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washing feces

Last night I had a dream and it goes something like this.
I am walking down the street and I see some of the friends that I haven't seen them for long long time renovating a house. As they see me they come to say hello and are overwhelmed. One of my friends who used to have a crash in me holds my hand and gets very excited and poo himself but doesn't realise it. Somehow I end up washing the poo of the trousers so he wouldn't get embarrased and I was looking at the other houses in the road which looked old and run down and thinking that maybe I could buy one and renovate for investment.


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Re: washing feces

Let's look at the house as being you and the friends other aspects of your self/psyche, and renovation possibly old aspects that have changed in your life {or need changing} and are now again being brought to your attention. Something is probably very forceful, or overwhelming about these aspects. The male friend may be a masculine personal aspect. The 'poo' may be harmful attitudes, masculine attitudes that need be cleaned. These are your masculine attitudes. There does seem to be references to the past. Does embarrassment having any meaning? The investment is probably an investment into yourself.

As for real life experiences that the dream may be addressing, ther may have been some recent experience that has made you look back at your past and see things that need{ed} cleaning, or even aspects about yourself that need acceptance {every dream usually addresses at least two aspects in your life}. Look to the past several days to see if there are any connections or associations that may define these possibilities.


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