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two suns

Was out side with my older sister and two suns appeared in the sky. Got scared (bad omen, end of the world). We ran into the house and sister started to tell everyone else what we saw and they thought we were joking, until she told them to come and see for themselves. So, we ran back outside. For one moment, I hoped we were wrong, but we weren't. There were still two only they seemed to bemoving to opposite ends of the sky. We stayed out and watched as the suns started to set, one in the west, the other in the east. Funny, but I wasn't scared anymore, and as I looked up into the darkening sky, I started to see things and the darker it got the clearer they became. It was the planets! I could see the whole solar system! I could make out each individual planet: Neptune's greenish glow, tilted on it's side, Saturn's rings, the red storm on Jupiter, I even saw the Earth all blue and green swirling in space. I felt awestruck! I remember saying "Oh my God!" and everyone around me looked at me and said, "what? what?" And they all squinted up at the darkness trying to see what I saw, but they couldn't. And,I just kept looking and the longer I looked, the clearer they got. I pointed up and said, "Can't you see them? They're right there! Can't you see? they said no, they could see and I kept saying, "Keep looking, they're right there!" And I remember thinking to myself, they're so close, I feel like if I reached up I could touch them. And, one by one, everyone started to see, and I remember a smile appearing on my face and feeling of peace growing inside me.

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Re: two suns

Hi Tammy,
Are you on a spiritual journey, consciously exploring different religions? Of course, this could be wrong but I get a sense of West & East religions in the dream…the two suns…Jesus & the Buddha or ? Possibly an initial attitude of two religions as opposing in theology, then knowledge some of each ring true but not wholly one or the other. (the suns grow father apart, darkness) Yet from this you can’t see is born a new attitude, a new vision, of possibly the universal truths, one and the same, or perhaps a Nature religion like Wicca?

Just some thoughts…probably way off. Please respond with your thoughts and we can take another look.

Kind regards,

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Re: two suns


when something appears doubled, like here the "sun", this can indicate that such a content crossses the threshold to consciousness. Before this, while being in the unconscious, things are normally appearing as one, but when they come to consciousness they become differented into two, two aspects of things.

It would seem that the "sun" as a content, perhaps a symbol of the Self, is reaching your consciousness, which at first seems to scare you. However, when you get used to the sight, you can accept a state where the Self is more consciousness.

That you see the different planets in their details could mean that you become aware of different archetypal factors around you and can differentiate them. Others may not recognize them, but you can "see" them where for others there is only "darkness", the unconscious.

Does this make sense?

Good luck

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Re: two suns

Hi Hermes,

As I was reading your reply to Tammy I thought of several of my dreams where I had the doubling of different symbols. Your comments are very interesting and I will go back to those dreams and try to apply these ideas about doubling that you mention to my dream. Thanks for posting a very helpful insight.

p.s. I don't know about others, but for me it does make sense. I also had a dream recently where I saw two eclipses...one of the moon, one of the sun, next to each other...double. So for me this idea makes sense. Also because I figure in my dreams if something is doubling, my unconscious is really making an effort for me to notice it, and I did...so it did become more conscious. Thanks!

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