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Covering Mirrors

Could some one help me interpret this dream.
Thanks in advanced.

I was in a house, i was with some one. I just remember that they gave me instructions to go looking for all the mirrors of the house because something that wasn't good was going to come out of them.
I went troughtout the house looking for mirrors, and found many, all of them had frames, small, big, some looked alike they had old frames, and some other ones looked new.
We took them to a room, everything that the room had was a table, it was a small room and it seemed that i had only the purpose of this task, but what was amazing about this room was the huge mirror in the wall. IT had a bountiful frame, it was the old style of frame and it must have been at least 10 feet maybe bigger, and it was hanging in the room,
It seemed that the mirror belong in the room, and the room only had the table and the big beautiful mirror.

I didn't look at my reflection in the mirror, but the other person was getting impatient and was telling me that we had to hurry that we din had time and it was getting really close.
I could feel that something was going to come out of the mirrors if we didn't hurry but i didn't know what to do.

He got some device that would send some kind of silvery glue looking thing, and he covered the big mirror first.
It looked pretty dense, not watery. like silver when it is melted.

He finished the big mirror, and i just looked ask he covered the rest of the mirrors that were on the table.
I couldn't believe that there had been so many mirrors on the house.
When he finished, It felt like something had tried to come out, and the silvery material had stopped it.

I just followed the instructions that were given to me, since i didn't know what was happening,
but i kind of knew that something was going to come out, i just could feel it.
I didn't know what it was but it almost felt like a monster, but only one, and he could come out of any of the mirrors. but the one that always hold my attention was the big bountiful one.

I never saw my reflexion.

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Re: Covering Mirrors

Mirrors in dreams are often instruments of reflection of the inner self. Your dream seems to indicate there is something being held within the unconscious that needs to come out. You sense it may be a 'monster', symbolic perhaps of some negative experience that is being held in. What is holding it in is the silvery material, ie your conscious mind. You may be repressing this inner truth, covering it up, which in itself can very destructive.
It is not unusual for the conscious mind to repress negative experiences, especially those you do not wish to confront. But it is essential that you do or the 'monster' will become even stronger and could grow to become a serious psychological impairment.

Is there past traumatic experiences in your life that you have repressed? The mirrors may be wanting to show these reflections so you can confront, and start the healing process.


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Re: Covering Mirrors

Thanks for the dream translation.

I admit that i have had a hard childhood, but i have already come into terms with it, and so i don't hide from it, I exept it and i can talk about it with no problem, other than i dont' remember about 3 years of my life. Weird isn't it?

But i think i'm ready to face anything because i'm learning a lot about human relationship and stuff

i been hoping to learn that some dream shows a mirror and i can see my self tought it;
I think that would help me to understand myself better.

THou like they say "curiosity killed the cat.
I think i'm too curious and that is why i'm trying to uncover what i'm hiding in my pass.

to tell thetruth i'm starting to think i was raped and forgot or was too young to know what was happening and that is why i forgot it.
since when i thought i was loosing my virginity there was no blood there was no pain there was no nothing.
well i wander.
maybe is my inmagination playing tricks on me.

i hope so.

thanks for the translation.

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