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Circles, Holes, ...

I have been dreaming that my whole entire body is covered in holes. My head, my arms, the inside of my throat, everywhere. Sometimes the cirlces cave in and turn into holes.Sometimes the holes are filled with fecal matter and decay/mold.

I sometimes see a man, and his whole entire back is covered in holes with fecal matter in them, or I'll see a skelton with holes in it.

PLEASE PLEASE help me figure this out. The dreams have become nightmares and I can't sleep at night.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

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Re: Circles, Holes, ...

Hi Mary,

Recurring dreams are important. They are trying to get your attention. Fortunately your dream succeeded here and you are ready to recieve it(s) message(s).

It would help to know what is going on in your life. Are you undergoing a situation that is eating you alive? Are you being forced to accept something that you don't want and you think is worthless to you?

Have you undergone any traumas that this nightmare theme is trying to bring up and heal?

Do you have underlying health issues that your dream and intuition are pointing you towards?

If you can provide more details to any single one of these dreams....location...other dream characters...words spoken...other details will all help.

There seems to be something going on in your life or that has passed but in either case is impacting you dramatically....to the point of showing you what its doing to your soul.....making holes out of you and filling them with feces.....do you have any idea what that might be?

What sort of emotions do you feel in regards to the dream images and when waking? I won't guess, but if you identify emotions we can go from there seeing how they fit in your life.

From the Jungian perspective, the man could be your inner masculine side...your animus. It's happening to him too... What is happening in your life that maybe causing these dreams?

Are your emotional, physical, spiritual boundaries being compromised in some way, either due to an inability to protect them in the face of circumstances where you can learn to protect them, or do to circumstances that are utterly beyond your control? Out of all my guesses and questions, my intuition senses this might be the most important issue: your boundaries being violated in some way.

Is there something in your life that you need to let go of? Walk away from (or run away from?) Something outdated and ready to be shed, released, and buried, but you are holding on to it? Perhaps a belief, idea, old way of being, a habit, a behavior, anything?

Please let me know your thoughts to my questions and ideas and as you respond we can take it from there.

I also would recommend a routine physical exam with lab tests to check for any (underlying) health conditions.

Additionally, the circle is an ancient symbol for the feminine, for the Goddess, for marriage, for unity, for commitment and so much more. Where in those areas of your life are you having 'feces' dumped, if any? A skeleton can be a symbol of deep knowing that not even death can destroy. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a Jungain analyst talks about how bones know. They live, they are immortal. Is there something living in your life that is being devalued....

Looking forward to your response and thanks,


Wow!! You are GOOD!!
I have been going through so much in my life right now, and I think the people/situations involved is bullsh!t. I have said this to my friends over and over.

About me: I am a proud Leo, but I am extremely poor and I'm starving to pay for graduate school. These very facts are killing my soul. Oh my God, I HATE being poor. I'm filled with sooo much anger. And if you are poor and considered to be pretty, people look at you as if something is wrong with you because they think I should have a man taking care of me. That comes with a price that I refuse to pay.

Poor people are told that we must pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. I went to college and accumlated debt for a Bachelor's Degree.

Now, I'm trying to get into law school. I was accepted into a Trial Admissions program. It started May 23,2006 and ends June 30, 2006. Students are told that all we have to do is get a 2.3 GPA in a total of 3 classes. All you need is a C right?

THIS IS WHERE THE BULLSH!T COMES IN. They waited until they collected $1,500 in tuition from us, $200 in books, I had to pay $792 to sublease a dirty apartment, $180 for a ticket to the school which is in another state, I'm all alone in a new city, they waited until we arrived to drop everything on us:

1. We have graded assignments, but we don't get them back to see how we performed, and we don't even get our grade until after the program is finished. How are we supposed to know what we are doing? That's illogical, they are setting us up to fail.

2. A lucid, rational person would assume that since it is a TRIAL program, we would take first year law classes right? Wrong, we are being tested on THIRD YEAR LAW classes.

3. We are told that if we can't complete the course, we don't have what it takes to become a lawyer.

That's complete and utter bullshit. They are stacking the cards inherently against us, and then look at us as if we are idiots. I consider myself to be very intelligent and I strongly disagree with what they are telling me. What the school is doing is unethical and I'm pissed.

This program has depleted all of my money. I gave up my job in another state to get here. I haven't had anything to eat this week because I'm out of money. I can't buy hair skin and nails vitamins I'm accustomed to taking because I'm broke. I used to LOVE going to GNC and trying different vitamins.I used to get my eyebrows waxed, manicures. My wallet and stomach is emtpy (circles) and I simply feel empty. (holes)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

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also, I think I was seeing myself as having circles or holes in my throat because:

We discuss cases right? We have cases where the patient was told to take a certain prescription by a doctor, she became really sick, and the judge ruled that the doctor was not liable. TALKING about the case angers me because my professor sides with the judge, and it REEKS (feces) of how the poor always seems to get dumped on. (feces again)

Posting with you really helps. I love to analyze, and I can analyzed myself..... I just assumed that I was to smart to have nightmares. yeah, I was wrong.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

Re: also,

Hi Mary,

I am so happy my interpretation was helpful to you.

