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I had this weird dream a couple nights ago. This is only a portion of it, but it's the only bit that I remember. I had a bed in the dream, but in this bed, under the sheet that covers the mattress, were millions of little light brown coloured bugs, kind of like fleas. You wouldn't know they were there unless you pulled back the sheet, but I knew they were there, and I was horrified by them. I was desperate and begging other people to get rid of them, but the best anyone could come up with was an analysis of what kind of bug they were (something about the bugs being attracted to the vanilla I used to wash my sheet, but I don't think that's the important part). Anyway, the part that stuck out most was that I was quite distressed that these bugs were there, and pretty grossed out obviously. Does anyone know what bedbugs would symbolize...especially if they were under the sheets? (invisible at the surface, but I definitely knew they were there)

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Re: Begbugs

Hi Lindsay,

Here are a couple of ideas about what your dream may mean but they are only general because it’s usually necessary to have a fair amount of background information about the dreamer if an accurate interpretation is to be attempted.

The image of the bed suggests sleep or unconsciousness. The sheet “covering” the bugs also contains the idea of something being largely unseen and “unconscious” in your everyday life.

The bugs may represent such feelings as irritation over some ongoing or one-time situation. There may also be a slight suggestion of the Princess and the Pea folk tale where the girl could feel a pea under a pile of mattresses. This may point instead to a certain over-sensitivity regarding something.

Try thinking back a day or two before the dream to see if anything along those lines tends to stand out.

The smallest details in dreams can be very important, so perhaps the vanilla with which the sheet was washed represents a sort of everyday pleasant tasting “flavor” or feeling tone that covers up to others what you’re really experiencing. This may indirectly cause the bugs to “multiply” and become so numerous because your true feelings tend to be kept under wraps too much.

You can also try to see what thoughts and memories spontaneously spring to mind about the bugs, the bed, the sheet etc. and this may provide some clues as to the personal meaning of your dream.

Re: Begbugs

Hi Lindsay

It would be nice to hear your thoughts on the reply to your dream post.
Here are a few more thoughts - I'd value your feedback

Your dream reminded me initially of the princess who couldnot sleep because there was a pea under her bed ,,, it was the way to tell the real princess.
However I feel this is off the mark

I think this dream may be reflecting how you feel about yourself - lots of things hidden that others can't see, or the best they can do is identify them ,,, are you waiting for someone else to sort out your issues for you ?
It seems these are things that are really getting to you ,,, they might seem small and insigificant to others however they are not small and insignificant to you ,,,, so what are you going to do about them ?????

any thoughts Lindsay?
i would appreciate your feedback
all the best

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Re: Re: Begbugs

Excellent observations, insight, and interpretation CBS. Your intuitive nature, I believe, quite properly addresses the symbols and their metaphors. Your reasoning and approach is right on. Hopefully Katchi will respond so we can not only better understand her dream, but also whether once again Jung's approach to dreams and the psyche are models for which we can best understand unconscious life.

As you wisely stated in your reply we can only guess when presented with so little info. Those of us who use the Forum to develope our skills can only venture an informed guess at best, but what we are informed by in our 'Jungian' education has great powers to understand, and most often it makes it less of a guess. You are developing a great skill of reading the dream, and not just interpreting it.

The intuitive {and feminine} aspect is most wise.

I believe Jung would have been impressed.


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Thanks Gerard

Thanks for the kind words Gerard. Intuition is as you guessed an important part of how I try to analyze a dream. As Marie Louise von Franz said:

“Interpreting a dream is not something one can do by rational effort alone…I always feel when I interpret dreams to people that, if the unconscious doesn’t give me the right hunch, I am lost. I can stammer forever, but the unconscious, thank God, is very interested in the understanding of dreams and generally helps one to hit the mark. But it is really an act of grace that falls from heaven”

She also wrote:

“[dreams] contain something essentially unknown which emerges creatively from the unconscious background and which must be examined anew, experimentally and objectively, in each individual case, as far as possible without preconceptions”.

