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Reunited...Is that Jack Osbourne?

This moring I was having this long sequence of dreams that seemed to be just one long one. I am at home, but instead of it being my brother's house (like it is in real life) it's my aunt's house and all of these children (various ages) are running around the house playing and just generally having good times. I am laying on the couch with a blanket when someone knocks on the door. It's my brother (a brother I haven't seen since I was three) and he is tall and handsome and dressed in many layers (shirt, jacket, coat, boots, doubled up jeans, etc) as if it's cold outside, but I was sweating, burning up. I ignored the fact that I was hot and jumped up to hug my long lost brother and quickly catch up on each other's lives. He made his leave to go and went out to get into his car to drive off. I looked out of the window to watch him leave. He had a little hatchback that seemed too small for him. Our house was situated on a hilltop (not a big lonely hill, just a regular hilly street with many houses and cars), and I watched as he backed down the driveway into the street. Just then I remembered that I didn't get his phone number to keep up with him and rushed to put on some clothes (I was in nothing but my underwear). I looked out to see if I should yell for him, or to see if I still had time to put on clothes and catch him and I saw him backing out of the driveway as a smaller car was driving up the driveway, up and around 'our' car already in the driveway. This new car (still never figured out who it was) slid up past the driver's side door, around the front and down pass the passenger side door (slow motion grifting), and slid right on pass the cars, across the street, into the neighbor's driveway where it hit their car. I put on my shoes knowing now that he would be held up by the accident and rushed to find my cell phone. My aunt asked lazily if mine was a phone "metallic with a blue circle on it" as she tossed it to me and I ran out the door to meet my brother. Outside I found that the ground was covered in about 4 inches of snow. Puzzled -I remembered how hot I was- I made my way down the hill of our front yard towards my brother's car which was parked at our next door neighor's drive. As I came close to the car, a guy came around the corner and began to walk towards my house. I realized it was Jack, Ozzie's son. He had little baby twists (locks) in his hair. He looked great, and I told him so as I passed him. I turned back to ask him about his hair and I realized it was now extremely straight (like the Chinese) and burgundy colored. I blinked in disbelief and rushed on to my brother's car and got his phone number and woke up.

What startled me so much about this dream is that I really do have a long lost brother that I haven't seen since I was three and he was one. Our mothers didn't get along, so I don't know where he is other than he is in California somewhere (I think up north) while I am here in Georgia. While I was thinking of him, I have no idea what he looks like or anything about him. Could this simply be my soul longing for my sibling? Meanwhile, what did all the other stuff mean?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 and loving it, in ATL

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Re: Reunited...Is that Jack Osbourne?

Here are a few ideas about your dream, but please remember that without knowing a lot about the dreamer and the thoughts and memories connected with each image in the dream, an interpretation in these circumstances is not much more than a rough guess.

It’s likely that the first few images are setting up the basic problem that the dream wants to discuss. You’re not in your “own” house which might be pointing to the idea that psychologically, you haven’t yet developed your own unique self enough. The children probably could also be interpreted as these undeveloped potentials in yourself. Your attitude to this overall situation might be pictured by your lying “passively” perhaps under a “security blanket” and not really wanting to look into what should be done to develop all parts of yourself as equally as possible.

Probably this idea of a “long lost potential” in yourself appears at the door in the form of your brother. He has been “left out in the cold” too long. Perhaps you’re a “hot chick” who hasn’t bothered to develop certain opposite parts of yourself enough. These could be anything but might include the need to be assertive and stand up for your own needs, to be reflective about where your life is going, to think about things as well as react to them emotionally.

These other parts of yourself are valuable (“tall and handsome”) and may need more energy devoted to them instead of just “hatchback” amounts. New vistas (hilly street) might open up if you devoted more attention to these inner potentials. Perhaps something happened a day or two before the dream to stir up these ideas. Try thinking back and see what spontaneously springs to mind that might fit the idea of something new in yourself that appeared. It seems that you likely won’t want to lose “contact” with these emerging aspects of yourself once you understand what they are (making sure to get his phone number).

It’s possible that lacking these aspects of yourself too much could be detrimental in your interaction with the outer world in some way (only in underwear).

The other car may be some amount of energy and interest that tends to “get out of control” and causes “damage”. You could try seeing what spontaneously comes to mind about this car in order to get a clue about what specific type of energy use in yourself it might represent.

Something may have happened recently regarding all this that has encouraged you to be more “grounded” (putting on your shoes).

The phone with the blue circle may symbolize the importance for your overall self development of keeping in touch with and working at some of these more “masculine” parts of yourself (“blue circle”, since blue is often linked with the masculine, the sky, thought, reflection, and a circle over the ages has been linked with the totality of the mind and body of individuals).

The dream may be emphasizing again how far apart these opposites are right now, the ego and these inner “masculine” aspects, by picturing snow and having you remember how hot you are.