I can see your dream helped facilitate an opportunity for you to express all that has been oppressing you. I am glad that you found a good place to ventilate as well.

It seems then that your dream meaning has become clearer at this time. Of course, dream meanings can emerge in our consciousness in the future that refine our understanding...be open to anything.

I really recommend also staying with your dreams for a reason or two: 1. the images themselves can be healing, just spending time with those images and 2. future dreams can send you some really creative solutions that the rational mind may sometimes escape, so the dream has a kindness in it...it shows you the painful life situation....then it starts giving you some avenues or choices you can make to work on resolving the situation.

You can tell your subconscious before you go to sleep, I wonder what I should do about.....and see what you dream.

Poverty is a painful, burdening, oppressive and extremely difficult situation. I hear you that it has such negative consequences on the soul. Mary, I want to encourage you to look within you for your strengths, and your dreams can show you more and more of your talents and strengths that you can put in the service of healing your life. I'm not saying pull yourself up by the bootstraps. I know there is institutionalized oppression and poverty is indeed a part of that. I just hope that you look at your life in a balanced way.....you have a huge and painful life situation, but please do not deny the gifts of your own soul. Your dreams will help you with that. With knowing who you are, what you need, what you have to offer and how to creatively fight the demons out there in our world.

It's interesting also that the dream lead to a direct understanding of your feelings about your case study and the ruling of the judge.....it 'reeks' of oppression, as the binding situation you are in.

You have sacrificed a lot to have a hand-made life. Don't let anyone take that away from you. If you have time maybe you can go to any local or university library and search Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who wrote Women Who Run With the Wolves an excellent Jungain analyst who says that the hand-made life is the one most worth living. You left your job, your home, put down all your savings for a dream, to follow your bliss. KEEP THAT DREAM ALIVE.

I know what you are experiencing is unfair. Again, I'm not saying pull yourself up by the bootstraps....at the same time....keep listening to your self.

Your anger is a most excellent vehicle for moving you, emotionally and then action...your dreams can show you the way to go.

I wish you good luck, and I know you will succeed.

I cannot offer you any solutions, and I recognize how serious and huge your situation is.....yet I say, Trust your Soul......and stay with your dreams.

Glad the interpretation had meaning for you. Thanks for the feedback. And so sorry about what happened.


Re: Re: also,

Also, having nightmares is a sign of intelligence, not the other way around! Our brains (our souls/psyches) are so smart they show us what's going on long before 'we' (ego) catches on.....The nightmare is a healing gift....its a healthy response to a horrible life situation....

Good luck to you Mary. I really wish you the best.


** update **

Thanks soo much for posting with me. You are a godsend. I'm trying so hard to work through this, understand why I see it, and your help is priceless.


1. I felt this powerful need to draw the image of the male I was seeing with the holes. After I finished drawing on a piece of paper, you know what it looked like?? It looks like the image you see at a shooting range after it's been fired at. You know the picture of the man with the targets (cirlces) drawn on it that people shoot for practice? THAT's what it looked like. freaked me out.

2. I kept looking and looking at the picture, praying to God to help me understand what's going on and to heal myself. I even prayed to my aunts who have passed away because the psychic, Sylvia Browne said that they are still with us.

...After that, something kept drawing me closer the bed that in the dirty apartment that I'm subleasing from. I looked under the box spring mattress and guess what I saw!!!??? The box spring mattress was gutted out, leaving the wire springs exposed, and here's the kicker: it was partially covered by this styrofoam looking material that had holes in it just like the pictures that I drew!! AND, when I got closer to the underside of the bed to get a better view, the smell was awful. It smelled like decay and there was dust everywhere.

As a side note, I stopped sleeping in the bed because a centipede was crawling on me while I was doing my homework. The mattress obviously looks used.

I think the bed has negative energy that's haunting me. Who knows how many people have slept on that bed!

I've also started to dream about balls of coral reefs. You ever notice how coral looks like bones?

(I'm definitely looking forward to your reply. Thanks a million)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

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how can I help you?

I love your site. It's like free therapy.

If I can help in any way just let me know.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

Re: Circles, Holes, ...

We appreciate your sentiments about the Dream Forum. The Forum contributors try to assist those who post their dreams, not only with the interpretations but also with the inner conflicts that dreams are addressing.

As for trying to understand your own dreams without assistance I believe you have a good grasp of the fundamentals. To better understand the processes of the psyche I suggest you explore the pages I have put together at MDS. Jung was the master of the psyche and anyone who gives time to studying his philosophies will come away a more enlightened person.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56

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