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Recurring dream of familiar male

I've had a recurring dream about someone from my past. In the first dream I had about him we were at what seemed to be his father's house and we were in the kitchen. I don't remember the conversation, but we were sitting at this table while his father was walking back and forth talking to us. Then my dream sort of faded and the next thing I knew we were at a table holding champagne glasses in our hands and when the people around us clinked their glasses we kissed and it went off. The next dreams that followed this dream were almost identical. We were at my parents house in the basement on the couch this time and he was telling me that he had been liking and wanting me for a long time. And he was holding my hand saying that he wanted to ask me something, but we kept getting interrupted. And the last dream I had was blurry but I remember we were talking about God and he was telling that he had some doubts of some kind.

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Re: Recurring dream of familiar male

First you will want to look at your past and determine if the dream is addressing unresolved issues with male persons, especially parental type persons. The discussions are most likely inner discussions with yourself involving past masculine experiences. Dreams help you work through issues in your life, past, present and future.

The other possibility, perhaps even in connection with the above mentioned experience{s}, is your own masculine aspect{s} are in conflict and need resolution. My impression is that there may have been past experiences that influenced your own masculine identity, which in the present is causing divisions in your life. These masculine aspects may be in need of recognition, or perhaps utilization in your waking life. Dreams of basements often suggest unconscious aspects that have been ignore, forgotten or repressed. Talking with God would most likely symbolize discussions with your wiser self, or perhaps the spiritual aspect.

Look to your past and determine what experiences that may in some way fit the above dream. But perhaps more importantly you will want to determine what masculine aspests of your psyche need recognition and possible reconcilation. If you are not using these value masculine aspects in your life, from your own psyche and/or perhaps real masculine persons, there could appear in your dreams such symbols as you have mentioned. Other dreams may help determine what the this dream is trying to address.

To help with understanding the masculine aspects within the psyche read my pages on the Anima/Animus


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