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i have been having recurrent dreams of aquarium fishes since i was a kid they die n my dreams smtimes bt generally touch me n that makes me feel sick that is the reason i m still scared of fishes and dnt even go near an aquarium

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Re: dream

Fish have many symbolic meanings among them the following:

fertility, personal growth; fish is a symbol of Christ {or Shiva or Buddha} and may therefore represent your true self (spiritual & natural}.

the unconscious realms. Fish normally live in vast bodies of water which is often symbolic of the deeper unconscious. An aquarium holds water, perhaps representative of those things held in your unconscious. Perhaps meaning has to do with you not being in your natural psychological environment.

I get the impression your dreams are addressing negative childhood experiences that need to be acknowledged. Psychologically it may be controlling. Your fear of fish is probably due to the fear of those negative experiences. You associate the real fear with the fish. If you can determine what experiences from childhood that caused you to fear this thing the fish represent, this is what the dream is speaking to in its symbolic language, it will probably give birth to the healing of these negative experiences.

Were there any traumatic experiences in your childhood that still linger, unconsciously if not consciously? Do you have issues that you are consciously aware of that you know controls your life?


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Re: dream

hi vaishnavi, thats an interesting dream, and it sounds upsetting to you. i have a suggestion that might help. when you go to sleep, think about your dream, and think about what you want to happen in it. do you want the fish to be contained in an aquariam? are you in or out of the water that they are in, i'm not clear? whatever you want to happen in the dream to make it safer for you, think about it before you go to sleep every night. you can symbolically 'slay your dragon' here, because you can have some control over your dreams. it has helped me in the past to alter some unpleasant dream images into a positive image, and then my real life situation seems to fall into place, too. maybe its because making a decision to change things in my subconcious, helps out changing things in my concious. good luck and please let me know how your dream works out. sincerely, p.t.

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