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Childhood Crush

Hi there! i was just wondering why do i always dream of my Elementary/Childhood crush. and i'm not even thinking about him but he just keep popping up in my dreams. but i started wondering lately why. and the more i dream about this guy? once i dreamed about that i'm stealing he's attention from he's Girl friend, sometimes i was impressing he's family. but we seemed to be just friends in my dreams. but i kind a feel that i have feelings for him but i'm not sure? and it makes me think once in a while that maybe i do love him? but holy jeez he lives in Philippines. i visited there 3mos ago and i got a chance to see him but, all i felt was i was really happy seeing him but i did not feel that intense jiggle whenever i see a crush like i used to? so what do u think it is?

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Re: Childhood Crush

Your dreams are probably a product of your recent visit with your childhood crush in the Philippines. But the meaning of the dream has deeper conotations that may have little to do with him. He most likely represents some aspect of your current life, perhaps to do with current emotions of love, relationships. The love you think you feel may be a longing for a relationship and since he has re-entered your life he is a prime candidate. The crush you once had on him is a past experience which you probably wish you could re-establish, not particualrily with him but in a relationship with someone. Have you had inclinations of wishing you were in a relationship? This may be what the dream is trying to address.


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