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Beheaded Man

Beheaded Man
This dream occurred as fragments.
In this dream I saw a wedding hall. All are happy. But only awkward thing there is, a dead body lying at the entrance of the wedding hall. None is worrying about that. They are happy (with smiling face) doing there own work. I asked them about the dead body. They told me this is not a subject to worry. Then I saw an old lady. Her thighs are visible and have three supple skinny outgrowths.

My parents arranged a home tuition for me. My Tutor is a man. He is anxious to teach me some thing useful besides the loud volume of Tv. Many children are playing around me and they are increasing the tv volume. Some of them are trying to control his voice using a remote control. But still he is anxious to teach me.

Next I saw myself coming out of a window (but I’m an observer now), outside the small roofed house. Then I climbed to the roof (now I’m participating in the dream) There is a man. I didn’t saw his face clearly. I had a long rope like thing in my hand. He cut it. Then I jumped from the roof top to ground. I didn’t got hurt neither he. I’m very happy.

My mom and I went to a friend’s house (main part of the dream). We rang the bell. But there is no response. But the door opened after some time. We saw a Beheaded man lying in the bed very close to the door. I screamed in shock (but no fear at all). His severed head lies very close to his neck but in a vertical position. But I didn’t saw even a trace of blood. The place is very clean. His face is very familiar to my mom and me. Then my mom asks to dial to some one. She told me that I should be bold if it happens again. Then she phoned some one and informed this news. She told the dead man’s name. But I forgot it now.

When I woke after this dream it was 3.50 am. The scene of beheaded man thrilled me. But I fell as sleep after a few minutes. Immediately I had my second dream “The Pregnant Virgin”.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17yrs India

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Re: Beheaded Man

Well Abi,

I am not sure where you are at in your journey of life or inquiry, and I shall put down some thoughts as they occur:

- this is a site that offers dream interpretations from the perspective of Jung - a central theme of proposals is that a major part of our reason for being incarnated is to journey towards 'wholeness' - he called it "Individuation" - it would be worthwhile to look at some of the links on this site.

- This journey (of self-discovery), like any journey occurs over time, in its own time - like an evolution.

- Dreams speak in symbols

- dreams can usually be interpreted in a number of ways with different meanings and the meanings can unfold for us as we understand more.
Eg: a dream may refer to how we behave in the waking world ('I am not participating in life') and also on the inner world ('I am not really living my life').

- and so, the persons in a dream can refer equally to issues in the waking world AND parts of ourselves

- dreams are truthful


So to the dream:
I think the main theme of this dream is addressing is where the balance of your internal energy is at present. How things are for you, internally.
The wedding hall is a symbol of the potential for union - of masculine and feminine within you ,,, the inner marriage. However there is a dead man there that the others are not concerned about. This is representative of the masculine traits that are currently dead within you - others are not worried about it however internally for you it is an issue and you notice it.

The severed head, again of the man - no voice ,,, no expression (5th Chakra - vishuddha). It is related to the expression of creativity. It is the link between 'the head, reason' and the heart.

The phone call may represent your wish to 'make contact' to understand, to 'be in touch' with the parts of you that know what is going on

Think about this and please offer your thoughts -I shall look at the other dream too.
Dream interpretation is only useful for the dream, ie: it is not an intellectual exercise. It the meaning is specific for you - a gift from You to you.

All the best

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Re: Beheaded Man

Thank u Justin. I think masculine traits within me are dead. You have mentioned about Vishudha (5th chakra);Past one year i'm very much worried because of the problem with my friend. we lack communication.And i didn't expressed my worries with others. All my feelings and emotions were suppressed. But i'm almost relived from the problem. The main subject of this dream is about some one who is dead. My next dream's subject is pregnancy and related with birth. So both dreams covey similar messages "a new start".Thank u once again for your help in interpreting my dream.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17yrs India

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