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I had dreamed that I am in a Theatre/cinema with my father and two siblings, one is very young and the other is a baby and then suddenly people startes to leave. I see a man that I show an deep affection. He leaves too. Yet he comes back. We sit on the floor on a step and hold in hand in hand(Clamp). I lean my head to his head and I turn to look at his face. I see his neck and I become mesmerised.I kiss his neck and he tilts his head so I can see and kiss his neck better. We are happy.Then I asked my father to take him in his protection.He first is uncertain but then he says ok as he realise my feelings for him.Then we walked among children who are riding bicycles. We came to our building where we will be safe. We are on the top level and walls are all glass. We,my father and I, told him that we need to go deeper as we are not entirelly protected in here.He says we does not understand why we shouldn't be protected enough in here and wants to stay here to watch.Then we see the wolves coming and I am supprised because there is nobody outside but the children that we had passed by.Suddenly an invisible wolf jumps into glass comes into building from one side and goes out from the other.(We see the wolf while he is jumping it takes the shape of a glass. Thats how we see it.Outside the building its invisible). That very moment he understands why we should go in that room where we will be better protected. Yet the wolf comes back from where he gone out.He, the guy I feel so strong about, takes a I think its a very long scissor,though could be a knife and stabs the wolf right there and there.His hands are with full of blood as well as the floor.we still can't see the wolf. The blood does not take its shape as if he is dead but not there.Then my father,could be me, goes to Greece to see the baby's relatives.I gave them the family three of the child. The two women are not interested with the baby's relatives.They say they don't want to know them yet they love the baby.
PS; By the way people just disappear when the wolves are coming. Thats how I know the wolves are coming.This is the second wolf dream I see this week.

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Hi Victoria,
Some thoughts follow…as always a dream interpretation can be close or not at all. Look for the Aha! feeling when examining your dream and this interpretation.

Perhaps the dream describes some inner conflict to bring an aspect of Self, possibly animal nature, under control. A desire for peace and harmony within and without which requires you to transform/change this aspect to an acceptable form so that it no longer threatens the balance rather harmonizes with the other aspects.

Perhaps some social external that exerts a strong influence yet your unconscious recognizes this is not your true Self. This may be ‘invisible’ to the conscious yet your unconscious recognizes the danger of adopting this new attitude or acceptance of this social norm. Many times societal pressures are seemingly transparent or invisible. We don’t see the reality of the underlying drive to conform or engage in a social custom or newly developed social ‘illusion’. On the surface, it is felt as a subtle yet relentless unseen force to conform, returning again and again exerting influence. Yet the unconscious sees all too well and recognizes the inner conflict it creates. Your rational mind works to examine and bring to consciousness the conflict and how best to resolve it.

The death and blood can symbolize a need to control or change to acceptable form which would then bring the reward, the new life to form (the cycle of life, from death comes life…). With this the issue would no longer be of consequence and the mind is at peace.

Please respond with your thoughts about your dream and the interpretation. I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

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