Unfortunately, although you like Jack in the dream, it’s likely that he’s been chosen as an image to show how much development of “him” is still required because Ozzie and family aren’t known for overall stability.

Since you obtained your brother’s phone number, this is a positive sign that you can potentially be serious in working toward developing your unique individuality.

To get some clues about a more personal meaning for your dream, you could try seeing what thoughts and memories come to mind about every image and event in the dream.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you in understanding your dream.

Re: Reunited...Is that Jack Osbourne?

That was really insightful. You didn't seem to need to know that much about me and interpreted the dream head on. Soon as I began reading I got the perverbial mental "click".

I have been undergoing turmoil recently. I live with my brother and things have been kind of tense lately. I have been searching for a permanent full time job now for a year and have had to settle for part-time temp job...etc.

I guess what sparked my dream about my long lost brother was the fact that me and my long lost father are kinda searching for him. (He hasn't seen him in 6 years, I haven't seen him in 30) Last we heard he was doing good for himself, so I guess that is why I pictured him in the most positive light I could imagine.

But the underlying themes of the dream, about me not being more in touch with my masculine side, has come up before in my other areas of study. I don't quite know what this means or how I should go about developing it. (I am not a prissy girl, by any means, but I am definitely a lady by most means --I still spit and swear, but I cross my ankles when I sit .) How could I explore my "more masculine side" in order to know what needs to be transformed, awakened?

And regarding the car. I have no idea where that came from or what it could mean. While I am usually pretty good at deciphering my own dreams, it seems that this was the main element that had me stumped.

It was a little dirty-yellow convertable bug with a black top (70's style). It was actually going slightly sideways
(like: grifter
grifter[parked car 1]grifter
[parked car 2]
[brother's car])
the whole time, I could always see the passenger side door. At one point it seemed as if I were close enough to get hit by it as it passed the front bumper of the car, but by the time it made it around to the passenger side, it was as if I was in the house again, looking out of the window, watching the whole thing. And I can't remember if there was anyone even driving the freaky car (yes, it gave me an eerie feeling).

And the only reason why I can imagine it slid all the way across the street: I remembered thinking during the dream, "is it going to slide all the way across the street and hit the cars over there?", and just like that, it did. --It felt as if I were directing the car to have an accident, an accident as a diversion to my brother's leaving. It was as if I gave myself more time.

While I understand that in life, things don't just happen to us, we also happen to things, I have been wondering if I have been trying to set up a diversion all this time to achieve my end...and is the diversion I am setting up in my mind just as devastating as a car crash? (Totally retorical)

And Jack, well, he transformed right in front of my eyes. (At least his hair did) He went from hype, hip-hop gangsta cool to laid back asian mafia cool. (from short, black and red, shiny dred-locks to long, light as a feather shoulder-length burgundy highlighted hair.)

He didn't know me. I just recognized him, and he seemed a little curious in my interest in him. (You can tell when a celebrity thinks you are making a fool of yourself and gushing all over yourself - that was the case, only I was gushing over how "hood" he looked until he changed, then I was confused, startled, and felt that he must really wanted to be left to his travels.) Still, I could tell he wasn't really bothered by me as he moved on, he just didn't want to be detained. (He also gave me an eerie feeling)

Alas, even with your brilliant observation of my dream, I am still baffled. I hope you can clarify these other matters.

95% of my friend/associates/family are and have always been men...shouldn't some of that masculinity have rubbed off by now?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33``ATL

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Re: Reunited...Is that Jack Osbourne?

I’m glad that I was able to help you in deciphering your dream. Since a dream’s language is based on analogy, it likely picked up on the idea that you and your dad were seeking your outer brother and therefore used this as a metaphor for finding part of your inner self.

It’s not impossible that there may also be a hint of what Carl Jung called a meaningful coincidence or “synchronistic event” related to this search for your outer brother and “by chance” you might link up with him in an unexpected way. A meaningful coincidence occurs when a couple of unrelated events come together with a sense of meaning attached to them (like your other dream about the sea grapes and then finding out your mother had been reading a book where they were mentioned). Your thinking about him and the dream may be followed by some “out-of-the-blue” contact with him. However, this is a very long shot so don’t sit by the door waiting.

Just in case you do have additional meaningful coincidences, Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen advises associating with them just like with a dream, that is, try to let in all the spontaneous thoughts, memories and feelings that appear about the event.

Don’t be put off by the title, but you might like the book “Animus Aeturnus, Exploring the Inner Masculine” by Deldon Anne McNeely. It should help to clarify how to approach this whole inner situation of a “man within”.

