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Snake again but turns into a dino

I was sitting in a resturant waiting for my food when out the window I see my exboyfriend walking with a little boy on his shoulders as he got closer I seen a snake wrapped around the little boy he didn't seem comfortable but he was ok with it. The snake was a cery dark green almost black slimmy color. My ex came over and sat by the window and thats when the snake turned into a dinosaur same color. Thats all I remeber.

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Re: Snake again but turns into a dino

Your dream may be addressing old emotions associated with your ex-boyfriend. Perhaps you felt that he at times was not holding up his end of the relationship. Did you feel that he was immature? Sex may have had something to do with these past feelings.

As for your previous post, Dream of Snakes, do you ever feel that there is self sabatoge in your relationships. Do you feel some of your actions cause problems with relationships. Are there some sexual hangups that may affect your relationships? You may feel men are after one thing,


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