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i have an uncle that is currently out of the hostpital he has problems breathing so he has a ventilator to help him breath i've been healping him out for a while but last night i got scared cuz i dream that he had died he was on a coffin while my aunt and his two daughters and me were crying what can this mean??

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Re: death

First, don't take the coffin literally. Dreams don't usually predict, they compensate what you already know. You know your uncle has health problems, your dream is probably reflecting the fears and stress associated with that. Among other things.

Being around someone close who is having serious health problems will sometimes produce a dream that is based on these 'inner' fears, even though they may or may not be apparent outwardly {consciously}.

You said that you have helped care for your uncle when he got out of the hospital. The stressful situation is probably affecting many different emotions, especially if this is the first time with this type of experience. At 18 there may be many 'first' experiences to do with your uncle's situation. A coffin could symbolize feelings of being boxed into a situation that you do not wish to have. Or you may merely wish your uncle would get better and the whole situation would improve {coffin would symbolize the end of something in your life, not a real death of a person}.

No one wants to have a close relative become ill. The sometimes somber situation changes the mood, things are not normal. The stress, possibly as much unconscious than conscious, will be reflected in your dreams, in a symbolic language of metaphor which defines what aspects/emotions of your psyche/personality are currently controlling your life. If you compare the dream to your actual waking life, determine what the metaphors are in the symbols {use the dream dictionaries}, you will see your emotional self, the true conditions that make you who you are.

Your aunt and his two daughters may be a reference to those actual persons. They too are under stress. But thye also probably refect some apsect of your own psyche, which may or may not be all that important.
Crying is a release. When stressful situations appear, you need a release. You are working through these stressful situations while you sleep, in your dreams. Dreams can be very therapudic.

Remember, the dream is about you, your emotions, the different aspects that make up who you are, the total psyche. The dream refects the relationship with your uncle, but it is not about your uncle. It is about you. The coffin is your coffin, symbolic of something else, some aspect of who you are. Look at dreams as informing you of your true emotions, the true conditions of your life. You will learn to better understand yourself, and be better able to handle those things that you may not be able to control.


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