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An Inconvenient Truth

I went to see Al Gore's documentary movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' Sunday. I am not the dooms day/the world is coming to an end/Armageddon type but I have real concerns about the health of our planet. And after seeing Gore's presentation {forget your opinions about Gore, this is important stuff} I have deep concerns, alarmed to see what was predicted to happen to the earth from human polluting/destroying the planet is actually happening at a much more rapid pace. This isn't some perceived off the wall notion, the nation's top scientist say Gore's facts are correct New York Times {6-27-06} Scientists OK Gore's Movie for Accuracy.

We all need to be concerned. See this movie, get informed, talk to your family, friends, neighbors, whoever will listen. A couple of more Katrinas, if the oceans rise as predicted and millions {just in the US} are displaced, refugees, isn't it time to think about the worst that can happen? There is a real possibility that may happen if we don't change.

Both Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau bothe stated before their deaths they thought it was too late, the planet was headed to destruction because of our human ways.


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Re: An Inconvenient Truth

I completely agree, and I think much of the apathy surrounding these issues, is about people thinking " Will it make any difference?"
A few of us, in tune of nature, watch and despair but then we too are still human and still throw away rubbish and pollute too, so who is part of the solution and who is part of the problem when we are all involved?
A friend of mine also put aside the idea that nature is this fragile weak thing that will be 'destroyed' by people, and that actually we will destroy something, but that, that will probably be OURSELVESA and then once the human race has obliterated itself, nature will simply wash over us like some ongoing inevitable tidal wave and return happily to its natural state after we're gone!

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Re: An Inconvenient Truth

Thank you for your posts Gerard and Claire. I will definitely see this documentary. And I completely agree! Like Claire’s friend, I agree this planet will survive beyond us. However, I am always dismayed by how few will stand up (even in front of family members and friends!) and encourage dramatic and positive changes. And then be ready and committed to make that change in our own lives. It isn’t too small a change to begin with one or two people. Each of us is responsible. Not only for communicating with those around us but even more importantly – for implementing change within our lives.

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