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Dream About Ex Partner

My partner and I have been seperated for several months. Last night I dreamt that I was with him and some other people I didn't know. We were walking to someones house that I didn't know. Upon entering we all took seats sort of in a circle or around a table maybe. My ex was seated to my left but was sitting on someone's lap. There was a chair in between us and my hand was resting on the back of the chair. I realized I felt someone touching my hand and I looked to see my ex had placed his hand over mine. This was done so no one else would notice except for me. The persons lap he was sitting on said something (I don't know what it was) by my ex's response to him was "come on I already told you, how can I be with you when I don't know I wanna be with myself." Then for some reason we all had to leave..I get the feeling there was some disagreement somewhere. We were driven back to where our cars were and as I got in my car I was aware or saw that my ex was getting out of the other car and not continuing on with them as I thought he would. But I also knew he was coming with me. I was sitting in the driver seat and my driver side door opened and he got in next to me, again on my left, even though I was driving he still sat on that side. I put my arm around him and as we were driving we started a conversation but I woke up at that point.

Thanks for you help!

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Re: Dream About Ex Partner

Hi Gary,

On a personal level the dream may be describing those inner emotions you experience regarding your former partner, and a desire for the relationship as it was. Was a reason for the relationship end either he or you, as described in the dream, “I don't know I wanna be with myself”, meaning questioning Self identity and or experiencing a need to discover the real person within/life path? And did you feel at some point he changed, as in you didn’t know who he really was, compared to the partner you knew? Perhaps he was your emotional support and that connection is the one you miss the most. The left may indicate a signal the time has come to leave behind any unconscious attachments to the ex as they hinder your moving into the next post relationship stage.

On a deeper level, the inner Self, each character could represent traits or aspects of you. Perhaps the unconscious wishes to make something previously unknown known to the conscious (going someone’s house you didn’t know). The Psyche is formed of all the inner aspects (all seated in a circle..circles can symbolize wholeness or completeness). Perhaps you rely on outside or external support rather than fully utilize a particular trait/aspect. Also, this could be something that you once possessed however due to external reliance, in this aspect, on your ex you subdued the trait preferring on the external reliance. However, with the partner removed you once again require full functionality of this aspect. The conscious may reject this aspect as unwanted or unnecessary as a defense feeling threatened by this ‘new’ conscious knowledge. Thus the disagreement and ‘must leave’ symbolism. The aspect/trait lacking development seems open to integration into the whole. And the ego, “I”, recognizes the move toward integration is justified or needed. Cars often symbolize the Self, that in the dream you drive may indicate a desire to take this direction or control of your life. And welcome positive development of this aspect.

The links to the left contain much information about the aspects of Self, anima, animus, shadow, etc. Possibly look at your ex’s personality. Examine in what areas you relied on him and what you must now learn to do or be now that he, and his traits, are no longer there to ‘compliment’ yours. There you may find an undeveloped trait that your unconscious signals it’s time to develop for personal growth.

As with all dream interpretation, it may be close or not. Look for the Aha! feeling and follow where it leads. The interpretation may serve to stimulate your thoughts on the dream meaning. Look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,

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