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End of the world

Lastnight, I dreamt that the world was ending, the moon was going to crash into the earth. It was going to crash exactly where my house was, which was nestled in these beautiful green hills and forest. My family went about business as usual, which was strange to me, I thought we should evacuate. David Suzuki and a team came out and showed me exactly how it would happen, they showed me the trees on fire and the whole area destroyed. I fell "in love" with the guy heading the team. I slept at their house, which was near to mine, that night. I slept on a step with this man I liked. I was very aware of him, we kept moving around/shifting positions. I think his sweater was on me as a blanket, it got stuck and I couldn't move, then this guy who I liked in grade seven took it off for me.
I felt kind of trapped in this house, like I couldn't leave. I had fallen really hard for this man. I remember playing with a cat while feeling really isolated as I met all of his friends. I was making food, using water when I realised there had been a warning not to use the water because it was all contaminated--I had already eaten something though. meanwhile, the moon was about two hours away. I told the man I had to go home, and that it would take me about two hours to get there. He told me I should hurry as the moon was about two hours away.

Some things that stick out to me: I've recently moved back home and feel kind of trapped here in Toronto. I've been feeling really distant from my self since coming "home".
Any insights would be greatly appreciated, I felt really sad when I woke from this dream.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 20 Toronto, Canada

Re: End of the world

Hi Katharine,

You’ve given some background details and these are always important when looking at a dream. Also important in helping to provide an accurate personal interpretation would be the thoughts and memories that come to mind about each image and situation in the dream. Since these are mostly lacking here, only a few broad ideas about your dream are possible and these will be relying on the usual but not fixed meaning of some general motifs that often appear in dreams.

“The heavens are out of joint” as Shakespeare might say. Keeping in mind the idea of heavenly bodies personifying various psychological realities, the moon appears to be angry enough to target your house specifically. Such an “end of the world” event might mean some kind of “shattering” of a person’s normal conscious outlook (the house) because some part of their psyche has been left out of the picture too much and could seek a sort of revenge as a result. The ending of the dream depicts the idea that it’s now up to the ego to take some actions that will prevent this from happening.

The house being nestled in a forest might suggest that you’re a little too unconscious of what has been developing regarding the “moon”. Your indifferent family might represent a sort of habitual way of approaching things that isn’t up to dealing with the danger being depicted.

The moon is an age-old symbol of the feminine. The cat too is very often symbolic of feminine attributes including such things as being affectionate but independent. Perhaps the deepest parts of your feminine self are in danger of being left too far behind.

If you’re not familiar with the idea, David Suzuki and his team likely represent what is termed the “animus” in Jungian theory. Generally speaking, the animus represents the woman’s mostly unconscious “masculine” aspects. You’d have to try to sort out how you orientate yourself when dealing with things. If it happens to be mostly through your emotions and values, then “thinking” about things would be less developed and not likely to be used when making important decisions.

In this example, Mr. Suzuki and friends would therefore tend to represent “thinking”. General thoughts and opinions would be the order of the day rather than conclusions based on actual personal facts. Anyway, you might like a book that I recently recommended to another person on this site, “Personality Types: Jung’s Model of Typology” by Daryl Sharp. It’s short and very interesting to read and would be a good place to start in exploring what type you are.

The team’s impassive “scientific” approach to the impending disaster also supports the idea that they represent thoughts, opinions and ideas that are general, tending to be “disconnected” from the real you. However, we fall in love with the worst part of ourselves, so that would help to explain your feelings for one member of the team. This might be depicting how strongly “attached” you are to this general non-fact-based way of thinking about things.

His sweater “confines” or “smothers” you, perhaps symbolizing a sort of outer thinking mask that you put on sometimes that doesn’t represent the real you. Try thinking back to the guy you liked in grade seven to decide what traits of his “worked” and that you’d like to share.

The animus isn’t all bad. Just as the outer Dr Suzuki has done a lot to help save “mother earth”, that is, the feminine, through environmental awareness, the inner Dr Suzuki has probably helped you get by as well in various pursuits. But in this case, the inner Dr Suzuki and his team can’t really pull it off when it counts.

This idea is perhaps also suggested by the idea of the contaminated water. This “poison” that’s been ingested has perhaps affected your judgment, since originally, you were going to evacuate your house. But this has changed and they actually encourage your getting back there “on time” for the crash, a very self-destructive move.

Overall, the dream therefore might be suggesting that some general collective opinion about what you should do with your life is in serious danger of leading you away from an intrinsic individual path. This might be the reason why you felt so sad upon waking.

Another book that I also recently recommended, “Inner Work” by Robert Johnson might be very useful if you want to continue looking at your dreams. It also describes the method of having dialogues with inner figures. Using these methods could help keep you closer to the real you.

As analyst James Hollis writes “The more one can align the world of conscious choice with the indications of the unconscious, the more one will feel a sense of personal harmony, whether or not one’s choices are supported by the collective environment”.

Re: Re: End of the world

Hi Katharine

As I started to read your post the words from a song popped into my head, "It's the end of the world as we know it (repeats) ,,, and I feel fine"

I am not saying to feel fine; just that the words were tthere as I read your post.

all the best

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Re: End of the world

Thank you for the words Justin and the interpretation CBS,

A lot of what you had written makes a lot of sense. Being back home after a year of living across the country has left me feeling pretty confused and disconnected from my emotions. So, the idea of the moon being an angry feminine part of me that has been forgotten really fits.

the house being in these hills and forest feels sacred to me, so I'm not sure how that fits in.

Lately I've been acting in this very much "comedian" role. Especially with my best friend, and I can't seem to break out of it, even though I feel like I have a lot to unload.

It's interesting because I suspect that I'm very much pleasing my animus right now, wheras in other dreams he's been very depressed. It's really hard to reach a balance. Usually I sort things out by feeling my way through it, but actually I think I have a fairly good balance between thinking things through and feeling things through. But then I also make a lot of decisions based on my feelings. Which is what led me to move home.

I think the guy in grade seven held a lot of appeal because he didn't take "shit" from anyone, he was completely unbridled.

I guess I've been re-evaluating my decisions.. I have no set path right now, I know I want more education but I don't know where or what or any of that. But it is definately in danger of being persuaded by outside parties.
I look forward to checking out your reccommended books!
Thank you!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 20, Toronto, Canada

Re: End of the world

Hi Katherine

Thanks for the reply and feedback
In light of what you have said, and re-reading your dream - there is a re-balancing going on.
There are a lot of feminine symbols (the cat, the moon); balancing this you have 'really fallen hard' for this guy ,,, animus yes ,,, however be careful.
Do not forget the great benefits the feminine side of you.
You feel trapped in his house ,, the house of the masculine ? ,,, too much ?
The dream seems to suggest this too - you want to get back to see the moon.

There are also other references - the rational : David Suzuki ,,, and his team - maybe representing the analytical - which has its uses ,,,
The burning tree ,, the tree of life ignited by the moon, the feminine ,,,

All the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Brisbane Australia 47

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