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recurring nightmares

I have had dreams of being chased by a threatening entity (the details change) for as long as I remember. However, lately they have happened more often, and last night I had another. I was in a hospital (I work in a hospital in real life) and a patient came in through the ER, and needed an x-ray. He got on a conveyor belt and lay down, in a line of others going to x-ray. As he came out the other end, he began taking hostages, and was killing them with a knife. I felt terrified, and was able to stay just ahead of him, and out of sight. I think he was searching the building for me. Finally, he and a group of us were on the roof of the hospital, and we could see rescuers down on the lawn. One of our group jumped off the roof, and was all right. I discovered that the bricks were laid in a manner that we could all just walk down them as if they were stairs. We all got down safely, then, I was back in the hospital corridor with the man, and he was baring his chest, for me to stab him with some scissors. I could only bring myself to barely stab him, about 3 times, then some man came, and took the scissors from me, and stabbed him several times, and killed him. I was trying to wake up at that point, and in fact thought I was awake, but I could hear a womans voice very distinctly saying that he wasn't really dead, that if we waited just a minute we'd see that he would come back to life in just a second. Then I woke up, and still felt very disoriented, and frightened for a few minutes. Very, very upsetting. Any help will be appreciated!

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Re: recurring nightmares

Hi Twitty,
You appear to be experiencing some conflict. On a personal waking level do you experience conflicting emotions about:
1. the business aspect of medicine (conveyor belt) as the impersonal ‘machine’, the factory aspect?
2. of a medical ‘system’ that treats symptoms rather than causes?
3. the chaotic roller coaster often found in ER’s along with the associated victims, and perpetrators, of violence encountered there?

On a deeper level, again conflict is apparent however you mention having this dream for as long as you can remember. Can you identify an approximate age when this type of dream started? Is there something from early life, some traumatic event, that you repressed or possibly thought you dealt with however, unconsciously, is the source of these dreams?

With your thoughts and answers we may get the meaning.

Many thanks,

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Re: recurring nightmares

Hi Txtwitty

Welcome - in addition to Kathys comments I offer the following that occured to me as i read your dream

In your dreams like this, are all the people pursuing you men / male ?
The hospital is a place of healing, albeit that you work there ,,,, healing.

If I had to guess then I would guess that you are in some way repressed in life, maybe outwardly, but more likely inwardly.
Is there some deep inner conflict within you ?
Have you been stabbed in the heart ?

Whatever is going on for you, it seems as though you are ready to address it - indeed you are needing to address it as the dreams are recurring more frequently ,,,,

good luck

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