That’s why it would be much better if those posting their dreams would provide more background information, but I know that this isn’t likely to happen.

Your site is a kind of lifeboat on the Net, one where a person is more likely to get a reasonable interpretation of a dream than anywhere else. The world needs the approach to dreams and the unconscious as developed by Jung, but sadly, it just hasn’t taken a hold as yet on a big enough scale among the general population to help change the tide of events.

Thanks for your efforts in keeping such a varied site up and running!

Re: Begbugs

Thank you very much CBS, Justin and Gerard on your feedback to my dream. I really appreciate it. Actually, I think it subconsciously triggered a few things that helped direct me to a few 'revelations' in recent days.
A few updates on memories from the dream: The vanilla used to wash the sheets wasn't vanilla scent, it was actual vanilla extract (that you use in baking) which crystallized and THAT was what attracted the bugs....I remember being really disgusted that I had those two nasty things under my bedsheets.
The other thing that hit me was that I kept asking other people how to get rid of them, but nobody knew. It seems fairly obvious now, but it didn't sink in until later that perhaps this meant that in real life as well, no one could tell me how to get rid of my problems except me.
So, I guess I could give some relevant background info now. The dream undoubtedly connects to how I have suffered from an addiction of sorts for about six years, which is now fading. And yet there are still things at the back of my mind which haven't quite been addressed yet, but I don't know what they are. I feel like something is missing.
Interestingly enough, I had a funny experience the other day where I realized that I had wiped out the memories of a good portion of my life from high school and before. I would remember them if somebody reminded me of them, but without stimulation there is no way I would have accessed those memories. It was triggered by listening to an old favourite CD from my junior/high school days.
The only way I can describe it is that it was as if I had erased my history...as if it never were. REALLY strange sensation let me tell you. But as soon as I remembered that I had forgotten those things, something LITERALLY connected in my brain. I could feel it.
Anyway, that fits in nicely with the whole Princess in the Pea theory, doesn't it?

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Re: Begbugs

It’s great that we’ve been able to stimulate your mind to bring up additional personal things for you to think about and hopefully this will lead to “what’s missing”. Generally, if you turn toward your unconscious mind through looking at dreams or doing some writing/painting etc., it’s very eager to help you and will reward your interest with even more interesting dreams or creative ideas.

It’s still a little difficult to pin down what the crystallized vanilla extract may represent but it may be related in some way to an attempt to “blend in” with everybody else and not be too “flavorful” or self-promoting. This could result in nagging doubts and feelings (the bugs) because certain aspects of yourself are being denied development too much.

A similar idea might be related to the bugs and the fact that in reality you had suppressed all sorts of memories about your life so far, not allowing them into consciousness. This again could result in irritating emotions and thoughts etc., but hopefully your listening to the CD has opened up the channels once more to this “you” inside and there’s a chance to build up the Princess.

You may like the book “Addiction to Perfection” by Marion Woodman. It covers why girls and women often tend to end up feeling too alienated in an overly “masculine” world, and this may have contributed to your addiction. Congratulations on having tamed it!

Re: Begbugs

Thanks CBS,

Funny you should mention that book, but I've already read Marion Woodman's "Addiction to Perfection. Actually, I found her "The Pregnant Virgin" to be more helpful. I think it delved a little more deeply than Perfection did. It resonated more.
Good one to recommend!


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Re: Begbugs

You’re right, “The Pregnant Virgin” is the more substantial book. A few years after it was published, I was chatting with Marion Woodman at a local Jung Foundation get-together. I said how much I admired her books and how I believed that “The Pregnant Virgin” was a minor classic. Exactly why I said “minor”, I don’t know, but probably because that’s how I had evaluated it at the time and didn’t have the sense to be a little more polite.

She didn’t seem irritated at the comment, but continued to show a similar attitude that apparently Carl and Emma Jung often displayed, namely, the complete acceptance of a person along with a certain “disinterest”. I believe that the underlying idea is to avoid any attempt at power or domination over another person.

Anyway, maybe it’s time for me to reread “The Pregnant Virgin”!

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