the baby, the wolves, and the loss of the baby. Before that, you were in a different room or state of being, where there was a baby, a peach, the step father, mother, so on. A transition happened and at the end the baby was gone.

In Jungian analysis a mother has significant symbolic meaning, both universally and personally. In fact, all of these symbols have personal meanings for the dreamer as well. These are only ideas to get your juices flowing on reflecting what all this means to you. The mother can be the feminine, the soul, nurturing characteristics, particular internalized aspects of your own mother or of mothers in general...maybe nurturing , comforting, or they could be negative. The mother symbol in a dream could also be a representing a collection of emotions (called a complex in Jungian langage)which are impacting psychic growth or current life situations or both. Again, its entirely up to you if you connect with these meanings or not. An interpretion is worthless if it has no meaning for the dreamer. So I invite you to reflect on some of these ideas as only possibilities, not absolutes.

The initial location, your grandmother's old house, has connotations of age, of long ago, of depth and of the unconcsious as well. Again, these could have positive and negative images.

From what I understand, personal meanings included, the color orange/yellow has to do with healing and I actually read recently that different colors correspond to different parts of the body. I'm not sure as that was not a scholar study nor substantiated by any research citations, but there is also the chakra system of colors representing different energy flows existing in certain parts of the body....the orange red are the first two. Jung did take a lot from Eastern religions.....your associations with the colors are important.

The carved rock manger, for the baby, is a mirror of the larger cave..thats the image that came to my mind...a cave in a cave, almost like the little Russian dolls where you have one inside the other, opening to another, its like being in a womb, in a womb, the baby has been birthed and there is an opportunity for the baby to be 'born again'....

The step-father could be an animus figure. If so, there is much info on this site about that. He seems to be cooperating with the mother, they are a team and doing something together here. But, but you are not consulted, this is going on and you don't have a say. You want to eat the peach , but you have to save it, and in the end, there is no baby....to be...found...at least for now......

Photograph. Some cultures believe if they are photographed all or part of their soul is taken up in the photo....very scary...possible dangerous...could be soul theft. Some feel when they take a photo they are forever immortalizing someone or something... but it is only a momentary glimpse...fluid is reality...and more so a baby. A baby grows, won't be in that state forever...a photograph preserves a temporary state and makes it out to be permanent. A little deceptive, like an illusion, yet it comforts us so, like an illusion. That is how I would analyse a photo if it was my dream, or the intent to photograph....what is your take on that part?

In all three parts, first two sitting, last part lying on the couch, you are 'grounded'...stable...close to earth....not standing...maybe your current state in regards to.....something in your inner and outer life?

Lots of Orange, the baby's clothes, your dress, the peach....am curious about the color of the manager and the cave if there was anything like those details in your dream....a little like the sunlight, masculine energy..but the cave symbology is feminine...

How did you feel when you found yourself on the couch and you couldn't find your (dream) baby anywhere? Try to remember those emotions, your emotions on waking up....sometimes our unconscious makes images and we wake up, not knowing what the images mean exactly but knowing what we feel and what those feelings are about. ...

Bringing the feelings of the dream, with the images, with your associations, with some Jungian principles, with the meanings of the images, may shed some insight for you.

The bedroom. In standard dream dictionaries...which I don't recommend as can lead one astray ...the bedroom has to do with the realm of sexuality. I have my own idea as well. That for me a bedroom is also where most people keep their wardrobe and vanity table so persona is there as well. The peach is a fruit, in this light, so is a baby.....the beautiful results of creation...of uniting masculine and feminine in nature, and in sexuality...the dream starts out with these connotations, but very quickly changes...you 'know I have to save it for the photograph' now theres an addition of parent's and your baby... why the change/changes... what happened?

Any thoughts to your waking life?

I hope this helped Susie, this is in no way conclusive, I'm only exploring the symbols with you....see what you make of all this, I'd like your feedback too!


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Re: I had this dream last night...

Hi Susie

I see some other contributors have replied to your dream, that's great ,,,, I shall read their posts after I respond ,,, it is interesting to see different perspectives.

I think this dream speaks about your attitudes to femininity / sexuality / power and your instincts ,,, that's a lot.
I think the dream is showing an overview of how things are in your life regarding these things; where you 'have come from, and where you can go ,,,,
Are there changes afoot - are you sensing a new aspect of yourself ? and maybe not too sure about it ,,, what the responses will ensue?

I suspect that you have been 'saving yourself' for something ,,,, maybe you have been brought up to save yourself for someone, a man. Or have you been brought up as 'special' ?
However your experience of the masculine has been rather negative - this may have to do with your inner masculine aspects, that may have up until recently been under-developed, or more likely the exposure you have had to the masculine in the waking world has been negative / unsupporting / non-protecting. Maybe your exposure to the masculine has been more possessive than nurturing ,,, wanting you to be a certain way.

Things might be changing / have started to change - inside you welcome this change and would like to faster it. At present you may be managing to hold on to these two aspects - what is expected of you and the 'new you'.

"Let steeling dogs lie" ,,, but at what cost to you. These changes may have been happening quietly ,, however how long can this go on for ,,,, before there is some reaction - I suspect anger ,,, is this your own anger (??? does this fit your personality ,,, appearing to be docile, asleep yet if something 'touches you' your bite back ,,, or is it the response of those supposedly close to you ???

Whatever this new aspect of you is ,,, it seems that it may be easily lost ,,,, if you do nothing .....

This dream likely relates to your life at present, so you'll need to consider the responses in the light of your life - your thoughts?
take care

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