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A dream that is bugging me

I see my ex husband somewhere, I have no clue where and we start talking about our kids. We take off walking, so I can get back to working at a school event(I am in PTA). He starts holding my hand as we walk. He told me to find him when I was done to get money for child support. When I get back to the school event I texted my best friend about what happened. She texted me back saying "Your dream is coming true." So when I am done, I look all over for him and about an hour of looking for him I find him next door to where the school event was, he is talking with a guy. He introduces me to the guy who ends up being his uncle he hasn't seen since he was a child. He introduces me to him as his wife, and says if its not to late, I told him it will never be to late to get back together! Then gives me the money and we both walk off in different directions.

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Re: A dream that is bugging me

Hi Kelly

I think this dream is about how you feel about yourself ,,, inside - as it is now or how things can turn out ,,,,,, "it is never too late" ,,,, to start loving yourself - the whole of you.
I think that you may be close to your ex-; this is ok. The dream is likely speaking about your inner state, more than your waking life.

This dream is about your inner unity, wholeness, feeling of togetherness ,,, so you want that ?

There may also be happy changes coming for you in waking life also - that is the way it often goes - one part of us changes and so do others. The aspects of your lives mirror each other.

It is necessary for you to reflect on the meaning of the dream as it relates to your life ,,,,
What are your thoughts ? Does this fir with how you are feeling, what is happening in your life?

hope all is well

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