The little dirty-yellow VW might be related to intuition since yellow often represents this way of perceiving things. Maybe it’s not too developed in yourself and certain hunches sniff out only the darker side of things, leading to problems. If this is the case, it would be part of your undeveloped “masculine” side and perhaps therefore sometimes fools you into thinking something’s OK when it isn’t (apparently giving yourself more time to catch up with your brother). A very accessible book “Personality Types, Jung’s Model of Typology” by Daryl Sharp would likely help you to sort through these ideas.

Jack’s change to an “Asian”-look might mean that as you approach the chance of developing yourself in a more well-rounded way, there could be a strong pull back to old ways depicted by his becoming more “foreign”, further away from your ego consciousness with the danger of becoming further away from being “controllable”. This type of thing happens with everybody all the time, so don’t worry about it, just keep it in mind as a possibility.

His being a celebrity might be related to the need for you to regularly give yourself a conscious boost since you’ve had a year without finding a job you want. Not doing this consciously can lead to its being done unconsciously, not always the best way.

Maybe the masculinity of those around you has rubbed off but hasn’t been “integrated” or actually been put under ego-control. You may be caught up in just “going along with what everybody thinks” rather than exploring if certain ideas are REALLY what YOU believe in.

Anyway, I hope these additional ideas and the book suggestions will help you to gain some more understanding in general about your inner world.

Re: Reunited...Is that Jack Osbourne?

Thank you very much for the recommendations of books. I have been hearing that my masculine side has been dying to come out of me for years. I have been trying to develop it, but unfortunately, I didn't have proper direction (bug sliding sideways) as to how to go about becoming a more full of a person.

My dreams not only have a (consciously observed) synchronistic effect (like you wouldn't believe!), but they also have "played out" in my waking life -- they often feel like Deja Vu at first, then something sparks a memory and I remember the dream it reminds me of. Everything isn't like it is in the dream, but the themes are the same or maybe even part of the conversation.

When you said:
"The little dirty-yellow VW might be related to intuition since yellow often represents this way of perceiving things. Maybe it’s not too developed in yourself and certain hunches sniff out only the darker side of things, leading to problems...and perhaps therefore sometimes fools you into thinking something’s OK when it isn’t..."

...you had no idea how on the head with the hammer you hit that. Only, it's not that my hunches sniff out only the darker side, I find balance in that area (win some, lose some), but sometime I feel that I subconsciously seek out 'drama' just to clean up the mess.
(TMI/FYI: Part of my seeking for my brother is in the knowledge that I know (or at the very least have a pretty good idea) how hard his life was. I really just want to let him know that someone he's related to through his father is there for him--find a problem and solve it.)
I have been working to bring balance to that area of my personality (thanks, Chiron), so your analysis has provided some profound insight that helps me understand this part of my psyche from an 'outsider' prospective.

And regarding that "conscious boost", I not only find ways to positively affirm myself all the time, I seek out ways to lift others as well. (Part Gnostic, slightly wiccan, and part just out and out sweet.) I had to teach myself to do this at a very young age because I found that as a Libra, when I become unbalanced due to negative circumstances, I literally become 'off-balanced', falling, stumbling and the like. Or if I am holding in my feelings, I will get acne, or some other weird illness hard to diagnose but easily cured by the color yellow, a hug, and the number 3.

I don't go along with the crowd most times (which is a burden at times), often I *have* to lead it, or march apart from it. Although I am mostly a loner, I have a mediating quality which makes people seek me out to talk--usually drawing crowds, or 'bring along's', which is how I know all the guys I know. And as a matter of fact, you helped me to realize that my role in hanging with them was usually in a nurturing capacity--they wanted advice or understanding. I know that my path is as a healer, but before I continue down this path, I have discerned that I should spend a little more time working on me. (Physician, Heal Thyself) However, I have as of late developed a more passive attitude due to my living conditions. Maybe part of my dream is telling me that I need to be more assertive (making sure I got his number).

Oh, and although dream symbols are analogies, I have been waking up to a hot house --roomies keep cutting off the air at night and we don't (can't) play that in Hot-lanta! (me sweating with snow outside: "it's hot in here, where is the air?" Also, I don't remember having on a coat outside, I was comfortable. The clothes I chose were jeans and a tank top--looked for shoes, but ran out without them, something I do at home often)

I found that whatever is happening in my external waking environment has a way of seeping into my dreams (for this reason, I never peed the bed growing up--or now for that matter . I found that I cannot have t.v.'s or radios playing (unless it is a study tape or a meditation cd or something) while I sleep as their messages play out in my dreams -- at times leading to waking misunderstood events. I would awaken thinking that events in my dreams are reflecting choices I should make, when in reality, they were just the purging of the crap going in my head while I was sleeping.

Well, long and short of it, I just wanted you to know how much clarity you have given me in some areas that I really needed opened and worked on. Everyone seems to have such ugly demons tagging along with them, I am trying my best to shake mine loose! You are helping, thanks!

katchi, the cute one.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 and loving it, in ATL

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