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kiss of death?

this dream is very disjointed..
I was travelling with close friends, I was navigating because I'd done the route before (Calgary, a place called the Smiling Buddha and another destination). We were staying in the Smiling Buddha with some monks in the mountains, they were all super powered and we were just mortals so when an "enemy"/"evil" being came to attack we were sent to hide in crevices in the mountain. My consciousness shifted and I was not the one hiding in the crevice, I was an immortal with the monks. It felt as if I were somewhat like catwoman, my skin was an inky black and I wasn't wearing any clothes, my skin was like a costume though. There was something about this..I didn't need to breathe I felt like just black ink manifested into a highly sexual and dark female. I kissed this "evil" woman who had come to attack our sanctuary except the purpose was to suffocate her. Regardless we were both very turned on, even though she was dying she wanted more from me, and I her. Even in her last moments, I pushed her up against the rocks highly turned on. When it was over I looked down and my toes were back to my usual skin tone, getting grey up my thighs.

after, it was as if none of that had happened, my brother and I were still at the smiling buddha but we were becoming too materialistic so the monks sent us away while we were sleeping to an arctic place where animals were being held. It seemed somewhat humane, the only mistreatment being that they were in captivity. We had the tour, and the entire place had snow floors. There was a whale and many seals, and tons of another small animal that didnt seem to fit in the arctic(I think they may have been monkeys or guinea pigs...I can't remember, but an animal that I liked and were familiar to me). I thought the whale and seals didn't have enough room, but when I looked closer they only had little surface area but a very deep immense under water area.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Especially over the ink woman. I feel as though she or the woman I killed could be my shadow. While I was the ink woman I felt so deeply dark and powerful. Also, void of life, like a vessel. There was a familiar feeling from the dream when I woke up..it felt sad, guilty, disgusted, but pleased and erotic. It feels like a real mix of conflicting feelings.
Thanks for reading :)

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Re: kiss of death?

Your dream is so involved with spiritual symbolism, and detail, it would require knowing much more about you and your life to get to the meaning. Spiritually, especially Buddhism, is evident ally an important aspect in your life, and psyche. Your sexual dark female sounds like a shadow figure, perhaps Kali - The Divine Mother' from India mythology as an example. This may be a psychological break through in your life. And/or it may represent a psychological pattern.
Joseph Campbell talked about archetypal dreams involving a black woman/goddess, the Black Madonna. These dreams address the deepest unconscious recognition of the highest feminine aspect, where you put yourself on a plane of higher consciousness {Buddha consciousness} and pattern your life in that direction. Someone like myself, and I have had that Kali dream, can accept the concept of Buddha conscious and equate it with the inner christ of my christian roots. To live live from the spiritual aspect, and the ego subordinate.

Your greatest power is feminine. My greatest power flows from the feminine, my creativity, spirituality, this forum, Myths-Dreams-Symbols.

Not to confuse spirituality with religion. True spirituality is to pattern life after Jesus, or the Buddha, and not merely give lip service to it.


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Re: kiss of death?

Thanks Gerrard,
I think lately I've been learning to let go a lot. Part of this has started in small ways (I have pets right now that are constantly destroying material things that previously I would have been upset about losing). I've also been trying to act on loving myself for all that I am without wanting to change for "the better". And further from that I'm trying to seek out a community that will help me grow in these ways. I can see the ink woman being my shadow, and maybe her strengths can help me fight off the negativity that threatens my own sanctuary.
I could see this being a pattern because I've gone through times in my life where I feel at peace with myself and the world. I have times of incredible strength and self love (and therefore more love to give to others) and then I take a turn for the worse. Which may be why after being the ink woman I went back to my "mortal" self and soon was sent away from the monks because of materialism.
What do you think?

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