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Stage full of Water

I dreamed that I was in a performance with a female friend of mine. There pools of water everywhere--backstage, on the side of the stage, and the stage was even water. We, with other girls were dressed in lavish princess dresses and diving in and out of the pools. It was a warm, comfortable environment.

I asked my friend if she was going to audition for the next production, but she said she couldn't because she was pregnant.

She isn't pregnant in real life, and I have a feeling this means more than what meets the eye.

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Re: Stage full of Water

Hi Billy,

Here are a couple of ideas regarding your dream, but usually it’s not likely that an interpretation will be too accurate without knowing some background about the dreamer and what thoughts and memories come to mind about the images in the dream. For example, I don’t know if your e-mail address indicates that you’re a professional actress or involved in acting in some other way. It can make a big difference to know if the stage is your normal hangout, or whether it’s more of an unusual location for you. Anyway, let’s see if any of the following thoughts hit the mark at all.

Apparently except for the pools on stage, the water is generally where it shouldn’t be. It’s “leaking” or has found it’s way to inappropriate areas. This may represent the fact that, in contrast to outer appearances (the princess dresses), there may be some tendency for you to feel down or listless on occasion. Water in this instance would tend to represent where your psychic energy or interest is flowing or indeed whether it is sometimes “stagnant” and “out of place”.

This idea of a “problem” may also be seen in the idea of the princess dresses that would apparently become soaked by diving in the pools on stage and not of much use upon leaving the water. Perhaps this means that a certain habitual show of feeling (performance, dresses) is now tending to be “all wet” and over the hill.

An old way of acting may have become quite comfortable (warm water), but isn’t filling the bill as much anymore (water backstage etc. where it can “do damage”).

Your friend in the dream may symbolize an aspect of yourself that you share with your outer friend and that has generally played a supporting role in your way of addressing the world at large.

This partnership is threatened because she is pregnant. It’s as if an old comfy stage act, albeit with different scenarios, is perhaps being broken up by some growing awareness of inner stirrings that want something more out of life (the baby).

As mentioned, these are just some general ideas. You could try looking back to what happened a day or two before the dream to see if anything clicks about the image of water in your dream. Letting spontaneous thoughts and memories emerge, no matter how seemingly unimportant, about the other images in the dream may provide you with more clues about the personal meaning of your dream.

Hopefully some of these ideas will prove of some use in coming to an understanding of your dream.

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