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a water vessel

There were two dreams that I had recently, but the one I'm most curious about seemed like I was in a rather rural setting, but somewhere in the past. I really don't remember much except for one thing that stood out in a big way. At one point I had a large container, oval and roughly about 1.5 feet long and maybe 10 or 12 inches wide. There was water in it that seemed to be clear, yet the inside of the container had the slightly greenish tint of moss. The thing that really stood out was that for some reason it was very important to note that the container was made from lead glass crystal and appeared to have some intricate pattern on the outside.
I'm not sure what the significance was but that was key to the moment.


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Re: a water vessel

At mid-life we begin to reflect on the true aspirations of our lives. We spend our early years building our careers,and family and conforming to social demands and peer pressure. When we reach mid-life and the family and career become less important we begin to look to the inner life for fullfillment. I beleive this is what your dream is addressing, being more in the 'country' {rural} and less in the 'city' {social concerns and demands}.

Oval containers are similiar shape as an egg. Both can represent new birth, new phases in life. Water is a symbol for unconscious aspects within, often clear reflections of our true desires. Crystals often symbolize our higher consciousness and the glass our transparent true self. Lead may be a need to address this self.
By realizing the true desires of the psyche we are able to expand and create. The soul's true intention are creative and spiritual.

Have you done a lot of reflecting on your life recently? I believe your dream is addressing those aspects we go through in making sense of life up to this moment. Mid-life is a time of adjustment and when we incorporate the spiritual and creative aspects, we find true meaning in life.


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Re: a water vessel

Thank you for sharing your observation. It was very interesting and definitely something to ponder and meditate on. I do find myself often reflecting on the past and wondering about the future. I will bear what you've said in mind.

Thanks again,

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