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Subconscious wounds

I asked my Subconscious mind before sleep 'what wounds do I need to heal with ___?' (someone I'm in relationship with)
I understand parts of the dream, but can't seem to see where my question was answered. My dream:

I am at my place of work (a Christian college, a place of much healing for me).
I see there has been a tragedy on campus, a young boy who lives there has died. I see cops and a helicopter in the air with it's spotlight pointed down.
I am then in the parking lot, my former husband has dropped me off and wants a kiss, but I don't give him one. I am then moving up the parking lot and see Mom's who are waiting to pick up their kids, they are dressed very provocatively, and I think to myself, they are obviously looking for attention from someone by calling attention to themselves.
I am then "cornered" in the book store, a young man is saying to me "if you liked someone like me, would you talk to me?". I say he is just using a line on me to steal my purse...he then tries but I get away and yell for help. Security finally comes and casually says the guy is gone. I am then hearing my boss's voice, he is meeting with other college higher-ups about meeting the press about the boy who has died.
I am then at a locker, fumbling a bit to find the right key. I get it, open the locker, and there are smelly socks and two smelly bras inside...I push them aside. I see on the outside of the lockers that my co-workers have left outside various sentiments...pictures and plants. I have nothing outside my locker.
I am now back on the grounds of campus, in a spot that is divided. One side is nice grass and a tree I notice needs a limb pruned. The other side is over grown grass and weeds, I see animal burrowing in and out of holes, and one turns into a bird right before my eyes. A co-worker of mine is there, and I see the back of what is his chair. The chair has pictures and writings on the back. There are also drawers in the back of the chair, I pull them out and there is nothing in them. My co-worker mentions his son is 27. I am then helping him count change, I am counting nickels and ask "how many nickels are in a dollar?" He and I agree it is 22, and we start adding up...$5.10, $6.20, etc...
In a small fragment of the dream, I am shown nothing but a bare thorax.

I am in a deep thickness of healing old and subconscious patterns, and am curious what my dreams message is.

Thank You!

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Re: Subconscious wounds

Hi Maureen,
In response to your thoughts/pre sleep incubation the dream may be describing inflexibility, lacking an ability or desire to change, which creates tension or dissatisfaction in the relationship.
Surviving changes relies much on the fundamental realities of the relationship. Time is required to build and grow an enduring relationship. Inflexible rules do not promote endurance as each individual contributes flexibility in order to create the third entity, which is the relationship itself. As the individuals evolve so does the relationship. The dream may indicate you possess the power to survive changes and endure, but to do so require an ability to change while retaining focus on the goal. Perhaps approaching the relationship by reaching agreement on the goal, and opening to the natural changes likely to occur, agreeing to work together through changes, will work to create that enduring relationship. The relationship is that of joining of the two to create one, the deep connection and interdependence of one to the other.

As dreams usually offer multiple meaning, of unconscious knowledge of the inner Self to the conscious for the purpose of Self development, there lies a possible deeper level interpretation which follows.

The dream could be drawing your attention to an inner conflict of reliance on a learned higher authority rather than a higher authority developed of your true Self. Possibly due to damage to an inner masculine child aspect. It would seem this is a focus of the dream. (spotlight) Perhaps development of this aspect was mired (parked) yet awaits positive development. Perhaps you no longer desire to develop and integrate this masculine aspect, rather desire to leave it behind as unnecessary or unwanted (refusal to kiss). The feminine attempts to draw attention to the issue, and possibly to draw this masculine aspect into joining with the Self, as an invitation, to nurture personal growth.

Perhaps the ego fears a loss of feminine identity, desiring to retain control, using a fear the masculine would overpower the feminine to do so. Yet the feminine describes the threat as a non issue. The bosses voice could be that learned higher authority, the internal judge, which forms the collection of rules you live by. That which holds an inner higher authority in you, to examine the source of the issue from that learned, but potentially not developed of your true nature.

Locked in the unconscious within are the emotions/traits inaccessible to you due to those rigid beliefs, those learned collection of rules that act as your higher authority. Perhaps you’ve sought/utilized different methodologies or disciplines to unlock/access, uncover and resolve the issue(s), in seeking to develop that set of rules based on your beliefs rather than those external learned beliefs. Contained in the unconscious lies a foundation of beliefs that has supported this past attitude. Possibly you evade or avoid the source of the issue as the memory is offensive. Unable to bring this issue to consciousness, this aspect, and accompanying emotions or traits, remain locked within the unconscious.

In this maybe the conscious and unconscious remain divided, as opposites. One viewed as neat and mostly kempt however in truth as unkempt or underdeveloped yet a transformation therein possible, of animal nature to the true Self. What has supported the internal attitude was learned in the past. The belief system as the parts form the whole, yet as you open these to examination they are hold no substantive value. 27 as 2+7 = 9, Perhaps an indication developing this aspect contributes to the whole. Five often indicates change. (Nickels, 5, change) The masculine and feminine in agreement wholeness (4) is the goal with change the path to the goal with the incremental amounts as change in steps, would then lead to the Self as whole.

I look forward to your thoughts both about the dream and possible meanings.

Kind regards,

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